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InfoWorld Electric Page One
Linux Today: Top
Linux Weekly News, daily updates page
Yahoo! - News -- linux updates

Quick reference
    WMNN-AM Traffic Conditions - Local Weather - Saint Paul, MN (55116)
    Minneapolis-St Paul MN US Weather Forecast
    SourceForge: Project Info - Real Time Enterprises, Inc.
    (05/25/01) Volunteers needed for spooning and bed-hogging study
    WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
    My Pinhole Photography Page
    SourceForge: Welcome
    University of Washington Home Page
    The Live Clam Cam
    Tcl/Tk 8.0.5 Manual

    Relating to Home Configuration


            Qwest | DSL
            xDSL Technology


                Roaring Penguin Software (PPPoE)
                Using Linux with Bell Atlantic Infospeed DSL
                Index of /pppoe
                The whole PPPoE World for Linux
                Configuring a Secure Linux® ADSL PPPoE Connection
                Carrick Solutions Limited - Linux PPPoE
                Red Hat | Red Hat Documentation

            DSL Router

                Cisco Security Advisory: Vulnerabilities in Cisco SN 5420 Storage Routers
                Cisco - Cisco 678 Small Office/Home Office/Telecommuter ADSL Rounter
                Cisco 678
                Cisco 675/678 Troubleshooting
                Cisco 675/678 Dynamic IP Config
                Cisco 675 and 678 Setup for DSL from and ISP from
                Cisco 675 Setup for - PPP mode
                Configuring the Cisco 675 & 678
                Scott's Cisco 675

            ZDNet: Watchguard Firebox
            WatchGuard Technologies Product Line

        Secure Home Internet Gateway

            Building a Secure Gatway System LG #54
            iNdev - Fwctl

            Linux Firewalls

                [fm] content of console/firewall and security
                SourceForge: Software Map
                FireDog & FireMasq
                Seattle Firewall (Seawall)
                UnixWorld | Tutorial | Part 2: How to Set Up a Linux-Based Firewall for a SOHO | Page 2 | May 7, 2001
                LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Linux Networking: Using Ipchains - Multiple Machines, A Single Connection
                SourceForge: Project Info - ADSL4Linux
                Linux Firewall and Security Site

            WatchGuard Internet Security and VPN for Every Office
            Packet Filtering for GNU/Linux
            Red Hat Linux 6.X as an Internet Gateway for a Home Network
            Building a Secure Gatway System LG #54
            Building a Secure Gateway, part II LG #55
            SecurityPortal - Securing Your Home Network
            BSD Today: Deploying Portsentry
            Howto.LanSystems.Com - Linux Howtos......
            Gibraltar project home page
            Linux Magazine | May 2000 | FEATURES | Hook your LAN up to the Internet with Linux
            Linux Article
            Front Range Internet Inc. - Cisco 678 Config (DMT ONLY) - Qwest DMT DSL for Windows
            CNET Usenet Q&A
            The Register

        Home-built system

            Biostar Group - My new S3 Virge/DX card (Crux375) OOD
            Maxtor 5.7GB and 4.0GB drives
            WD Caviar 13.6 GB EIDE WD136AA
            M Technology Home Page
            TDN Frequently Asked Questions - M-Tech Mainboards
            Re: [TCLUG:16820] Stone Soup computers (related to Obsolete Hardware)

            Home Ethernet Interface Info

                EtherLink III Series Setup Program for Linux
                Linux and the 3Com 3c5*9 Ethercards
                3c5x9setup homepage
                Ethernet interface
                LhD Product - 3Com 3C509B-TPO EtherLink III ISA
                Linux for Newbies: Part 12
                Linux for Newbies: Part 13
                3Com Support Library - Network Interface Cards
                3Com Software Library - Network Interface Cards
                Client Setup

            Home Sound Card Info

                Creative Labs: Americas Home
                ALS-007 Linux and Programming information
                ALS-007: Most efficient Plug & Play Sound Blaster pro Sound chip
                Diamond Technologies Sound Card Identification by Photo at Windrivers.Com
                The Linux MP3-HOWTO : Software Requirements.
                The Linux MP3-HOWTO : Encoding from CD-ROM.
                Sound Blaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO
                SB AWE32/64 Sound Driver for Linux / FreeBSD
                Index of /pub/linux/RedHat/sound/sndconfig
                Red Hat, Inc. Hardware Compatibility List for Intel/6.2: Sound Cards
                LhD Product - Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Value

        IBM Personal Computer 350

            IBM Personal Computing Support
            IBM Personal Computing Support (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) -
        052303: Versa 4000 Series Notebook Menu
        Forté Home Page
        Linux FAT32 Support
        gpart - Guess PC-type hard disk partitions
        Troy's autofs configuration for removable media
        The MBR, boot sectors and partition table
        Critical Path
        Forté [Free] Agent Links and Utilities
        Forte Agent Tutorial: Tips and Tricks for the Popular Windows Usenet Newsreader - Wordsat
        alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modified FAQ
        Forte Agent offline reader FAQ
        alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent FAQ

    CSci 5110

        CSci 5110 Project Page
        CSci 5110 Project Phase Index
        HCI Course

        Basic mail converters

            Hypermail Development
            Hypermail Documentation (1.03b1)
            MHonArc v2.0
            `mhonarc' Mailing List Archive
            MHonArc Resource Files
            Microsoft Internet Mail to Eudora converter
            WMF - Web Mail Folder
            Arts - a system for creating quick knowledge bases from mail messages

        CSci5110: User Interface Design, Implementation and Evaluation
        Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of Usage-Centered Design

    Area Codes
    TCLUG Mailing List Archives
    Linux Weekly News
    W.A.S.T.E./mailing lists/Veg-MN - Programmer to Programmer
    Professional Java Swing Components by Krutsch, Kenneth/ Wrox Author Team (Wrox Pr Inc)
    Twin Cities Free-Net Home Page
    David S. Cargo's Freenet Page
    Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu 1999 Table of Contents - Programmer to Programmer
    Judie's Birthday RSVP List

Search stuff

    Dictionaries and glossaries

        Acronym and abbreviation list
        On-line Medical Dictionary
        PC Webopaedia home page
        WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
        -= T h e - L i n u x - G l o s s a r y =-
        Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
        Computing Dictionary
        The Programmer's File Format Collection
        The DICT Development Group
        FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary


        Mapblast! BlastOff
        MapQuest! Welcome!
        Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions
        Changes to for PMB

    News and mailing lists

        Deja News
        Liszt, the mailing list directory
        Newsgroups available in Oxford
        Power Search
        e-News - Read usenet newsgroups via the web!

    People and business directories

        Four11 White Page Directory
        OKRA: net.citizen Directory Service

    Search Engines

        AltaVista: Home - Advanced Text Search
        AltaVista: Advanced Query News
        Alta Vista: Main Page
        Ask Jeeves!
        Ctel - International E-Mail Directory and Search Engine
        Dewey Help Page
        Direct Hit - the premier visual search engine
        Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
        eBLAST : Encyclopædia Britannica's Internet Guide
        FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time
        The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics!
        Links2Go: Surf the Web Sideways
        ODP - Open Directory Project
        Northern Light Search
        Snap HOME
        The Mining Co.
        OpenHere Resources
        SunSteam Search & Directory ©2000
        BIG Search Engine Index
        Lyrics World - Search for the song lyrics you want by using our index of thousands of lyrics sites.
        Faithwebbin | Knock Knock | Enter the Kitchen | Bible Study Tools
        Home - The network of sites led by expert guides.
    Internet FAQ Consortium
    LincMad Telephone Area Codes & Splits
    MNCAT Web
    MSN Internet Search
    The Internet Movie Database
    AltaVista Translations - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Norwegian
    University of Minnesota Libraries > Books and More

Compilers and Languages

    Compiler Directories Guides & Comparisons

        Catalog of compilers: text manipulation expanded
        Catalog of Free Compilers, Interpreters and Language Tools
        compiler internet resources
        Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Compilers
        Compilers Programming
        Compilers and Compiler Generators free electronic design internet resources
        [fm] content of development/languages
        [fm] content of development/tools
        Hello, World Page!
        Programming Languages Table
        Bibliography Lutz Prechelt
        GIF image 1580x900 pixels
        RHUL Computer Science: Research: Languages & Architectures
        Index of /papers
        RHUL Computer Science: Research: Languages & Architectures
        The Great Computer Language Shootout
        A comparison between BETA, C++, Eiffel, Java, Object Pascal, Ruby and Smalltalk
        X3H7 Object Model Features Matrix
        PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook

    Compiler and system research

        Allen I. Holub & Associates: Object-Oriented Software Engineering
        Some papers
        compiler buyers' guide
        Compilers & Interpreters
        Raphael Finkel
        GNU BETA
        MIT Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group
        `C and tcc
        Utah Flux Research Group - Home Page
        NMH's Home Page
        Advanced Programming Languages
        Juice Homepage
        Michael Franz
        UCI / ICS / Slim Binaries
        MS Thesis
        Verifix-Project Homepage
        The alto Project Home Page: Link-time Code Optimization

        Virtual Machines

            Interpreter construction -- quick start
            Virtual Machines Mailing List Interface
            Virtual Machines
            abstract machine
            Virtual Machine
            OOPSLA '99 VM Workshop
            cezs pages of stuff: The Epsilon virtual machine.
            Ghost Machine
            FAJITA Index Page
            Threaded Code
            Reuben Thomas
            C-- Home
            developerWorks : Linux : The new Amiga -- VP assembly code demo
            Western Research Laboratory - Compaq
            NPS CISR: Complete Listing of Publications
            The VirtMach Archives
            Dr. V. Sriram's neck of the woods.
            Index of /anton/vmgen
            17.10.1 Python Byte Code Instructions

