1 - March - 2004Removed psychic folder added in August 2003, added a couple new graphics to the footer on the index to make it look a tad nicer, copied FS graphic to Tarot and made that index page abit more stylish, verified all the humor pages and added two on thermo dyn of hell.
12 - February - 2004Added Photos folder and UFO in New Mexico.
11 - February - 2004Added calendar pages for class and added the feng classes to the new classes folder.
6 - February - 2004Created classes folder to hold the combined classes from all different areas.
30 - January - 2004Created Tarot folder to hold new Tarot docs inc: FAQ
7 - August - 2003Added probrate folder and doc to vent about the WSF.
26 - May - 2000Updated Feng Shui pages to include color backgrounds and pictures, graphics with the exception of the background and tai chi symbols are copywritten (c) 2000 ljb. Also corrected typos. Updated reading list.
31 - March - 2000Updated Feng Shui index page - Added Class page (further updates to this page will not be listed here.)
29 - February - 2000Updated Feng Shui index page - Added Principals article and Recommended Reading
9 - February - 2000Added Feng Shui index page - labeled it under construction. Started the directory reorganization.
5 - January - 1999Added answers to U2 Bridge, but you'll have to look for it. Can't make things too easy. The update to the site is still being worked. It will look the same, a couple backgrounds changed, nothing extravagant but there will be additional information posted.
17 - July - 1998Added 6 jokes to various areas under humor, combining "Computer What If's" into one page.
15 - July - 1998Updated the "The Millenium Calendar" by adding a bunch new dates and a "Related Links" section.
9 - July - 1998Renamed the Y2k dates page to "The Millenium Calendar"
7 - July - 1998Finished cleaning up files and uploaded. Updates will be posted again.
24 - June - 1998Currently being revised, while the overall look will be the same directory structure and coding will be refined as well as very simple graphics replacing text.
5 - June - 1998Updated Pages: upto links, removed useless code. Removed bolding from several pages since the backgrounds had been darkened.
3 - June - 1998Updated Pages: Humor, removed useless code.
Fixed Links: Bookmarks, images for shortcuts. Humor, link to Misc.
29 - May - 1998Updated Pages: Created Navigation Icons for the bottom of each page. Y2k Dates, added info. Created "New" jpg. Started removing superflous html code added by MS Word.
27 - May - 1998Updated Pages: Bookmarks, replaced Shortcut Grid with Short jpgs and moved counter.
20 - May - 1998Updated Pages: Created and added background to y2k and Numbers.
18 - May - 1998Added Pages: Humor (main TOC.) Parody, School's Open, Geekdom Land, Human Relations, Sports and Corporate Policy (TOC under Humor) and 13 humor articles, appropriately catorgrized.
Updated Pages: Added link from Numbers Seven Gilligan to parody
15 - May - 1998Updated Pages: Bookmarks, finished it's internal links. Y2K Dates, added first and last ISS launches also a link to the International Space Station website
14 - May - 1998Added Page: Bookmarks (a.k.a. links) While the file isn't 100% finished it only needs the index links created.
7 - May - 1998Added Page: Number Nine
Updated Page: Y2K Dates, added Mr. Lee's earthquake predictions. Added textured backgrounds to all pages
6 - May - 1998Updated Pages: Numbers Three & Seven, additional stuff. Bibliography, added source. Added graphic lines to Numbers Three, Four and Seven.
5 - May - 1998Added Page: Bibliography and Site History.
Updated Pages: Numbers Seven, additional stuff. Y2K Dates, Located CNN link to Mir coming ala Skylab.
Updated rest to reflect like additions at foot.
4 - May - 1998Added Pages: Numbers Four and Seven.
Removed Pages: Resume.
Updated Page: Y2K Dates to include sources.
Updated rest to reflect removal or additions where necessary.
1 - May - 1998Site thrown hastily up onto server pages included: Home, Number Introduction, Joke Resume, Y2K Dates, and Number Three.

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