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PageSplitterTM An exciting new web development tool! If you build web pages, you have to check this out!. Works with your existing Macintosh software to create stunning web sites!

Mike & George's
Stupid People Page
OK. . . so we have not updated the site for a while. . . it is still pretty funny! Check out these insane examples of human stupidity!

Animal Ark "No-Kill" Shelter This is the web site for Animal Ark, a "no-kill" shelter in Minnesota. The site contains a lot of great information, including on-line articles, literature to be downloaded, plus dogs, cats and reptiles that need homes.

Worthington Software
Engineering, Inc.
The makers of PageSplitter! Worthington Software Engineering, Inc. also offers web development, consulting, training, and software programming services.

Infant Insectivorous
Bat Study
A research project to raise and release orphaned bats. . .

Chameleon Import Data Thinking of getting a chameleon? Saw a really cool lizard in a pet shop and you want one? Before plunking down your money, check out the import statistics and mortality rates!

Your First
True Chameleon
Thinking of buying a chameleon? Please read this site first.

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