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Blue block AIR&SPACE Magazine by Smithsonian
Blue blockLockheed Martin News Center @ Lockheed Martin
Blue block Aerospace America and others @ American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Blue block Amateur Astronomy & Earth Sciences (AA&ES) by Chesterwell Management Ltd
Blue block Armchair Astronomer by Todd E. Van Hoosear @ MSU
Blue block Astrogram @ Ames Research Center -- Gone?
Blue block Astronomer Online, The Our aim is to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible.
Blue block Astronomical Bulletins by IAU Brief information on recent astronomical discoveries
Blue block Astronomical Headlines by IAUC Brief information on recent astronomical discoveries
Blue block Astronomy by Kalmbach Publishing Co
Blue block Astronomy Now (On-line) Britain's Pole Star Publications
Blue block Astronomy Picture of the Day Each day a different image @ GSFC
Blue block Aviation Week & Space Technology by Aviation Week Group (AWG)
Blue block AW&ST Headline News by Aviation Week Group (AWG)
Blue block BEYOND LEO Beyond (Low Earth Orbit) @ JSC
Blue block Boeing : News Releases @
Blue block Boeing : Liftoff STS Press kits STS 79-91 @
Blue block Boing iBTV internet Boing TV requires the RealPlayer plug-in ON HIATIS??
Blue block British Astronomical Association Journal
Blue block Cassiopeia quarterly newsletter of Canadian Astronomical Society/ Société Canadienne d'Astronomie (CASCA)
Blue block Countdown Mag-E-zine Weekly News -- Static after 2-16-98
CNN Logo CNN Interactive -- CNN's Space Exploration Gallery
Blue block Cyberspace Roundup Daily JSC Newsletter
Blue block Downrange by MN SFS (on hiatis)
Blue block Earth and Sky's Daily Radio Script by Deborah Byrd @ Austin TX
Blue block Earth Alert Daily Updates on the State of the Planet @ Discovery Channel ONLINE
Blue block FLORIDA TODAY Space On-line with Todd Halvorson
Blue block The Galileo Messenger @ JPL
Blue block Gemini by MN Astronomical Society
Blue block Hal Kibbey's StarTrak : Viewing tips of night's sky @ IN
Blue block Houston Chronicle Interactive Space Central

'Live' NASA-TV image via KSC

The following sites "may" be broadcasting live Real Audio/Video of NASA TV:
Usually during shuttle flights.
The RealPlayer is available free of charge from: Progressive Networks.
Blue block Innovation NASA Office of Space Access and Tech
Blue block ILS Whats New News concerning the Atlas and Proton launch systems [GONE?]
Blue block Jonathan's Space Report by Jonathan McDowell @ Harvard
Blue block JSR STOP PRESS Next week's Jonathan's Space Report
Blue block Lagniappe @ Stennis Space Center
Blue block Launch Forecast by Keith Stein @ LaunchSpace
Blue block Launch Log by Keith Stein @ LaunchSpace
Blue block Lockheed Martin Today @ Lockheed Martin
Blue block Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin by Lunar and Planetary Institute
Blue block Marshall Star and Daily Planet @ Marshall Space Flight Center PDF Needed
Blue block Minnesota Starwatch describing the night sky in the Midwest by Astronomy Dept: Univ of MN

Mir Logo
Red block MIR NEWS by Chris v.d. Berg
Red block MirWatch by Ben Huset (On Hiatis)
Red block Latest News from Mirex @ IK1SLD's Geocities
Red block Mir Space Station @ IK1SLD's Geocities
Red block Keith's R0MIR page [GONE]
Red block Russian Space Program Updates @ Reston Communications Publication
Red block SPACE RUSSIA moving July 1999 to ???

