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Getting Started

I became interested in photography when I worked for Honeywell, which at the time was importing Asahi Pentax cameras into the US and selling them as Honeywell Pentax cameras.

When Honeywell got out of the camera importing business, I bought a Pentax camera and some lenses.

I later found an older Pentax camera (compatible with my Pentax) at a garage sale (which I bought for $4).

I used my camera for taking photos for an Architecture class, as well as other photography classes.

Pinhole Photography

The University of Minnesota had a noncredit class in pinhole photography that I took in 1996. I built a pinhole camera out of an old 120 box camera and took several rolls of film, mostly T-Max 400 or 100. My ambition is to take a 20-minute exposure of Minnehaha Falls. (I have had two of my pictures published in the Look AHEAD calendars for 2003 and 2004. My submission to 2005 did not get accepted.)

(There is a very old page still often linked to with bookmarks related to pinhole photography. This page is a real fossil and needs serious updating.)

I have also taken classes in pinhole photography.

I’ve made my own pinhole cameras (the 120 box camera mentioned above, plus cameras made from film canisters and from my Pentax camera body with a laser-drilled hole in a body cap or on extension tubes).

Commercial Photography

I have sold a few photographs and had two of my pinhole photographs appear in calendars (see above).

I have not attempted to get into photography as a business, but I do try to do a good job with what I do.

Digital Photography

I have not switched to digital photography, except what I can take with the camera in my phone.

On-line Galleries

I do have some photos here on-line, and I’ll proababy add some as time goes by.

The photographs include:

(Note that these are JPEG and not GIF or PNG, so they might not display very well on a 256-color display.)