Re: Mail list

David S. Cargo (escargo)
Fri, 9 Jan 98 13:48:15 CST

Corey, if you can get a listserv set up at, I'm impressed.

The e-mail address for Brad Hokanson is,
based on his voicemail response. (I tried to call him to invite him
to join us, but he was out of his office.)

The e-mail addresses to go onto the listserv should probably be the
preferred ones out of my table in my project page. (This means changing
some of the data around and changing labels from "Work e-mail" and
"Home e-mail" to "Preferred e-mail" and "Secondary e-mail".)

That was a hint to let me know what addresses you have and what your
preferred one is. (It appears that our team members have anywhere between
one and three valid e-mail addresses.)

I notice that some UofM addresses are and others are and Are these differences important?
I want to get them right.