Blue block Missileer @ Patrick AFB FL
Blue block Moon Miners Manifesto @ ASI by Peter Kokh
Blue block NASA Daily News via MIT
Blue block NASA Tech Briefs
Blue block NASDA Report [English] (JAPAN)
Blue block New South Polar Times by The GENII Project
Blue block Odyssey The science magazine for young adventurers! @ Cobblestone Publishing
Blue block PLEIADES Newsletter of the Artemis Society (Lunar Base) -- gone?
Blue block Satellite Situation Report (weekly)@ GSFC 513.1
Blue block Satellite Situation Report (Monthly)@ GSFC 513.1 (1.1 meg file)
Blue bar Listing of all satellites currently in orbit with (if available) their RCS value, applicable Footnotes, and current Classical Elements. Initial elememts are provided (if available) when the object was launched, cataloged, and then decayed within the current month

Blue block Qué tal? in the Current Skies @ Kansas City MO School District Planetarium
Blue block Science Now On-Line by American Association for the Advancement of Science
Blue block SETIQuest @ Helmers Publishing

STS-Patch Blue block Shuttle Info @ KSC
Blue block 1994 STS-60, STS-62, STS-59, STS-65, STS-64, STS-68, STS-66 @ KSC
Blue block 1995 STS-63, STS-67, STS-71, STS-70, STS-69, STS-73, STS-74 @ KSC
Blue block 1996 STS-72, STS-75, STS-76, STS-77, STS-78, STS-79, STS-80 @ KSC
Blue block 1997 STS-81, STS-82, STS-83, STS-84, STS-94, STS-85, STS-86, STS-87 @ KSC
Blue block 1998 STS-89, STS-90, STS-91, STS-95, STS-88 @ KSC
Blue block 1999 STS-93, STS-96, STS-92, STS-97, STS-98, STS-99, STS-101, STS-100 @ KSC
Blue block STS-86: Shuttle-Mir VII This site was created by the crew in their personal time.

Blue block Un-official STS Pages @ Reston Communications

Blue block 1995 STS-69, STS-73, STS-74
Blue block 1996 STS-72, STS-75, STS-76, STS-77, STS-78, STS-79, STS-80
Blue block 1997 STS-81, STS-82, STS-83, STS-84, STS-94, STS-85, STS-86, STS-87
Blue block 1998 STS-89, STS-90, STS-88,

Blue block ScienceDaily Your link to the latest research news
Blue block Sky & Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin: Late-Breaking Astronomical News From Sky Publishing
Blue block Sky Watch by Dr. Alan W. Hirshfeld @ UMass Dartmouth
Blue block SKYWATCHER'S DIARY @ Abrams Planetarium
Blue block Southeastern Space Supporter Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
Blue block SPACE.COM Hosted by Lou Dobbs
Blue block Space Calendar by Ron Baalke @JPL
Blue block Spacer.Com's Today's News
Blue block Space News(Amateur Radio) by KD2BR @ Wall Township, NJ
Blue block Space News @ British National Space Centre
Blue block Space News Online The premier international space business newsweekly. Army Times Publishing Co.
Blue block Space News Roundup Biweekly JSC newsletter Adobe Acrobat (PDF) reader needed.
Blue block Spaceport News @ KSC
Blue block The Space Space by Bill Harwood
FL Today Logo Space Today @ FLORDIA TODAY: Space On-line
Blue block SpaceViews by Boston NSS
Blue block SPACEWARN Bulletin @ NSSDC
Blue blockThe Star @ Lockheed Martin Space and Missiles
Blue block StarDate Online! by McDonald Observatory. U of TX
Blue block Stargazer aka:STAR HUSTLER Greetings, greetings fellow star gazers... just Keep LookingUp!
Blue block Star Times Online We keep track of Astronomy and Space Headlines for you.
Blue block Today at NASA by Dianne P. Hill @ NASA HQ
Blue block Todays Space Weather @ NOAA Space Environment Laboratory
Blue block Tranquillity The Newsletter of the 2111 Foundation for Exploration
Blue block Universe Archive @ JPL
Blue block What's Up @ Toms River NJ
Blue block World Spaceflight News by PROGRESSIVE MANAGEMENT
Blue block X-Press @ Dryden Flight Research Center
Blue block
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