Mike Bird

Michael J. Bird Bday: 07/15/1957
E-Mail: mjbird@skypoint.com
SCA name: Umberto delle Cento legnhe di Acro


"Woe unto you also, ye lawyers, for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers."

  -- New Testament, Luke, XI, 46

My family members:

Helen, Antonia, Myself & George
My whole fam damily

Robert Wilson and Hedda Cimoli Bird
My parents

Things I do for fun

I am a member of the Or, a Laurel Vert Society of Creative Anachronisms .
I am a subject of the Argent, a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert, in chief an
ancient crown Or within a laurel wreath properKingdom of the Middle
within whose borders the Sable, a compass rose argent environed of a laurel wreath Or, in
chief an ancient coronet OrPrincipality of Northshield resides,
and locally I am in the Azure, Seme of Snowflakes, Argent, in canton a Laurel Wreath,
Or Barony of Nordskogen.

I am a member of the Black Bear chapter of House Corvus.
I am a tasselled archer, an archery Marshal In Training. While I haven't been active for the past couple of years, the last major thing I did was to plan and run the archery portion of this event: Some of the 80+ archers at Schutzenfest III
Schutzenfest III

I'm also an apprentice Chirurgeon

and I'm in the process of preparing the paperwork to submit the name Umberto della Foresta di Cento Acri as my society name.

I'm also preparing to submit paperwork for a badge (shield design).Gules, an owl contourny argent, 
a chief argent, in base a semi-sun argent

I am fond of Winnie-the-Pooh. One of the best sites I've found is The Page at Pooh Corner.
My family and I beling to the Rapids Archers Club located in the Bunker Hills Park in Coon Rapids. Both of my children and I shoot archery, using "traditional" archery equipment. ("Traditional" archery doesn't use man-made composites or metal bows and arrows, also we keep to the longbow, flatbow and recurve styles of bows. For those interested, I shoot a 45 lb. recurve, drawing 54 lbs at 30 inches.)
I work for (FIMI) Financial Information Management, Inc. of Eden Prairie, MN.
And, my service provider is SkypointSkypoint of the Twin Cities and Duluth, Mn.
Finally, I'm also a member of the DNRC, so here's the requisite link to Dogbert New Ruling ClassThe Dilbert Zone

Non-profit organizations I support:

Public Television

Public Radio

Museum of

Historical Society

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Home pages of my friends (that I know of):

Anne's chinese picture
Anne Chenette

Ian looking like Svengali
Ian Horswill

Jeff's hat photo
Jeff Woolsey

Lady Medb Renata</p> (mka Fosset)
Lady Medb Renata
(mka Fosset)

The Adam N. Rosenberg at a marathon
The Adam N.

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