        The TUNES Project
        Programming Language Pragmatics
        Linkers and Loaders
        The comp.compilers newsgroup
        Hash and Displace: Efficient Evaluation of Minimal Perfect Hash Functions
        Uniform Access : The Uniform Reference Principle by Bertrand Meyer
        Advanced Programming Language Design
        Zephyr Lambda-RTL
        Automatic Checking of Instruction Specifications (Abstract)
        The Massively Scalar Compiler Group at Rice University
        Index of /MSCP/papers/
        OOPS Group Publications
        The IMPACT Research Group
        Current Parsing Techniques in Software Renovation Considered Harmful
        UW Cecil/Vortex Project
        Harmonia Publications
        ACM Digital Library: Eliminating array bound checking through dependent types
        Open Source - Pro64
        Slim Binaries
        Grenoble ANDF Program Page
        Debian GNU/Linux -- tendra
        TenDRA Home Page
        EEL: An Executable Editing Library
        The Esterel Language
        The Nomadic Pict Page
        Upcoming Compiler and Parallel Computing Conferences
        Index of /~tjim/papers
        Trevor Jim's Papers
        Art of Assembly Language Programming and HLA by Randall Hyde
        Fare's Home Page
        VIRT Laboratory
        Poly data type
        Introduction To Parsing C++
        Metaprogramming and Free Availability of Sources
        Context of the current talk: embedded systems
        Microsoft Research Search Results
        GIF image 680x880 pixels
        parserlib: LR(1) versus LALR(1)

    Compiler tools

        compiler white papers, faq's, overviews
        Let's Build a Compiler

        Specialized Compilers

            The SPAM Project
            SDCC - Freeware, Optimizing C_Compiler (8051)
            TenDRA Home Page
            LANCE V2.0

        Abstract Syntax Description Languages

            Abstract Syntax Description Language
            Snacc Homepage


            Chakotay - flexible preprocessor
            GPP - Generic Preprocessor
            Tm - introduction
            Art of Assembly Language Programming and HLA by Randall Hyde
            Jim's Web Nook | Software | lwpp

        Parsing Tools

            The Termprocessor Generator Kimwitu (08)
            CUP Parser Generator for Java
            Downloadable C++-sources and useful development-scripts
            JFlex: The Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java
            NorKen Technologies Home Page
            Operator-Precedence Parsing
            Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide
            RHUL Computer Science: Research: Languages & Architectures
            SandStone Home Page
            Visual and Interactive Tools
            The ACCENT Compiler Compiler
            The Termprocessor Generator Kimwitu (03)
            A Compact Guide to Lex & Yacc
            TXL Home Page
            SourceForge: Project Info - SimpLex Lexical Parser
            DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit
            COCOM tool set (Russian Armoury)
            Dotted Grammars

        The FLINT Project: Home
        Software from Allen Holub's Compiler Design in C
        NJ Machine-Code Toolkit

        Code Generation

            A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux
            Grenoble ANDF Program Page

        Run-Time Libraries

            STLport Home Page

        Whole Compiler Systems

            Coco/R compiler generator
            Philips Research - The Elegant Homepage
            The GENTLE Compiler Construction System

            LCC - A Retargetable Compiler

                lcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C
       - Porting lcc

            MageLang Institute: jGuru ANTLR Rack
            The SUIF Compiler - Software Distribution
            The Stanford SUIF Compiler Group
            Modern Compiler Implementation in ML
            The XPL Programming Language
            C-- Home

        VCG Overview

    Compiler Books

        Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation
        The linker book
        Quinn Tyler Jackson's Site - Literature Review
        BITSYS: System Software - Compilers Lecture Notes
        Parsing and Pattern Matching buying info: Modern Compiler Design
        Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide
        Modern Compiler Design
        CS134b Compiler Design Laboratory

    Icon Stuff

        The Icon Programming Language
        A Small Programming Problem
        Jcon: A Java-Based Icon Implementation
        Tools for compiling
        Icon Programs
        The Icon Programming Language
        The Icon trick bag
        Icon Research at UTSA
        Kolb and Jeffery's Icon Program Library RoboDoc
        The Idol Programming Language
        Pattern Matching Pointers
        Unicon The Posix Interface for the Icon Programming Language
        Welcome to the Unicon Home Page!
        Itweak: Interactive Icon Debugging

    Other languages

        Other Other Languages

            The AMC Compiler
            Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems (ATLAS)
            The BETA Home Page
            Cel Programming Language
            High-Performance Erlang: Open Source HiPE
            The Official Euphoria Programming Page - News, Free Downloads
            What Is Euphoria?
            HLA Related Links
            The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
            The Haskell Home Page
            JACL Portal
            The Mercury Project: Introduction
            Modula-3 FAQ Web Server
            Oberon for GNU/Linux
            Objective Caml
            Mumps and Translation of Mumps to C
            Pliant home
            The R Project for Statistical Computing
            REBOL Technologies
            SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL Information
            Phil's SNOBOL Resources Page
            The T3X Home Page
            The teTeX Homepage
   (TOM home)
            A+: a programming language for people who live to program

        Ada Language

            Ada Core Technologies
            Ada Good for Real-Time
            History of the Ada Programming Language


            Algol-60 from RHA Ltd
            RHA (Minisystems) Ltd. Windows program launchers, Dynamic Data Exchange tools, ActiveX controls and Algol60
            Compact Algol-60 implementation

        BASIC Languages

            True BASIC Information Center
            Liberty BASIC, extrememly easy programming for Windows and OS/2
            Janus Software
            SmallBASIC - Free BASIC for Unix, PalmOS


            Dylan ( from Harlequin Ltd )
            Gwydion Dylan: Overview
            Gwydion Dylan Release
            Functional Objects, Inc. Press Release


            What's New - Eiffel Liberty (A Web Site dedicated to exposing Eiffel and Object Technology
            SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler : " home page "
            ISE - Looking for something new?
            Project SARITH: OSS Project to bring Safe ARITHmetic to Eiffel
            Gobo Eiffel: Project

        Extension languages

            Welcome to the Applixware Open Source Site
            DINO interpreter
            EiC Home Page
            EiC an interactive, pointer-safe, bytecode C interpreter: official Home Page
            The Emu Language Homepage
            DRAFT --- An EXPRESS standard library
            Guile - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)


                The Programming Language Lua
                CGILua 3.2
                The Programming Language Lua
                Lua: links
                The Lua-Linux Project


                Ruby Home Page
                Ruby Home Page
                developerWorks : Linux : Library - Papers
                Ruby Central
       - The code resource for Ruby programming
                The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
                The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
                Slide 1
                Jan01: Programming in Ruby
                Download - Comparing and introducing Ruby
                Features of Ruby
                The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
                MPI Ruby - A Ruby Binding of MPI

            S-Lang Information Page
            S-lang.Org - The Embedded Language with Screen Support
            X/lang - the eXtensible Language
            The ICI Programming Language: Introduction
            Canonware Onyx

        Forth and Related Languages

            A Survey of Object-Oriented Forths
            Publications - Bradford J. Rodriguez
            Portable Forth Environment

        Lisp and Lisp-related Languages

            CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp
            CMU Common Lisp
            Fallback Index of
            Franz Inc:Home Page
            ILISP Official Home Page
            Lisp: Good News Bad News How to Win Big
            Lisp Debug
            the SBCL project - Steel Bank Common Lisp
            TL3 and WINTL3
            Cliki : index

        Macro Languages

            GNU m4 - Development site
            The ML/I Macro Processor
            Using the m4 Macro Processor
            TRAC Foundation: TRAC Programming Language


            Free Pascal - Home Page
            Compiler "COMPAS" from Pascal to "E97" codes
            Pascal Implementation
            Pascal Central
            Free Pascal - Home Page
            Pascal Central
            SurakWare - Home
            Pascal Programming Page


            Welcome to The Perl Institute
            Perl Mongers: Perl 6
            Perl 6 Notes, July 18, 2000
            Perl Documentation
            PERL.COM - More Perl Conference Coverage
   - Report on the Perl 6 Announcement
            PerlMonth - Just use Perl;
            Index of /~mjd/perl/Hello
            Elements of Programming with Perl
            All-Yours Script Archive


            Pike - the language with character
            Pike Community


            The Ciao Prolog Development System WWW Site
            Kernel Prolog - Open Source Project
            The GNU Prolog web site
            Visual Prolog Home Page
            BinNet: Java and Prolog software for Internet programming
            SWI-Prolog Home
            The YAP Prolog System
            Alejandro Zunino's home page
            XPCE Home
            Index of /~bmd/PrologInJava
            Java Interface for Prolog
            Warren's Abstract Machine


            Python Language Home Page
            JPython Home
            Is Python a good language for your needs?
            Z Object Publishing Environment

            Python Tutorials

                open source IT - Tutorials: Why Python?
                Python Tutorial
                Python + KDE Tutorial
                And now for something completely different: Instant Python
                developerWorks : Linux : Library - Papers
                developerWorks : Linux : Features
                developerWorks : Linux : Library - Papers
       ~ Developing GNOME Applications with Gnome-Python
                Geeks404 ~ Introduction to Python
       ~ GUI Python: All This and Good Looks Too?
       - Programming with Python - Part 1: Baby Steps
       - Programming with Python - Part 2: The Real World

            Python reaches for stardom
            Continuations And Stackless Python
            Continuations And Stackless Python
            About BeOpen PythonLabs
            PyUnit - a unit testing framework for Python
            Logiciels par Fabien COUTANT
            Emacs Goodies
   | Projects | VeePee | Introduction
            PyGuiXml HomePage
            The Vaults of Parnassus: Python Resources
            PyChecker: a python source code checking tool
            Cetus Links: 18,491 Links on Objects and Components / Python


            Rexx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
            The Rexx Language Association - Home
            Mark Hessling's Home Page


            Sather home page
            Sather Frequently Asked Questions
            GNU Sather Home - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)


            Welcome to!
            The TeachScheme! Project
            How to Design Programs

            Scheme Documents and Articles

                What's going on with Guile? - SunWorld - November 1998
                An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation - Table of Contents
                Revised(5) Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme - Table of Contents
                The LAML Homepage
                The LAML Software Home page

