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Welcome to my page of links to pinhole photography pages on the World Wide Web. If you got here through Yahoo!, then you know there's lots of links out there. Since I discovered that I had been indexed through Yahoo! (July 16th, 1997), I decided to more actively manage this page.

I have weeded out stale links; I intend to do more searching through the Alta Vista search site and find more recent additions. I will also impose more organization than I have had here.

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I also validated the HTML.

So, if you are interested in pinhole photography, come back again.

I have added a small news archive containing news articles collected from rec.photo.* newsgroups.

Sites people were kind enough to tell me about

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Pages with Pinhole Photographs titles

Other Pinhole Photography Pages

Somebody decided that pinhole lenses were a subject for object oriented programming. Here are some links to that rather abstract notion.

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