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Many years before Internet, Charles Darwin offered the concept of evolution through natural selection. Lots of people have followed, twisting Darwin's work to mean that we humans are the most highly evolved and intelligent species on the planet. This bit of hyperspace offers an array of evidence to the contrary.

Perhaps those who apply this meaning to Darwin's original treatise have "missed the boat". Evolution may not be linear. Even more radical - it may be linear in reverse. In other words, humans may not be at the 'top' of the evolutionary ladder. We may be the bottom rung!

People do stupid stuff all the time to prove this reverse-evolution theory. . .

Come on, Oliver North almost made it to the senate! That has got to tell you something. And even a protozoan may be too smart to vote for Pat Buchanan! And it only has one cell! Then, what about all those followers of Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye? What what could have been going on in their heads? Not much synaptic activity, that is for sure!

But human stupidity extends far beyond the political realm. We recently heard a story of three men (we think they were all three named Bubba) who got drunk one night and decided it would be real cool to play catch with a rattle snake. Bubba One would grab the 'rattler' by the tail and fling it to Bubba Two. Bubba Two had to catch it and fling it to Bubba Three. Ooops! We can hear Bubba Two now, "Har, har, har! Bubba Three's arm is as big as my house!"

Then there was the story of the deer hunter who shot his mother in the kitchen while she was baking. He said he mistook her for a deer. His father was lucky he had a one-deer limit.

Of course, there are stupid quotes from famous people which also make our point. Like when Yogi Berra was heard saying, "You better cut the pizza into four slices. I am not hungry enough to eat six." Or Dan Quayle addressing a group from NASA, "Welcome fellow astronauts."

We invite you to contribute your favorite stupid people stories, anecdotes, and quotes. Or how about stupid products, or product labels? We will add them to this page, which will be updated monthly.

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