The May 30, 1998 Storm in the Highland neighborhood of Saint Paul

The storms that hit Minnesota in the spring of 1998 did much damage. In my own neighborhood of St. Paul, Highland Park, hundreds of trees were lost. On the morning after the storm, I took my camera and walked around the neighborhood, taking some pictures of what I saw. Unfortunately, I only took one roll of film with me. However, what I did see I can show you.

There are a total of 24 pictures. I made a contact sheet of all of them, which unfortunately does not have an image map.

If you want to just automatically see all the pictures, I built some pages that will automatically take you to all of the pictures (at 10 second intervals).

If you want to reduce load time, I did make some thumbnails, which I put into a series of files so you don't have to load them all at once.