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If your account has already been migrated to our new (2008) servers, click below to enter SkyPoint's web-based email system.

When logging in to the new server please use your full email address including the domain name (

If your account has NOT yet been migrated to our new servers, please call our office as soon as possible and ask that your account be migrated. Our number in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area is 763-548-2600. In the Duluth/Superior area please call 218-720-5801. This migration improves SPAM filtering, replaces our old web based mail software with three new choices for web based email reading, adds easier per-user maintenance of individual email filters, and allows our email clients to change the passwords on their mailboxes from a web interface. Changes in settings within your email program (Outlook / Outlook Express / Mac Mail / Thunderbird / etc) are required, as well as corresponding changes on our servers. Please note that your email address WILL NOT CHANGE. Only the systems / software that serve the account changes.

Looking for programs to help keep your system safe and secure? You may want to consider using the following:

AVG antivirus - AVG antivirus is similar to Norton Antivirus, Macaffe Antivirus, and others. It helps protect your computer against viruses while you are surfing the internet. While we prefer Norton Antivirus, AVG is a good, no-cost option. Download link:

Spybot Search and Destroy - This program will scan your computer looking for many many adware / spyware / security breach programs and ask if you want them removed. It also can immunize your computer against many tens of thousands of threats, reducing the chance you will have future problems. We recommend using this along with Ad-Aware (see below). Download link:

Ad-Aware - Ad-Aware has a similar intent to Spybot Search and Destroy (see above). It seems to catch many things that Spybot misses, and misses many that Spybot catches, so we recommend using both. Download link:

Ccleaner - Available from, this program removes unneeded temporary files, log files, history tracking, cookies and more. You have control of what it is asked to remove, and can do a "trial run" to see what it finds prior to removal if you wish. Download link:

Service Bulletins
March 17th 2004 - Bogus Emails Claiming to be from
December 31st 2003 - Netscape SMTP Authentication
June 17th 2003 - SPAM Frequently Asked Questions


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