New Employee Communication Codes

Management wishes to bring to the attention of all personnel the fact that some individuals have been using abusive language in the exchange of normal verbal communications relative to the performance of routine activities on the premises. This practice must stop immediately.

The following coded list is provided to permit individual freedom of expression and allow all the outlets of frustration in a clear, concise manner. It will prove a very effective tool, and if employed properly, will offend no one with delicate ears.

To prevent mistaking these communication codes with department numbers and/or telephone extensions, Management has assigned the 800 and 900 series numbers to be utilized for your convenience and clarity.

 801You gotta be shitting me.829What the fuck was that? 
 802Get off my bucking back.830Fuck you, too. 
 803Beats the shit out of me.831It wontí fucking work. 
 804What the fuck.832Go pound sand in your ass. 
 806I hate this fucking place.833Fuck off. 
 807This place sucks.834Who called this fucking meeting? 
 808Fuck you very much.836Adios, mother fucker. 
 809Lovely, simply fucking lovely.837Idiot, you donít know your ass from first base. 
 810That damn club.838No shit. 
 811Damn fuck shit piss.839No fucking shit. 
 812Get bent.900Unbefuckingly believable. 
 813Kiss my ass, buddy.901Cool it, this is my wife/husband keep your mouth shut. 
 814I really donít give a shit.902Take your time, I donít want to be stuck with this ass for lunch. 
 815Fuck it Iím on salary.903Help me unload this mother. 
 816Stick it in you fucking ear.904Hey baby; letís ball at lunch. 
 817Piss on the whole fucking project.906Tied up with wife/husband tonight. 
 818Fuck it, just plain fuck it.907My wife/husband is out of town. 
 819Hot shit.908Letís take off sick together. 
 820Hot fucking shit.909Meet you at the motel. 
 821Bitchiní.910Letís trade fucking partners. 
 822Tell someone who gives a shit.911Sorry honey, but itís that time. 
 823Donít get so fucking wise912Will she or wonít she? 
 824I donít give a fuck, so there.913Will he or wonít he? 
 825Fuck you in the ear, Jack.914B.O.B. (Buzz of bitch) 
 826!*&#$%@*! you son of a bitch.915Answer the fucking phone. 
 827Whatever you say, asshole.916Iím not a fucking machine. 
 828Who the fuck was that?917Itís not my fucking job. 


Created: 9-March-1999

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