            Scheme Supplier Pages

                Cadence Research Systems: Chez Scheme
                DrScheme Home Page
                The Ksi Scheme Interpreter
                KSM-Scheme Home Page
                OpenScheme programming environment
                The Scheme Programming Language
                STk Home Page
                SXM: another implementation of Scheme
                Kawa ( Scheme Compiled to Java Bytecodes )
                    Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system - Table of Contents
                    Kawa Papers
                    Kawa: Compiling Scheme to Java

        Scripting Languages

            Advanced Bash-Scripting HOWTO
            The Brain language
            Ftwalk Home Page
            The CorbaScript Language
            Minotaur for Perl, Python, andTcl
            Welcome to ERights.Org
            The SHELF application scripting environment
   Forums: Scripting Languages & Techniques
            Software Development : REBOL the rebel
            Simkin Java Scripting Language
            New choices for scripting
            ScriptBasic the ultimate scripting tool to embed
            Which language is right for you?
   Forums: Scripting Languages & Techniques
            Scripting and Alternative Languages


            Self Home Page
            Self tutorial (1)
            Self Tutorial (2)
            Self Home Page
            SELF Object Model


            SML/E Home Page
            Standard ML of New Jersey


        Products Implemented with Smalltalk

            ezboard Online Communities
            Haestad Methods - your hydrology and hydraulics modeling solution
            Integral Development Corporation
            Kronos Incorporated-Frontline Labor Management Experts
            Welcome to Obdobion Corporation
            Bytesmiths' Home Page
            A Rolf K. Wilms web page
            ENVY/Manager FAQ
            Advanced Boolean Concepts Home Page
            "JUN" -- Free Software! (Public)
            Refactoring Browser

        Smalltalk Wikis

            Dolphin Wiki - FrontPage
            PocketST Wiki - FrontPage
            Squeak Front Page ( Wiki )
            VisualWorks: VisualWorks : Front Page
            stini Swiki

        Smalltalk Sources

            Dolphin Smalltalk

                Dolphin Smalltalk Community
                Dolphin Wiki - FrontPage
                Object Arts Home Page
                Sample Dolphin Applets
                Dolphin Smalltalk under Wine

            eXept Software AG

            GNU Smalltalk

                GNU Smalltalk - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
                GNU Smalltalk Page
                GNU Smalltalk User's Guide
                WWW.SMALLTALK.ORG(tm) GNU Smalltalk Page
                GNU Smalltalk User's Guide - Table of Contents
                GNU Smalltalk User's Guide - Table of Contents

            Little Smalltalk by Tim Budd

                Little Smalltalk Page
                Budds Little Smalltalk
                Little Smalltalk Version 4 Distribution

            Pocket Smalltalk

                Pocket Smalltalk ( Andrew Brault Site )
                Pocket Smalltalk ( )
                Pocket Smalltalk ( Think Tank Site )
                PocketST Wiki - FrontPage
                pocketstug messages 443-455 of 455

            Squeak Smalltalk

                Squeak for Unix
                Squeak Front Page ( Wiki )
                Squeak Mail Archives
                    Mail Index
                    Squeak Smalltalk Mailing List & Resources
                    Squeak Smalltalk Mailing List ( to 1997 )

                The Squeak Archive at UIUC ( )
                The Squeak Archive at UIUC ( )
                Index of /ftp/Smalltalk/Squeak
                WWW.SMALLTALK.ORG(tm) Squeak Smalltalk Page
                MathMorphs home
                The Home Page of Squeak/Zaurus (Zau-Chu)
                Squeak Smalltalk: A Quick Reference
                The Prefab Widget Set
                SmallTalk Tutorial for Java Programmers!
                Squeak News E-Zine
                Whisker Browser

            Welcome to QKS
            Object Connect Home
            Cincom Smalltalk Application Development Tools
            Mission Software - Business OS
            WindowBuilder Pro Migration Toolkit Introduction
            Object Technology in Small Devices
            Test Mentor Product Overview
            Smalltalk Interchange File Facility
            Smalltalk Express
            Talks2 - Homepage
            SUnit Camp Smalltalk Module
            VisualWorks Browser Plugin Installation
            Mission Software - Business OS
            IBM Software > Application Development > VisualAge Smalltalk > Download
            VisualWorks Freebies

        Smalltalk tutorials and introductions

            Dave's Smalltalk FAQ
            introduction to (squeak) smalltalk
            LearningWorks Home
            Model-View-Controller framework
            Squeak Cookbook
            Squeak Tutorial
            Smalltalk by Example
            VisualWorks : Front Page
            Home page for CS497REJ: Object-Oriented Programming and Design
            Tutorials and courses
            Design Principles Behind Smalltalk
            VisualWorks: BeginnersImage
            CS497 lectures
            Learning to Squeak
            Smalltalk FAQ, Tutorials
            Making Smalltalk with the Penguin LG #51
            The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion
            Making Smalltalk: Spreading the OO Fun LG #59
            Making Smalltalk: Objects, Classes and Other Things LG #60
            Simula and Smalltalk: A Social and Political History

        Smalltalk Advocacy

            Smalltalk Tools and Product Vendors
            Welcome to STIC
            Why Smalltalk?
            WWW.SMALLTALK.ORG(tm) Main Page
            Smalltalk Solutions '99 Report
            Linea Software Productivity and Cost Comparisons
            Java for Smalltalk Programmers
            Smalltalk Webring
            One month of Smalltalk experience
            Chicago Smalltalk Users' Group

        Smalltalk links

            363 Smalltalk Page
            Monty Kamath's Goodstart
            On the Road to Smalltalk [Contents]
            Ted Kaehler's Homepage
            Totally Objects - Go Smalltalk!
            Totally Objects Software - Go Smalltalk!
            UIUC Smalltalk Archive
            Smalltalk Online Contents
            Real Smalltalk, Inc., Smalltalk SIG
            Applied Reasoning
            James A. Robertson: Home Page
            GemStone/S 5.1.4 Non-Commercial ReadMe
            Protocol Browser
            Ian Bartholomew's Dolphin Smalltalk Page
            Creative Computing
            GreenPoint, Inc - Products
            Technical history of Rosetta
            Crafted Smalltalk
            Master Index
            Regular Expression Matcher
            VisualWorks: Smalltalk WikiWeb
            Gilad Bracha's Home Page
            Description of Business Model Research
   Main Page
   Main Page
            SqueakEnd'00 & Camp Smalltalk
            Beck Testing Framework
            Camp Smalltalk CS3 (OOPSLA 2000)
            CS497: Object-Oriented Programming and Design
            Signature Revealing Naming Convention for Smalltalk (SRNC)
            SmallScript Website


        Scriptics Corporation
        Will's Guide To Success with Tcl 8.x Namespaces and Packages
        Tcl URL Database
        Tcl Developer Site
        SourceForge: Project Info - Tcl
        SourceForge: Project Info - Tk Toolkit
        SourceForge: Project Info - TclXML
        ASPN : Downloads : ActiveTcl
        Tcl/Tk 8.4 Roadmap
        CPU Training
        Frank Stajano: Implementing the SMS server, or why I switched from Tcl to Python
        Michael McLennan: Applications
        Unifix - A Tcl/Tk Compliant Company


            Cameron Laird's personal notes on FTP automation
            Don Libes (Home Page)
            Expect FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
            Expect - Expect - Home Page
            Expect for Windows NT
            Expect references of interest to Cameron Laird
            Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix

        tcl/tk applications

            Tcl/Tk Applications: View by Description on code

            Other tcl/tk applications

                bras --- Rule Based Command Execution ( 5-Nov-1997)
                DoubleHack - Golfing, Computers, and More
                Expand Home Page
                GalaxyDrive, Inc. - Beyond the Browser Software Solutions
                Welcome to GraphViz
                GXV Tcl/Tk Image Viewer
                Homepage of AutoDOC
                Tk IRC Clients
                    Hedgehog's Burrow (GO-IRC)
                    Introducing XiRCON
                    NetPlug (includes IRC agent)

                MkTclApp: A Tool For Mixing C/C++ with Tcl/Tk
                Mktclapp: A tool for building C/C++ programs that use Tcl/Tk
                The jstools application suite and libraries
                Pad++: Zoomable Graphical Interfaces
                Searchtool Information Page
                tcLex Home page
                tcldde html
                The emu_graph Widget
                TkGnats Home Page
                TkInfo: a browser for info files
                Programs I have Written
                Tk Mail Clients
                    TkMail - a X Window Mail Reader
                    TkRat ( Ratatosk )

                tkWorld Homepage
                Tuba Home Page
                Tcl CGI Programming
                    Processing of CGI arguments under Tcl
                    Writing CGI-BIN Scripts In Tcl

                Xts - SNMP test suite
                X-Files - The Ultimate File Organizer
                PiTcl: Main documentation
                MetaKit by Equi4 Software
                Aplication Starters
                TkRunIt - a run dialog for X
                Tk FTP Clients
                    The official homepage of tkFTP
                    The official homepage of tkFTP

                Index of /djh/tcl
                Welcome to the OpenVerse!
                Tk Commander
                Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer: PySol Home Page
                TkGnats Home Page
                XBIT - Software download
                FreeWrap - Build stand alone TCL/TK applications
                smake --- Building makefiles in TCL
                Presenting: TkDesk (14.11.1999)
                Presenting: TkDesk (05.06.1997)
                Insight home page
                Expand Home Page
                nasland online
                TkMan Home Site
                ImPress - Home Page
                Mark Edgar - Projects
                ML Text Editor (tcl/tk)
                SAL- Office Software - Text Editors - tkedit
                Scripted Documents
                X-apps FAQ: III. X-based News-readers
                Enhanced Tk Console: tkcon
                Frink - static testing and formatting for tcl programs

            scotty and tkined

                Getting Started with tkined
                Getting started with Tkined
                Implementing and using TKINED and SCOTTY
                Information on the 'tkined' Mailing List
                Network drawings and monitoring using tkined and scotty
                Papers related to Scotty/Tkined
                Scotty Tcl Extensions for Network Management
                The Tcl and SNMP History
                Tkined movies
                Cameron Laird's personal notes on Scotty

            Tcl/tk data bases

                Index of /~tdarugar/tcl-sql/
                msqltcl README
                nanosoft Ltd. Downloads
                The TCL Generic Database Interface
                The Tcl Generic Database Interface

