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Tarot: Start Reading for Yourself and Others - 13-January-2005
Psychic Development: An Introduction -

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On Going Mondays & Tuesdays Tarot Readings @ Magus Books in Minneapolis from about 6:00-9:00pm
2005-January-13 thru April-7 Thursdays - Tenative Tarot: Start Reading for Yourself and Others

Class Descriptions

Tarot: Start Reading for Yourself and Others
The Cards and Your Intuition

Please bring a Tarot or other divinatory deck, notebook/pad and pen

Tarot cards have long held a mystery, an aura about them.  Hollywood has misused them to fascinate us in movies and TV, they were harbingers of ill omens or indications of romantic liaisons, the accouterments of witches and gypsies (both equally and unfairly maligned by the media) for nefarious purposes, or the accompaniments of wise women and men who used them to provide sage advice and guidance.

The later is more accurate.  This class will provide you the tools necessary to begin that journey of wise usage by covering:

Starting: Thursdays, January-13
Duration: 13 weeks, from 7:00pm - 9:00/9:30pm
Cost: $25/night. First four weeks paid the first night. Discount for entire class in advance.


Psychic Development: An Introduction
An Indication of the Intangible

Duration: 1 Day, from 10:30am - 6:00pm (tenatively)

You're born psychic.  EVERYONE is born psychic.  There is no “Sixth Sense” some people are blessed with and others are not.  Occurances that happen just beyond our reach, our hearing and our seeing are often refered to as Metaphysical (what is beside or after nature) or Supernatural (things above or beyond natural laws and forces).  But everything that is, is natural, it exists.  It is merely our ability to perceive whatever “it” is that determines how much we know, or “know”.  We all have the ability “to know” this comes from the five senses we already possess.

What separates “mundanes” from “the gifted”?  Some people are natural musicians, but we can all learn to play the piano; our ability depends on our desire and training.  This two-day workshop will provide you with basic tools and information to help you determine your next steps down the path you choose.  It is designed to expose you to a lot of things quickly so you can determine where to focus your energy.

NOTE: This class in an introduction to a more thorough class to be offered at a later date.

Topics include:
  • Energy Play
  • Intuition
  • Meditation, Shamanic Journeys, and Prayer
  • Guides, Power Animals, Spirits, Angels, Ghosts
  • Divinatory Tools (Tarot/Runes/"Bones", Pendulums)
  • Astral Travel, Out of Body Experiences (OBE), Remote Viewing
  • Near Death Experiences (NDE), Life After Death
  • Past and Future Lives
  • Healing
  • Chakras
  • Channeling, Mediumship
  • Ethics

Guided Meditations for:
  • Astral Travel
  • Chakras
  • Grounding

Exercises in:
  • Energy Play
  • GroKking
  • Healing


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