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March 17, 2004 notice regarding forged emails

Good day!

Over the past several weeks many SkyPoint clients have received emails claiming to be from "" or other "" addresses and making assorted claims, the most common of which are:

saying that they have a virus on their machine
- or -
telling them their email account is at risk of being closed

These messages go on to advise them they need to run an attachment which is included in the email.

The messages are signed as "The team".

ALL OF THESE MESSAGES ARE FORGERIES and the executable they encourage you to run contains a virus, which the message is trying to cause you to load onto your system.

We have seen these messages arriving from all across the world... apparently a new crop of virus mutations has been unleashed on the net recently. We have been able to block many of these from being accepted on our servers, but the ones that have already arrived -- or new variants that we have not yet seen -- may still make it to you.

Please do NOT execute -any- file attachments you receive unsolicited from ANYONE, and be sure you trust 100% the source of any attachments you ask for and choose to run.

SkyPoint, and for that matter most any other reputable entity, will NOT send you an executable file attachment unsolicited. Any emails you receive that contain one -- even if it claims to be from us, Microsoft, or anyone else you may happen to do business with -- should be immediately suspect.

We do NOT send emails from or, and by policy do not send out unattributed announcement notices (annonymous sender). If you receive an email that appears to be from our announce mailing list but which is not signed by the staff member sending the notice, it too should be suspected of being forged.

As is always the case when using the internet (and in life), a reasonable amount of caution goes a long way...


Greg Kemnitz
SkyPoint Communications, Inc.


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