            Tcl/tk GUI builders and IDEs

                ASED TCL TK IDE
                Build stand-alone TCL/TK applications
                CST - Home, TIDE, Tcl/Tk
                QTK - Quick-Tk home page
                SpecTcl GUI Buillder
                TCL Developer Studio
                tkBuilder Manual
                Visual Tcl Homepage - Stewart Allen
                Radon Labs Homepage
                Sawpit - Home of tkBuilder
                Visual Tcl Homepage - Stewart Allen
                SpecTcl GUI Buillder

            Tcl/tk news readers

                Tony Bringardner (TclNews)
                The NR newsreader home page

            Tcl/tk object systems

                Objects in TCL
                Obstcl: yet another object system for Tcl
                Stooop, Moodss, Scwoop, Tkpiechart homepage
                Tea Documentation Index

            Tcl/tk web browsers

                Plume & WWW
                Welcome to Zveno
                Plume Patches

            X-Files - The Ultimate File Organizer
            TkDiff Home Page
            TEKI -
            VTK Home
            TK Scribe

        tcl/tk code sources

            A Directory Selector for Tcl

            Tcl/tk megawidgets

                Bryan Oakley - Tcl Stuff - Combobox
                Bryan Oakley - Tcl Stuff - Mclistbox
                Papers produced by researchers in GroupLab
                Some Pure Tk Widgets
                An HTML Widget For Tcl/Tk
                BWidget ToolKit
                Stooop, Moodss, Scwoop, Tkpiechart homepage

            Adventures in Linux Programming
            Dashed and Stippled outlines in Tk8.0a1 (Tk4.2, Itcl2.2)
            Document Handling Package
            Don Libes (Home Page)
            Example Code - Socket server and client
            FTP Library Package for tcl/tk
            Homepage of Pool
            HTML Parsing and Rendering Library
            Reusable Procedures For Generating and Modifying Tk Widgets

            SWIG ( Simplified Wrapper Interface Generator )

                Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
                SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
                SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
                SourceForge: Project Info - SWIG

            Tcl/Tk and the WWW
            TCL - TK - Tool Command Language - NEOSOFT Tcl Entry Point
            tcl html parser
            Tcl/Tk Consortium: Get Your Wish (for UNIX)
            TclBin package
            TclExcept Home page
            tkgcv Homepage
            Tranquility Base (XF, Tcl/Tk)
            WWW tools/utilities
            Tcl HTTP Daemons
            The entropy liberation front (tcl/tk)
            TkDiff Home Page
            Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers :: Updates
            The Meta-GUI Tools
            Free Tools
            The jstools application suite and libraries
            SetOps: Commands
            Hume's TCL/Tk Fiddlings
            Index of /tcl/ftparchive/sorted/net/NNTP/0.01
            Open Source Software
            tclGetOpts - readme
            MILLIBITS.COM | D. J. Hagberg's Tcl Stuff
            Tcl Resources à la Jeff
            Will's Guide To Creating Object Commands
            Will's Guide To Success with Tcl 8.x Namespaces and Packages
            Index of /pub/ts1
            Software Build and Fix, Tcl Scripts
            Index of /tcl/ftparchive/sorted/net/nntp/1.0a1
            Donal K. Fellows's Tcl Archive
            Windows Batteries
            Tcl/Tk Tools
            Open Source Software
            Package layout
            Vitus Wagner's Tcl pages
            SourceForge: Project Info - tcllib

        tcl/tk extensions

            A Tcl/Tk Web Browser and HTML Widget
            An Introduction To Pthreads-Tcl
            Embedded Tk
            Dashed and Stippled outlines in Tk8.0 (Tk4.2p2, Itcl2.2p2)
            Plus patches
            Tcl-DP: a distributed programming extension to Tcl
            tcLex Home page
            TclX (TCL)
            Tix Megawidget Homepage
            TclExcept Home page
            How to Use the Tcl Stubs Library
            Index of /tclkit
            Index of /tcl/ftparchive/sorted/x11/tkwm/8.0a1
            MyrmecoX: Wizards
            [incr Tcl] - Object-Oriented Programming in Tcl/Tk
            Img Homepage
            TIP Document Collection

        tcl/tk plugins

            Welcome To The Tcl Plugin (new site)
            Index of Tclet Demos
            Tk Plugin Demos (Tclets!)
            TCL Netscape Plug-in Demos
            TCL Plug-in @
            Tcl/Tk Plug-In Example: Maxtroids
            Play Moog

        tcl/tk references

            tcl/tk Books and Book Reviews

                Web Tcl Complete
                LJ 58: Book Review: Building Network Management Tools
                Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
                Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 3rd Edition
                Tcl/Tk For Real Programmers
                Tcl/Tk Tools (O'Reilly Book)

            Tcl95 workshop
            Tcl/Tk Quick Reference
            The Tcl'ers Wiki
            tcl wiki package project
            USENIX - 5th Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop

            tcl/tk advocacy

                Cameron Laird's personal page on choosing a scripting language
                The safety of scripting - SunWorld - October 1998
                Tom Christiansen on Tcl vs Perl
                Multivalent Documents: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Type, Every Way User-Improvable Digital Documents and Systems
                Patterns for Scripted Components
                John K. Ousterhout
                Usenet Language Wars: Why You Should Not Use Tcl

            tcl/tk faqs

                comp.lang.tcl FAQ Launch Page
                Tcl/Tk on Windows Frequently-Asked Questions

            tcl/tk education

                A Cookbook for the Tool Command Language (Tcl) and the Tk Toolkit
                AT & T Tcl/Tk Training
                CISD - Projects - TclTk Cookbook
                Clif Flynt's Home Page (TclTutor)
                Tcl/Tk Cookbook - Tcl/Tk and C
                Cameron Laird's personal notes on online Tcl tutorials
                Concepts of Architectural Design for Tcl Applications

            tcl/tk Personal Pages

                Cameron Laird's personal notes on why one uses Tcl
                kvd home
                Chris Nelson's Home Page
                Don Libes (Home Page)
                Welcome to Eric Foster-Johnson's Page
                Michael McLennan's Home Page
                Paul Duffin's Thoughts on the Future of Tcl
                Tcl Tk

            Display environment or another array
            Guide to Success with Tcl 8.0 Namespaces and Packages
            Scripting (John O. white paper)
            TCL WWW Info
            Tcl/Tk Information
            Tcl/Tk Resources
            The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Tcl and Tk
            Towards a Tcl style guide.
            Tycho/Java Overview
            SunWorld - SunWorld columns
            TCL WWW Info
            Tcl/Tk Programmer's Reference Examples, Errata, and Other Information
            Pragana's Tcl Guide
            Tcl Wiki Index

        Tcl Core Team
        Tcl Wiki Index

    Review of existing Languages
    The Open Watcom Project
    ActiveState -- Programming for the People

    dxpc - The Differential X Protocol Compressor
    dxpc - The Differential X Protocol Compressor
    The FREETYPE Project
    GGI Project Homepage
    GTK+ -- The GIMP Toolkit
    Kenton Lee: X Window System Consulting
    Welcome to X11.ORG

    X Applications



            Emacs package "X-Symbol": Overview
            Tabs versus Spaces
            Emacs package "session": use vars, registers and file/buffer places across sessions
            XEmacs Reference Manual - Table of Contents
            XEmacs -- Emacs: The Next Generation
            GNU Emacs - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
            Towards a GUI XEmacs
            MicroEMACS: binaries, executables, documentation, source code
            Zile - Zile Is Lossy Emacs

        Setting up PSGML and sgmls for HTML

    X Servers

        Metro Link Home Page
        The Hitchhiker's Guide to X386/XFree86 Video Timing
        The XFree86-benchmarks Survey
        XFree86(TM): Home Page
        Xi Graphics -- Welcome
        XFree86 Font Deuglification HOW-TO
        X11 X-Windows - Servers
        The Cyborg Internet Server - HOW-TO Get A Free XServer For Windows95 PC's
        WeirdX -- Pure Java X Window System Server under GPL
        Precision Insight, Inc. Welcome

    X11 modelines

        Colas XFree Modeline Generator
        Index of /~elflord/linux/modeline
        How to Run Remote X Applications
        The Linux/XFree86 Monitor Database
        Video timing calculator
        Conversion of Timing Charts into Absolute Pixels

    X Window Managers

        [fm] content of x11/window managers
        Window Managers for X

        Blackbox Window Manager

            Blackbox version zero . five one . one

            Blackbox documentation

                Blackbox FAQ
                Blackbox Man page
                Bsetroot Man page
                KBB - getting Blackbox to work with KDE

            blackbox mailing list archive
            blackbox mail archive
            blackbox List Info ( old mailing list archive )

            Blackbox helper programs

                Blackbox Stuff
                movingparts / casa de vanRijn
                Squeegy's Program Web Site
                - THE Blackhome PAGE -
                Index of /~grossman/blackbox
                Index of /blackbox
                [.:: BlackEdit ::. ]
                whiteBOX: blackbox configuration tool


            Eric Kahler's FVWM Web Page
            fvwm 1.24r
            Fvwm Configuration Options
            FVWM on SunOS 5
            The FVWM-95 home page
            Linux Gazette September, 1995
            Martin's "How the F*** do you do that?" Page
            The Dotfile Generator
            The Official FVWM Homepage

        GNOME Window Manager

            GNOME Project
            GNOME Frequently Asked Questions: v1.0
            GNOME User's Guide
            GNU Network Object Model Environment
            GNOME Frequently Asked Questions
            International GNOME Support
            A little GNOME Installation Guide

        KDE Window Manager

            The K Desktop Environment
            Knews Home Page
            Mosfet's KDE information site

        Other Window Managers

            The 9wm Page
            [dtf] aewm
            The Official AfterStep Site
            evilwm (evilwm)
            Welcome to Indigo Magic Interactive Desktop for Linux Project Web site
            foXdesktop - a new Xperience
            GNUstep Homepage
            JIGS - the GNUstep Java Interface
            icewm - Home Page
            larswm Home Page
            lwm - Lightweight Window Manager ( OOD )
            Macintosh Like Virtual Window Manager (MLVWM)
            Mosquito Window Manager
            Oroborus Home Page
            PAWM Home page


