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From Info Nation, Minneapolis, Minnesota

So far, my most popular piece for InfoNation is an article that explains uuencoding. Straightforward and easy to understand, just like my basic piece on mail clients.

My new series is called "Heroes of Cyberspace", about the people whose imaginative power brought about the world we love today. The first two articles are here: John Brunner, and Claude Shannon.

It's tough trying to tell apart all the different digital money schemes being proposed--hopefully my article will help you separate out the gold from the lead. (Published October 1995)

USWest is finally offering ISDN service in Minnesota; read here about what you might have to go through to get it.

Here's a summary of all the intelligent search engines you can access on the Web. (Originally published September 1995)

Read about the Exon Amendment that everybody's so hot and bothered about; later referred to as the "Communications Decency Act". I did a little checking on the situation in other countries in 1995, and in March 96, I wrote an article about German and French censorship attempts which asks whether it's even possible to censor the Internet.

I have a brief summary of the Phil Zimmerman case, and it's eventual resolution of sorts.

Minnesota was pretty much cut off from the Internet one nice weekend during the summer of 95. I've also looked into where Minnesota's Usenet feeds come from. And I asked around about the hoohah during the summer of 96 when Winternet had a management upheaval.

There are two articles here about IRC: a how-to introduction, and a short history.

Read about the Security & Exchange Commission's EDGAR service, and the THOMAS service through the Library of Congress for researching bills before Congress.

Here's a quick history of mischief-making on Usenet.

I wrote a short piece on the issues surrounding Java, the language, but you'll find out more about Java elsewhere in my pages.

Finally, here's some more general ruminations on what it all means.

Just about everything here is linked right to whatever is being talked about, so dive right in!

Older Stuff

Some of the instructions inside these files may be outdated--I make no guarantees that any specific thing I've described is still working. Most of it should be just fine, but you never know. Anyway, here's a list of neato things you can do via e-mail. More specifically, here are instructions on how to do ftp by e-mail, how to post to Usenet by e-mail, and an intro to using anonymous remailers.
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