Re: Another project idea

David S. Cargo (escargo)
Fri, 9 Jan 98 13:59:01 CST

If you are using emacs, you can use emacs to do all the things you wanted
to do. You can use multiple emacs buffers to edit multiple files. You
can use "M-X shell" to start a shell session on your remote machine.
(You use "C-X 2" to split your window, and "C-X b" to switch between
buffers. (As best as I can recall, I have been using emacs-style editors
for about 20 years now, though I can't claim any great depth in my

If both systems support X Windows, you can set your DISPLAY variable
on your remote machine to your local display and then have emacs run
your local display. I infer from your comment about "other Windows apps"
that your desktop computer is not a UNIX (or Linux) box.

> I think it would be easy enough to use FTP to do the file operations on
> the remote machine, and keep a temporary copy of the file on the local
> machine while doing the editing.

Actually, it's harder than you think. Either your local application has
to implement FTP (nontrivial) or control another application local to
your machine that implements FTP (also nontrivial if you want it to work

Again it's a matter of determining how we are going to decide on how we
are going to decide what application to attempt. For the basics of what
you want, emacs itself can do most of it.