                PLWM -- The Pointless Window Manager
                SourceForge: Project Info - PLWM
                GIF image 1024x768 pixels

            Qvwm Home Page
            ratpoison: Say good-bye to the rodent
            Sapphire - Another X11R6 Window Manager
            sawfish: an extensible window manager
            Scwm - Scheme Configurable Window Manager
            [fmII] - Project details for treewm
            UDE - Unix Desktop Environment Project
            The VTWM 5.4 Home Page
            XFCE Official Web Site - Welcome
            YAWM (Yet Another Window Manager) official homepage
            Panache Window Manager
            PAWM Home page


            Official Window Maker Website
            Tannoys' WindowMaker Page
            WINDOW MAKER
            What is GNUstep?
            l i n u x p o w e r . o r g -- The Wonderful World of Dockapps
            Everything Window Maker!: News

        Window Manager Choosers


        Desktop Components, home of the X Desktop Group, home of the X Desktop Group

    Motif® applications, libraries, ... that work with LessTif
    W96 --- Plug'n Pray...
    SDL: Simple DirectMedia Layer

    Other Window Systems

        Linux - Tiny X Page
        Berlin -- Home
        Greg Haerr's Microwindows and NanoGUI Page
        VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
        VNC Tight Encoder - Efficient Compression for VNC

    MotifZone: Welcome to the New MotifZone


    Linux Hosting Other Operating Systems

        Welcome to VMware, Inc.
        DOSEMU Main Page


            Wine Development HQ
            The Wine (Windows Emulator) FAQ
            Welcome to
            Wine Application DB

        NeTraverse - Bridging Windows to Linux
        bochs: The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)

    Linux applications

        Linux application indexes

            Linux Applications
            Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.1/27)
            Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.12/27)
            Linux Commercial Sites/Products
            Welcome to the RPM repository on
            Welcome to the RPM repository on
            SAL- Programming - Languages & Compilers
            SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
            UnixZone: The source for Unix software ratings and reviews
            X11 Games
   Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
            Welcome to L I N U X B E R G
            Linux RPM search
            The Linux Lab project Home Page

        Data bases

            Hughes Technologies Web Site
            Mini SQL Home Page
            Mini SQL Documentation
            PostgreSQL Home Page
            The mSQL FAQ
            The Official Qddb Home Page
            SQL Tutorial
            Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial with SQL Interpreter & live practice database
            Linux Today: Making PostgreSQL work in Red Hat 5.2

        Tape backup

            The Ftape-FAQ
            Ftape Archives
            ftape - The Linux Floppy Tape Project
            ftape - The Linux Floppy Tape Project
            Amanda, The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
            Index of /~pkern/stuff/amanda-patch

        Linux Graphics Applications

            ImageMagick - Image Conversion and Manipulation Software
            imc, the Image Compiler
            POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
            Sketch: Homepage
            The pyFLTK / plFLTK Home Page
            ubh, the Usenet Binary Harvester - Home

            Linux Wallpaper Applications

                ChBg -
                Stuff on Adam Carheden's CS homepage
                Think Blink! ( OOD )
                Wallpaper Control Homepage
                XRotate v0.3

            Index of /netpbm
            zgv - svgalib picture viewer with thumbnail-based file selector
            SWIGS: Structured Web Image Gallery System
            xzgv - picture viewer for X with thumbnail-based file selector
            PhotoShelf Home Page
            Southampton University Computing Services - Xvcg PP. No. 136
            Another Photo Generator
            Blender: index
            GNOME Photo Collector
            ImPress - Home Page
            Jeremy's Projects - Photogen

        Linux office software

            The abs Spreadsheet Home Page
            Applixware/Anyware Office Automation
            Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux
            Investment Intelligence Systems Group
            Linux Office Suite 99
            Download Adobe FrameMaker Beta
            Siag Office - It Sucks Less!
            Star Division Online
            StarOffice 5.0 Personal Edition for Sun Solaris
            MagicPoint Official Homepage
            Lout Home Page
            LyX - The Document Processor
            LyX - How to get it
            Ted, an easy Rich Text Processor for X Windows
            IPAD primary distribution site
            Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
            Index of /contrib/applications/drawing_tools

        Other Linux applications

            Ssystem: OpenGL Solar System Simulator

            Linux File Managers

                Chuck's Linux File Manager Page
                The VFU Page
                Title Page

            FIPS Version 2.0
            Official X-Plorer Site
            The ISAPNPTOOLS home page
            RAID Solutions for Linux

            Linux FTP Clients

                NcFTP Software
                Downloader for X

            Linux System Monitoring

                The Kim - interactive process manager
                The Big Brother System & Network Monitor
                MRTG-2.5: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
                RSI's Page (XCounter)
                Webmin Software
                X Interface Monitor
                Statewide Network
                Margin Software - NetLED 3.0
                Alex's Programming

            Welcome to PURP - a ncurses-based RPM-handler

            Linux Multimedia Applications

                4Front Technologies
                MpegTV - real-time MPEG software for Unix
                MpegTV - mtv Release Notes
                The XAnim Home Page
                Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
                Sound & MIDI Software For Linux

            Linux Command Line Shells

                The esh homepage ( OOD )
                esh, the easy shell ( OOD )
                Gsh Home Page
                The iRun hoempage
                Linux Man Page for SASH (1)
                Sudo Home Page
                Universal file Launcher/Handler

            C-Forge: Integrated Development Enviroment

            Linux News Readers

                The slrn newsreader / Home
       - TIN newsreader development headquarters
                Newsrunner, Linux nntp fetcher
                Bgrab development
                My Useless Page Mk.II - Programs - nget

            Linux Games

                Hopkins FBI for Linux
                Linux Games - Wine Gaming Success Stories
                Freeciv Website the New Generation

            ROOT TAIL
            Axis Communications USA - your first choice for ThinServer based print and NAS servers
            WvDial: The Intelligent Internet Dialer
            ButtonBox, a point-and-shoot program launcher
            Linux Firewall Configuration
            Twin - textmode window environment for Linux
            XTERM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
            Xterminal's Home Page
            Xterminal's Home Page OOD
            Gnome Moon Tool
            Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page
            AutoUpdate - Piloting Your Palm with Linux
        Lomega for Linux

    Linux-based projects

        aRts - analog realtime synthesizer
        The Blackdown Organization
        COAS: Caldera Open Administration System
        Diskless Workstations
        Game Tome News
        Generic Windows?
        Linux Source Navigator
        Linux Standard Base
        Linux-Future wish list
        Linux Terminal Server Project

        Linux File System Projects

            Open source : JFS project Web site
            developerWorks: Linux: Developer: Linux Technology Center
            The Parallel Virtual File System Project

            Global File System

                Global File System
                Global File System: Theses
                GFS CVS Tree: /GFS2/man
                Linux NetworX - Cluster Environment
                Sistina Software Inc.
                Global File System
                15 STOMITH - I/O Fencing

            Logical Volume Manager ( LVM )

                Logical Volume Manager
                Logical Volume Manager: Howto's
                Linux Logical Volume Management Viewer

            Secure File System

                SFS 0.5 Manual
                SFS - Secure File System Home Page
                SFS - Secure File System Home Page
                SFS - Secure File System Home Page

            DAFS - Direct Access File System
            SourceForge: storage - Foundry
            Open AFS
            TCFS - Transparent Cryptographic File System
            TCFS - Transparent Cryptographic File System
            Enterprise Volume Management System Project
            developerWorks : Linux | Open Source : Library - Papers
            Self-Certifying File System

        MICO - Mico Is COrba
        PizzaBox Thin Server
        POSIX ACLs for Linux
        Real-Time Linux
        Team Linux: Let's Get Cracking on RC5!!!
        The WholeLinux Automatic Installer
        X-Mame home page
        Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) - Homepage - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
        Linux BIOS home page
        LiViD - The Linux Video Project
        Scyld Corporation
        x86-64 Linux

    Linux distributions

        Linux Distributions
        linux distributions: a comparison
        Caldera, Inc.
        Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
        Pacific HiTech - Home of TurboLinux

        Red Hat

            Mirror Listing
            Red Hat Software, Inc.
            Red Hat Documentation
            Red Hat Linux Frequently Asked Questions
            Red Hat Product Support
            The Red Hat Commercial Support Program
            Linux Links
            Ars Technica: Linux without a net - Page 1 - (1/99)
            Linux Support for Precision WorkStations
            Linux Support for Precision WorkStation Configurations
            Red Hat Advanced Development Laboratories
            Upgrading the Linux Kernel on Red Hat Linux systems

        Reduced size Linux distributions

            [fm] content of console/mini distributions
            Getting Small with Linux, Part 3

            Linux that needs no ext2 partition

                Welcome to DemoLinux
                DragonLinux - Linux made easy.
                Index of /~basit/pklinux-mini
                The Slackware Linux Project: ZipSlack
                Index of /pub/Linux/distributions/slackware/zipslack

            Linux for embedded systems

                Welcome to EMJ Embedded Systems
                LEM - Linux Embedded -
                JAILBAIT Website

            Multiple Floppy Linux Distributions

                Floppix - Linux on 2 floppies
                muLinux Project Home Page
                TINY Linux - home
                Welcome to the official NBROK-Linux web-page

            Single Floppy Linux Distributions

                The Cosmic Chaos Homepage : CClinux HomePage
                DLX Distribution Homepage
                ~TumaSITES~: Nuclinux homesite
       :: spyLinux
                tomsrtbt home page

            Small Linux distributions for firewalls

                Coyote Linux
                Linux Router Project Sites
                    Linux Router Project (LRP) - An Introduction
                    Linux Router Project Residential Gateway
                    Linux Router Project
                    Linux Router Project

                Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit
                fd linux
                FREESCO - free replacement for commercial routers

