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Come see us at the MN State Fair, August 27 through September 7, 1998 NASA Booth in the "Wonders of Technology" building Map coord:(I-9) NE corner of building

blue block MN SFS @ MN State Fair 1998

Come see us at the Minneapolis Planetarium, September 20-21, 1997

Come see us at the Minneapolis Planetarium, December 20-21, 1997

Come see us at the United Artists Pavilion At Crossroads Mall 1655 W Co Road B-2, Roseville : Map just north of Rosedale Mall, for the showing of Deep Impact May 8 & 9th, 1998
blue block Downrange on hiatis
blue block MirWatch on hiatis
blue block Apollo 13@ Maplewood II (July 1-7) '95
blue block MN Spaceweek '95@ Minneapolis Planetarium @ Minneapolis Public Library (July 13-23) '95 by Ben
blue block Deep Impact @ Crossroads Mall. May 1998
blue block Star Trek Insurrectin @ Crossroads Mall. December 1998

Next appearing at Mars Con 99
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mpls planetarium logo Minneapolis Planetarium @ Minneapolis Public Library
blue block Nobel Conference XXXIII Unveiling the Solar System: 30 Years of Space Exploration (October 7 & 8, 1997) @ Gustavus Adolphus College
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blue blockCarleton's Department of Physics and Astronomy
blue blockIMSTAR@ Austin MN
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