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red block Cassini Mission to Saturn -- arrived July 2004 @ JPL
red block Chandra X-ray Observatory launched July 23, 1999
red block Clear Dark Sky clocks for MAS-Cherry Grove, Mpls, MAS-Onan
red block Comet Observation Home Page @ encke-JPL
red block Eisenhower Observatory @ Eisenhower Community Center, Hopkins, MN
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red block Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation (AST) @ FAA
red block Hayabusa (Muses-C) @ Asteroid Itokawa Since Sept 14, 2005 @ ISAS / JAXA site
red block Satellite Visibility for St Paul, MN @ Heavens-above
red block Hobbyspace Your web guide to Space hobbies and activities by By Clark S. Lindsey
red block Hubble Space Telescope Latest Observations@Space Telescope Science Institute
red block International Space Station @ JSC
red block ISS over St Paul @ Heavens Above
red block J-Track 3D @ Liftoff/MSFC real time 500+ satellites in 3D See the rings of Earth (Needs Java) and mega CPU
red block Klyde Morris Aviation's Only Ant, Weekly Aerospace Cartoon
red block Maestro Explore Mars the way JPL does Data Updates
red block Mars Daily @ AFP
red block Mars Express@ ESA
red block Mars Picture of the day via MGS @ Malin Space Science Systems
red blockMars Today @ SpaceRef
red block Marsweb : Mars Global Surveyer, Mars Odyssey 2001, Mars Express, MER (Spirit/Opportunity) MRO in 2005 @ JPL
red block MER Mission Update by Steve Squires @ Cornell
red block Mars Rover Flight Director Updates @ JPL
red block MDRS Webcam @ Mars Desert Research Station in UT
red block Minnesota Planetarium Society
red block Minnesota Starwatch @ U of MN Astro Dept
red block NASA Watch This is not a NASA Website. You might learn something. A Reston Comm. Publication
red block Photojournal @ JPL Hi res pics of your favorite solar sys
red block New Horizons : Pluto-Kuiper Belt @ JPL
red block PlutoMission.Com
red block Pluto Portal @ Southwest Research Institute
red block SeaWiFS Project @ GSFC
SETI@HOME SETI@home : Ben's SETI@home stats.
red block EUGENE M. SHOEMAKER: A Timeless Tribute @ UAZ LPL
red block Slacker Astronomy because if you aren't going to care about something, you may as well not care about astronomy
Blue block Smart-1 @ Moon since Nov 2004 via @ esa
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FL Today Logo Space Today @ FLORDIA TODAY: Space On-line
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red block The Space Review essays and commentary about the final frontier
red block Space Track The Source for Space Surveillance Data (Due to existing National Security Restrictions ... all users accessing this web site must be an approved registered user)
red block The Space Show focuses on timely and important issues influencing the development of outer-space
red block SHUTTLE @ source for WWW info about shuttle missions
red block Shuttle Press Kits by NASA, United Space Alliance and Boeing
red block SOHO SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory Realtime images
red block Solar System Live The interactive Orrery of the Web by John Walker
Blue block Spitzer Space Telescope @ Caltech
red block Stardust back from Comet Wild 2 in Jan 15, 2006 @ JPL
red block Seti - Cool Updates from BETA: The Billion-Channel Extraterrestrial Assay@ Planetary Society
red block Terra (EOS) flagship satellite
red block TOPEX/Poseidon @ JPL
red block Venus Express Arrives at Venus April 11,2006 @ esa
red block VRML Topographic Map Generator by Dave Pape
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red block Cassini @ Saturn July 2004
red block Chandra X-ray Observatory launch July 1999
red block Hubble Space Telescope @ Google News Groups
red block International Space Station first element launched on November 20, 1998.
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red block MER Mission update by Steve Squyres @ Athena/Cornell
red block Pioneer 10 77+ AU, 26 years and still going...
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Clear Dark Sky for St Paul, MN

St Paul Clear Sky Clock

'Live' NASA-TV image via KSC

[KSC TV Channel 2]
The following links to sites that "may" be broadcasting live Real Audio/Video of NASA TV:
Usually during shuttle flights.
The RealPlayer is available free of charge from: Progressive Networks.
NASA Television (NTV) is a resource designed to provide real-time coverage of Agency activities and missions as well as providing resource video to the news media, and educational programming to teachers, students and the general public.

NTV is broadcast on AMC-9, transponder 9C, C-Band, located at 85 degrees West longitude. The frequency is 3880.0 MHz. Polarization is vertical and audio is monaural at 6.8 MHz

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