            Linux - Small Kernel Project
            e-smith: easy-to-install, easy-to-use Linux-based Internet servers
            Peanut Linux for the beginner/advanced.
            Serial Terminal Linux
            Welcome to BYO Linux

        Repackaged Linux distributions

            "Cheap Bytes"
            Linux Central
            Linux Mandrake Distributions
            Project Independence
            Skygate Technology
            The Linux Kernel Archives
            Walnut Creek CDROM
            eIT's easyLinux
            QLinux Home Page
   -- Fresh iso images. Just like Mom used to burn.
            The Official KRUD Homepage

        Slackware Linux
        Stampede Linux Home
        S.u.S.E., Inc. - Innovations in Linux
        Daniel's Development Land
        Armed Linux - The Linux for Windows Users
        TTS Linux Solutions - Linux From Scratch
        developerWorks: Linux : Making the distribution, Part 1

    Linux documentation

        Docs for Linux loadable modules
        Grokking the GIMP
        Linux-Netscape Help Page
        Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
        Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
        Linux Installation and Getting Started
        Linux v2 Information HQ
        The Linux HOWTO Index
        The Linux System Administrators' Guide
        Linux Administrators FAQ List

        Linux Newbie Info

            Linux Administration Made Easy
            Linux Newbie Guide
            An eclectic compendium for linux newbies
            Welcome to : Wanna learn linux? : What is Linux?
            Linux Training Open Source Training Materials
            Linux and me, on-line book

        Diskless Nodes HOW-TO document for Linux
        The One Page Linux Manual - A useful manual in PDF format for Linux users containing the most common commands plus useful tips.
        Linux manual
        The KernelBook Wiki: KernelWiki

    Linux Electronic News, Magazines and Books

        EXT2 December 98 Issue
        Focus on Linux - Welcome from The Mining Co.
        Java Linux News
        Linux Gazette Index Page
        Linux Journal
        Linux Net News - News from the Bazaar
        Linux Today: Top
        Linux Resources(TM)
        Linux Weekly News
        Linux Weekly News, daily updates page
        l i n u x p o w e r . o r g -- Helping Users Harnness The Power of Linux
        (Linux) What's new, Products, Contest Results and other Announcements
        Lute News
        Ordering Linux Journal
        Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC)
        SSC Online Catalog
        SSC Linux Products
        Welcome to LinuxWorld
        Sm@rt Reseller Linux
        Kernel Traffic
        Table of Contents
        Bleeding Edge Magazine
        Linux PR: - Linux - the embedded Linux portal: News > View > Summaries
        LinuxInsider.Com: Real-Time Linux News from Around the World

    Linux ISPs

        Linux ISP
        Linux ISP

    Linux Networking

        Linux Virtual Private Networks

   - vpnstarter
            Virtual Private Network Daemon

        e2compr: Transparent Compression in ext2fs
        Eznet: A Simpler Way To Do PPP
        Linux PPP FAQ
        - Diary of a Linux Server -
        Home Page - Common UNIX Printing System
        Linux Firewall with IPFWADM
        Linux IP Masquerade Resource
        IP MASQ Setup with Ipchains Quick Start LG #43
        FOCUS on Linux: Building a Linux Bunker: Basic Firewalling

    Linux Tips

        LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Apples and Oranges: A Linux DBMS Comparison - Introducing the Series
        Building the Perfect Box: How to Design Your Linux Workstation
        Hans' Fixkeys Page
        Linux Common Fixes
        Linux Help
        "Lowpro's Hideout"
        Russ' Linux Page!
        Steve Limkemann's LILO page
        The Linux Cyrix/IBM 6x86 mini-HOWTO
        Praeclarus: Ext2 Undeletion
        Linux Infopages
        Web Database Step-by-Step Guide home
        TuneLinux.COM - for all your optimization needs
        On-line Presentations
        PC World Online : Here's How - Get Started With Linux - Featured Articles
        Joffer - Linux SVGA Guide
        Dual Boot Tutorial
        Welcome to : Wanna learn linux? : NHF's : Intel Based : Fonts : Installing True Type Fonts
        Linux Fool Dot Com : The everyday guide to using linux! - the virtual Linux conference
        TuneLinux.COM - for all your optimization needs
        ZDNet: Business & Tech: Linux firewall on a 486: A guard-Penguin for your DSL or cable modem connection.
        The SIG11 problem - An Introduction to IP Masquerading (Part 1 of 2)
        justlinux - The Complete Linux Guide
        FOCUS on Linux: Intrusion Detection on Linux
        Re: DOS `fdisk /mbr` Linux Equivalent?
        I've installed Linux: What Next ? @FirstLinux - A Quick and Dirty Vi Tutorial - Delegating Limited Superuser Access with Sudo
        Fighting Font Frustration, Part I
        GLADE GTK+ User Interface Builder
        FirstLinux Network News - home
        Welcome to : Wanna learn linux? : NHF's : Intel Based : X-windows -- Top 10 Tips for Linux Users
        4mb Laptop HOWTO Starters for Linux - Part 2
        Marcel's Linux Journal Articles

    Other Info

        Individuals' Linux Pages

            Paul's Home Page
            Yet Another Penguin...
            Welcome to Coyote's Lair (Under construction)
            Varis' Linux Pages

        Linux advocacy

            All About Linux in Corporations
            Corporate Desktop Linux
            Free MN Initiative
            Freedows '98 - Not Just a Snack
            Internet Operating System Counter
            Microsoft at School
            Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
            Release 1.0 -- The Open-Source Revolution
            The UNIX versus NT Organization
            The Xunil Pages: Top
            Welcome to Linux International
            What is Linux?
            World's Smallest Web Server
            Freely Redistributable Software in Business
            Open Source Software: Viability of OSS in a large enterprise
            The MetaChart
            The Guide - Linux a Viable Alternative to Windows 95/98/NT
            IBM Software: Linux at IBM
            Value for Money Considerations in Software Strategies for Higher Education
            osOpinion: Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
            Getting Linux accepted into a Business Environment
            Open Source Software Conference
            The Linux Counter
            Linux in Business
            Welcome to
            Slick Penguin
            Providing Reliable NT Desktop Services by Avoiding NT Server

        Linux background information

            Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
            Gary's Encyclopedia - Home Page
            Linuxcare - Kernel Journal
            Magical Newbie Tour - All Aboard!

        Linux code updates

   -- linux updates
            Index of /pub
            Linux Mama
            Linux security exploits/fixes
            Welcome to L I N U X B E R G
            Welcome to L I N U X B E R G
   Free Software / Open Source
            Welcome to TUCOWS UNIX Themes!!

        Linux hardware issues

            Linux SMP
            Un*x printer compatibility database listing
            Lothar Project
            Linuxcare - Labs
            The Linux Hardware Database
            HP HOWTO
            Powerware - the world's ultimate power solutions provider.
            The Harddrake Project: By Linux Mandrake
            Linux USB
            ZDNet: Enterprise: The LHD Motherboards Superguide

        Linux on different platforms

            *-* Linux's Ports *-*

            Linux on Handhelds

                Linux/Microcontroller Home Page - Updated 22 October 1999
                Linux 7k - Main page
                SAMSUNG USB PC Camera
                Pocket Computing
                ZDNet UK News: Samsung's Yopy
                Morphy One - [RELEASE - 19991115]
       -- Home Page
                Agenda Linux - Your Portable PC
                MyLinux PDA Insider's Home Page!
       - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text

            Linux on Laptops

                Linux on Laptops
                Portable Computing with Linux
                FAQ for Linux on the Compaq Aero
                Compaq Contura 4/25c and Linux
                Linux Install on a Compaq Contura Aero 4/33C Laptop
                Linux on a Micron Millennia Transport
                Linux on the Versa LX
                Installing Linux on a Toshiba Satellite 4000CDT
                Linux on Toshiba Satellite 2515CDS

            Linux on Legacy Hardware

                SGI Indy & Linux
                    Linux on SGI Mips
                        Linux on SGI/MIPS
                        The Linux/MIPS FAQ
                        SGI/Linux projects
                        Linux/MIPS HOWTO

                    SGI Indy Software
                        GNU Emacs-19.x and Gzip
                        Open Source - ob1
                        SGI Freeware
                        SGI Freeware
                        SGI TechPubs Library Browse Books (table of contents: SGI_EndUser/Indy_OwnerGd)

                    SGI - Indy Workstation
                    SGI - Serious Fun
                    Ratboy's CD Writers on SGIs

                ELKS - The Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset
                ELKS pages
                Linux on the Compaq Deskpro 4000
                Linux for DECstations
                Linux for PowerPC Home Page
                Linux for S/390
                Linux for S/390
                The Linux/m68k Home Pages
                L i / N e X T
                linux vax
                SparcLinux ScoreBoard
                sunhelp . org

            The Mysterious Web Page of Dr. Dubs
            I-opener and Linux
            Integrated Software & Devices Corporation (Device Drivers, Embedded Systems and Network Appliances)
            [ AMIRIX Embedded Linux ]
            KLAT2 Press Release, May 22, 2000
            INTRINSYC SOFTWARE, INC.- embedded solutions for Windows CE devices.
            GIF image 406x500 pixels
   - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
   - the embedded Linux portal: News > View > Full text
            iRobot Corporation

        Linux and different peripherals

            Linux and ZIP/Jazz
            Linux Parallel Port Home Page
            Linux Parport Project Home page
            PC mouse info
            Putting Linux on ZIP disk Mini-Howto
            Video Terminal and Terminal-Emulator Information

        Organizations' Linux Pages

            K-12 Linux in Schools Project
            Linux at CESDIS
            coming soon...

        Linux resources

            Internet Meta-Resources: All the Net you need to be a geek.
            Linux Center: Main Index
            Linux Links
            Linux NOW!
            Linux Places
            PC Help - PC Computer support for all!
            The Linux Resource Exchange
            Welcome to LTT : Linux Tips & Tricks
            NLL - Software
            Getting Help With Linux
            ZD Net AnchorDesk: UNIX/Linux
            Linux Life
            LinuxCare: Main Page
            SearchLinux Home
            LinuxInside.ORG: Home Page
   - Mailing List Archives
            LinuxStart.Com - Start with us for all your Linux needs!
   Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
            Linux Forum
            LinuxPlanet - A Beginners Guide to the Linux Operating System - September 23 1999 20:03:09.
            Welcome to : Wanna learn linux?
            LinuxFool.Com: The everyday guide to using linux!

