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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint Personalink Internet Accounts Pricing

Personalink Dialup Access Accounts

  • Personalink 56k Unlimited Access Account
  • Personalink 56k Lite (a 10hr/month account)
  • InterLink Setup and Installation
    InterLink service requires a router to connect your LAN to the Internet, and a CSU/DSU to perform the necessary signal format conversions between the telephone company switch and your site. SkyPoint can install the equipment and perform all other setup. We can also supply the hardware at an excellent price! Firewalling options are also available. SkyPoint setup includes:
    • Domain Registration
    • IP address registration
    • Primary and secondary name server setup
    • Installation of a digital circuit at the customer site
    • Frame relay circuit installation at the SkyPoint site
    • Customer equipment acquisition and coordination with US West
    • Router installation and configuration at customer site (if purchased through SkyPoint)
    • Router connection to existing network hub at customer site (if purchased through SkyPoint)
    • Other installation assistance
    • System testing

    Some additional site wiring and on-site support fees may apply depending on the needs of the customer site.

    Requires Registered Domain Name - Call for our latest prices!

  • InterLink Monthly Service
    Frame relay service charges include SkyPoint's monthly fees and the US West local loop charges. Access time is, of course, unlimited.

    Yearly DISCOUNTS available! - Call our Office for Pricing


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