        Linux User Groups

            Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
            Central Ohio Linux User Group Home Page
            Flux - Florida Linux Users Xchange
            Linux Conference summary
            Presentation Introduction
            SEUL : Simple End-User Linux
            Silicon Valley Linux Users Group Home Page
            Silicon Valley Linux Users Group - Page
            The #LinuxOS Webpage

            Twin Cities Linux Users Group ( TCLUG )

                the twin cities linux users group
                TCLUG Classifieds
                TCLUG Mailing List Archives


        Wearable Computing Intro Page

        Open Source Software

            DOOSS - Database of Orphaned Open Source Software
            Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
            The Open Source Page
   - The Open Source Code Search Engine

        Welcome to the Linux Home Page
        L I N S I G H T
        4th Annual Linux Showcase and Conference, Atlanta


    Java Applet Issues

        Java Applet Security Model
        Code Signing for Java Applets
        Java Applet Security
        Signing Plug-in

        Microsoft Java Applet Issues Pages

            Java Security Overview - Microsoft Technologies for Java
            Developer FAQ for Java Code Signing in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and Later - Microsoft Technologies for Java
            Q175622 - PRB: SecurityExceptionEx Exception Running a Java Applet
            Q241111 - HOWTO: Troubleshooting Java Applet and Component Download Problems

        Sun Java Applet Issues Pages

            Java Security Evolution and Concepts, Applet Security
            Frequently Asked Questions - Applet Security
            Java(TM) Security
            Java Security
            JDK(TM) 1.1.x - Signed Applet Example
            HTTPS support in Java Plug-in through JSSE
            HTTPS Support in Java(TM) Plug-in

        Netscape Object Signing Overview
        SA-JFile is a Java applet for bi-directional file transfer
        MindTerm SSH Java Applet, Signed for Netscape
        Java Applet or Java Application
        The Java Applet Security Model: Providing Storage at a Terminal (A Lesson in Passing the Buck)
        Understanding the keys to Java security -- the sandbox and authentication - JavaWorld May 1997
        Outsource Laboratories Java Security - Netscape
        developerWorks : Java : Java Security Evolution - Part 2
        Guidelines for Java Developers (Ch. 7, Sec. 1) [Securing Java]
        Signing Applets for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator
        SwingTest Home Page
        Euro Currency Support in the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment
        developerWorks : Java technology : Tunneling through the corporate network

    Free Java Applications

        Sharp Tools Software
        JIU - The Java Imaging Utilities
        SourceForge: Project Info - Druid, The Database Manager
        Neurotech - jMarks
        Wilmascope 3D graph visualisation system
        jEdit - Open Source programmer's text editor
        TM4J Developer's Guide
        TM4J - A Topic Map Engine for Java
        Jigsaw Overview
        jEdit Syntax Package - Open Source syntax highlighting JavaBean

    Sun Java Pages

        Java Documentation
        Java Developer Connection
        Java Home Page
        Revving Up the Client
        Java language environment
        Important Known Bugs in JDK 1.1.4
        Java Development Kit 1.1.X
        Frequently Asked Questions About Java
        Java(TM) Foundation Classes
        The Swing Connection
        Java(TM) Look and Feel Design Guidelines
        Java(TM) Plug-in Product
        Java(TM) Plug-in 1.1.3 Overview
        Java(TM) Web Start
        Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition, Download
        Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents
        Java(TM) Platform Debugger Architecture
        Dot-Com Builder: Homepage

    Sunsite Java Pages FAQ
        Java CGI HOWTO
        Cafe au Lait

    Java Books and Magazines

        Advanced Java 1.1 Programming - Book of the Week
        Java Network Programming
        JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community - November 1997
        Thinking in Java
        O'Reilly Network: Open Source Java: Ant [Feb. 22, 2001]

    Java Examples

        Drawing Images On Canvases
        Java Applets and Classes
        Real's JAVA JAVASCRIPT and PowerBuilder How-to
        Free Library System Homepage
        JImageView Homepage

    Java Extensions


   -- The Community Resource for Jini(tm) Technology
            SourceForge: Welcome
            Sun lets Jini Starter Kit 1.1 out of the bottle - JavaWorld December 2000
            Jini(tm) Network Technology
            Articles: Jini(TM) Technology
            Jiniology - JavaWorld
            Browse user interfaces for Jini services - JavaWorld March 2001
            Welcome to!


            Jiro[TM] Technology
            Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.
            The Storage Networking Industry Association
            Common Information Model - CIM
            Common Information Model Object Manager - CIM OM
            WBEM Initiative

        Java Message Service

            Java(TM) Message Service
            ObjectWeb JORAM Home Page
   - The Development Community for Open Source Enterprise Integration
            Welcome to OpenJMS !
   JMS Links

        OpenJNLP - Java Network Launching
        Domain Home Page

    Java for Linux

        BISS AWT
        KAFFE - A virtual machine to run Java(tm)* code
        Linux 2.0 JAVA Kernel Support
        TransVirtual Technologies, Inc.

        Blackdown Java

            Java 2 (JDK 1.2) Porting Status and Information
            Linux Java 2 port: JCK status

        Anyj - the cross platform Java IDE
        Dev Kit for Linux : another alphaWorks technology
        Welcome to : Wanna learn linux? : NHF's : Intel Based : Programming
        jLinux - How to do Java Development with Linux
        Developers : Java technology : Developer Kits
        Java(TM) Technology on Linux
        Welcome to!

    Java Help Systems

        A New Help System Emerges From Sun
        MediaMix Technologies: HelpStudio
        Jelp Home page
        developerWorks : Java technology : Features / Library - Papers - Gosling

    Java Language Issues

        Java Accessibility

            The Rehabilitation Act Amendments
            Java Accessibility Program
            IBM Accessibility Center: Java Guidelines
            Java Accessibility Utilities
            Java(TM) Foundation Classes
            Sun Microsystems' Accessibility Program
            Sun Microsystems' Accessibility Program - Disability Access

        Java Core Reflection

            Java Feature - Reflection: A New Way to Discover Information About Java Classes
            Reflection Documentation
            The Reflection API
            Roaster Technologies Java Links: Reflection API
            Java Reflection [1/5]: Reflection overview
            Using Java Reflection
            Java Tip 98: Reflect on the Visitor design pattern - JavaWorld
            Developers : Java : Library - Papers

        Java Applets
        Languages for the Java VM
        Reusing C code in Java
        VADD - Primitive Types Considered Harmful
        The Java Sandbox Technology | Java: Slow, ugly and irrelevant

    Java Object Persistence

        ObJectBridge Documentation

    Java Servlets and Server Pages

        IT+ A/S - EJBCreator
        Niggle Web Application framework
        Jcorporate | Content Management, Application Framework
        The Jakarta Site - The Jakarta Project
        JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology
        Java(TM) Servlet Technology
        The Java Apache Project
        Jetty Java HTTP Servlet Server
        GNUJSP - A free Java Server Pages implementation
        developerWorks : Java : Struts, an open-source MVC implementation
        The Struts Framework Project
        O'Reilly Network: Java Web Applications [Mar. 15, 2001]
        WebMacro: Web Macro
        xmlBlaster - homepage of XML/CORBA based MOM for Java/C/C++/Perl/Tcl/Python
        Introduction to MySQL and JDBC
        Velocity - Velocity
        Middleware that beats the budget - JavaWorld June 2001

    Java Tools

        Java Documentation Tools

            DocWiz: The JavaDoc Documentation Tool
            The DocWiz Documentation Tool
            checkstyle Home Page

        Java Beautifiers

            Java source beautifiers & documentation generators
            Jindent - The Java Beautifier (Prettyprinter)
            Percolator OOD
            Artistic Style
            A Pretty Printer for Java 1.1 sourcecode that relies on JavaCC...
            JStyle - Open Source Java Beautifier
            Man Machine Systems:JPretty
            CodeFormatter : another alphaBean
            Ptolemy Group Java
            Java2html - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
            Google Web Directory - Computers > Programming > Languages > Java > Development Tools > Code Beautifiers
            checkstyle Home Page

        Java Compiler Tools

            jay Homepage
            ANTLR Website
            CUP Parser Generator for Java
            Java Compiler Compiler (JavaCC) - The Java Parser Generator
            JFlex - The Fast Scanner Generator for Java
            oops homepage
            SableCC 2.13
            The Timber compiler
            Home Page of Jad - the fast Java decompiler
            GCJ: The GNU Compiler for Java: Home Page - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
            Inxar - Information Exchange Architecture
            Inxar - Information Exchange Architecture

        Java Development Environments

            Java-Linux: Java(tm) Tools for Linux

            Commercial Java Development Environments

                Welcome to BulletProof Corporation
                Cygnus Solutions
                Forte for Java
                    Forte for Java
                    Forte for Java: Try & Buy
           - Forte for Java Modules Marketplace

                C-Forge: Integrated Development Environment
                Code Crusader
                Omnicore Software
                Simplicity for Java
                Welcome to Bluette International Inc.
                WingSoft Company Home Page

            Noncommercial Java Development Environments

                Emacs JDE
                Freescope Source Browser
                Java 1.1 + Swing IDEs
                    The FreeBuilder Project - Java IDE, development tool, RAD, JavaBeans, Linux
                    Jacob - The Java Commando Base
                    The Jipe Project

                Java 1.2 ( or later) IDEs
                    BlueJ - Teaching Java

                Java 1.3 IDEs

                wxStudio - Integrated Development Environment

            Windows-only Java IDEs

                JCreator - Free Java IDE

            SGI - Developer Central Open Source

        Apparent Java Users

            Dharma Systems, Inc.- Excellence in Information Technology Solutions
            Novera Home Page

        Java Post-Compiling Tools

            Ahpah Software, Inc., makers of the SourceAgain Java Decompiler
            Alexandre : Java packages
            Java Optimize and Decompile Environment (JODE)
            Jopt - The Java Class File Optimizer
            Undine and Albrecht Kleine
            JavaNCSS - A Source Measurement Suite for Java
            JSwat - Graphical Java Debugger

        Java Performance Tools

            JProbe Developer Suite - Build Bullet-Proof, High-Speed Java Applications.
            Optimizeit - Welcome
            Performance Limitations of the Java Core Libraries
            Learn to performance tune your Java programs
            Java performance programming, Part 1: Smart object-management saves the day - JavaWorld November 1999
            Java performance programming, Part 2: The cost of casting - JavaWorld December 1999
            Java performance programming, Part 3: Managing collections - JavaWorld February 2000
            SanFrancisco performance: A case study in performance of large-scale Java applications

        Java Test Tools

            Panorama for Java/C/C++ Software Testing, QA, Documentation & Maintenance
            developerWorks : Java : Testing, fun? Really?

            JUnit Java Test Tool

                JUnit, Testing Resources for Extreme Programming
                Software ( including xUnit for Java )
                JUnit 3.1
                Adding TestCaseBlocks to JUnit 2.1
                JUnit 2
                Unit testing Java code with JUnit
                JUnit Cookbook
                developerWorks : Java technology : Incremental development with Ant and JUnit
                Java Unit
                JUnit Primer
                Test Infected:
                developerWorks : Java : Testing, fun? Really?

            Altisimo Computing: Research
            ParaSoft Homepage
            simscomputing.Test Bed
            Java Enabled TETware
            Pnuts Quick Start
            Silvermark: Java Testing Tool, Automated Object-Oriented Testing Smalltalk and Java
            Fetter Project ETA Home Page
            IDebug: A Debugging Framework for Java
            Artho Software - Jlint

        Useful Java Add-Ons

            developerWorks : Open source : alphaBeans with Source - ExcelAccessor Bean Suite Project
            developerWorks : Open source : alphaBeans with Source - PilotBean Project
            developerWorks : Open source


                Jacl and Tcl Blend Download Page
                Jacl & TclBlend Frequently Asked Questions
                Tcl + Java = A match made for scripting
                A Graphical ToolKit For Jacl
                Tcl Blend

            alphaWorks - Home of the latest technologies from IBM Research.
            Open source : BSF project Web site
            THWT Software -- Java
            ObjectSpace JGL
            Lift-Off Java-Installer
            developerWorks : Java : Library - Papers
            Demeter / Center for Software Sciences
            GJ: Generic Java
            jEdit text editor
            LOG4J Home Page
            Jazz Home Page
            JOnAS EJBWizard
            Simkin Java Scripting Language
            Koala Bean Markup Language
            Jim Buzbee's Hershey Font Page
            The Kiwi Toolkit
            Samizdat Productions: JConfig 1.2.3

            Java XML Tools

                XML Parser for Java : another alphaWorks technology
       - Simple XML Parser
       - Cross Platform User Interface API

            Black Rock's Software Products
            Inxar - Information Exchange Architecture
            O'Reilly Network: Open Source Java: Ant [Feb. 22, 2001]
            Java Regular Expressions
            JOnAS EJBWizard
   - Gosling
            The Kiwi Toolkit
            Trestle Download Page
            JEXN Home Page
            Coyote Gulch Productions - Jisp

        Java Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
        DevPartner for Java
        JavaNCSS - A Source Measurement Suite for Java
        Jikes Project
        [fm] content of development/java packages
        Caucho Technology
        Inxar - Information Exchange Architecture
        Association d'entraide des développeurs francophone - JBuilder Addins
        Xref-Technologies - software development tools.

    Java Training Classes

        Class Schedule
        Jumpstart Java!
        K & A's Java Fundamentals
        Global Objects Inc. Training Forums: Java Beginner
        developerWorks : Java technology : Education - Tutorials - Title

    Java Tutorials, Lecture Notes, Online Books Forums: Java Beginner Forums: Java Forum
        Canadian Mind Products
        Full HTML for Basic Java Tutorial - Fall 1997 Part 4: Multithreading, useful Java classes, I/O, Networking, and the future
        Real's home (JAVA & JAVASCRIPT How-to)
        Java 1.1 Package Index
        Java Education - White Papers, Tutorials, and Articles
        Java Lecture Notes
        The Java Developer: How Do I...
        developerWorks : Java technology : Articles - Topic

        Java Tutorials

            Another Java Tutorial
            JavaBeans Tutorial
            The Java Tutorial
            Tutorials Page

        Ultimate Web Publisher's Guide!
        ZDNet InternetUser / Garage / Programming
        ZDNet InternetUser's Garage: Lighten Up Your Component Set
        VADD - Primitive Types Considered Harmful
        jGuru: AWT
        Effective Layout Management, About This Short Course
        dotcomma; Books; Review
        Java technology : Education - Online courses
        Introduction to Java Programming: Week 1
        Applications, applets, and hybrids - JavaWorld November 2000
        Applets: Still essential to Java - JavaWorld December 2000
        Understanding Object Oriented Programming
        jGuru: FAQ Home Page

        Java Message Service ( JMS )

            jGuru: JMS FAQ Home Page
            Distributed Object Technology:Java:Java Message Service (JMS)
            Java Message Service (JMS) by Gopalan Suresh Raj
            JMS ( Java Message Service )
            JMS: An infrastructure for XML-based business-to-business communication - JavaWorld February 2000

        Make bad code good - JavaWorld March 2001

        Java Reflection

            Building a Java servlet framework using reflection, Part 1 - JavaWorld November 1999
            Building a Java servlet framework using reflection, Part 2 - JavaWorld February 2000
            Innovative ways to handle events in AWT and JFC - JavaWorld November 1999
            Server-side patterns for flexible initialization, Part 1 - JavaWorld March 2000
            Run outside class files from a running Java program (6/7/99) - JavaWorld June 1999 - Printing with Java
        developerWorks : IBM developer domain : Faster apps on a better machine
        developerWorks : Java technology : The Java 2 user interface
        Earthweb Networking and Communications: Java: Class of the Month: Making HTTP Connections

    Java Vendors

        ObjectShare Home Page
        Symantec Internet Tools home page
        Taligent Java Products
        The Blackdown Organization
        WebKnight Instant Coffee
        A Fast and Efficient Java VM Just-in-Time Compiler
        The KOPI Project
        Welcome to Elixir Technology
        Websprocket Welcome

    Java-related Homepages

        The Java Hall of Shame
        Bauer's Homepage
        Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources
        Better Homepage - Web Page Design, Java (FREE Applets), Getting Hits
        Canadian Mind Products
        Java Home - The Ultimate Resource for Java Developers
        Java Linux News
        Kenny's Java Page
        Polardoc - Javadoc Replacement
        UBC HeadQuarters
        GNU Classpath - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
        GCJ - Home Page
        Programmers Heaven - Java Zone - Various pages Links
        Turning Around the Project from Hell
        XRCE Java Product - Gift: the meta Graphical Editor.
        Wednesday, January 12, 2000
        You are welcome to my Free Software Collection
        Bookmarks for Jean-Marie Favre
        Java-Linux: Java(tm) Tools for Linux
        Yellow-b - your JAVA partner !

    Java and XML
        Java(TM) Technology & XML
        Generated Documentation (Untitled)
        dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java

    The Volano Report
    Giant Java Tree
    WebL Home Page
    Metamata Releases Version 2.0
    Why Compile Java Into Native Code
    LaTTe: A Fast and Efficient Java VM Just-in-Time Compiler


        JavaOne Conference
        The Moscone Center Home Page
        San Francisco Luxury Hotels -- The Argent Hotel San Francisco
        JavaOne 2000
        JavaOne 2000 Review FAQ
        Class Hierarchy
        Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel

H/W and S/W Sources

    Micro-Tech U.S.A. - Putting Computer Technology and Ideas to Work.
    Welcome to the University of Minnesota Computer Store!
    Sharky Extreme - PC - Hardware - Value Gaming PC Buyer?s Guide

    Accessory Vendors

        Black Box On-Line Catalog
        Cyberguys! Storefront
        CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse
        Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
        Welcome To CoolKeyboards
        PI Manufacturing - Computer Accessory Solution - Retail
        KB Gear Interactive

    CPU and RAM vendors

        Welcome to AMD
        Welcome to Cyrix Online
        1-800-MEGABYTE Memory Man
        AMD-K6(TM) MMX(TM) Enhanced Processor
        Computer Parts Only Web Store
        LINK-TRONICS Home Page
        Memory Online Home Page
        pcProgress Home - SIMMs, CPUs
        Spartan Technologies, Inc.
        The Chip Merchant, Inc.
        The Memory Place
        Welcome to AMD
        The Memory Place

    Do-It-Yourself references

        The Professional's News and Information Source for Computer Hardware
        Andrew Hougie's Computer Hardware Page
        BIOS Numbers
        Build Your Own PC!
        CD-Recordable FAQ FAQ Chipset List
        How to Build a PC - I.A
        Indeo® Video Interactive Software
        John McGowan's AVI Overview
        Motherboard HomeWorld -
        PeteWeb - PC Refurbishing
        System Optimization - Performance Guide!
        Tobin's Computer Hardware Page
        Tom's Hardware & Performance Guide
        Tom's Hardware Chipset Guide
        Welcome to Wim's BIOS Page !

    General Vendors

        ABERDEEN - Custom Computer Systems and Peripherals (Motherboards, Memory, Etc.)
        American PC Computer
        Atípa Computers
        Byte For Byte Price List Homepage
        Comp-U-Plus Direct Home Page
        CompUSA Online
        Computer Service Plus Home Page
        Custom Computer Systems
        Custom Computer Systems: CCS
        Cyberian Outpost
        Design Groupe Systems Site
        Harddrives Home Page
        Index ESC Technologies 1-800-427-3726
        Index ESC Technologies 1-800-427-3726
        Krex Direct Home Page
        Microtime - Online Shopping Catalog
        Mushkin Inc.
        NetSeller On-Line MALL Index
        Pony Computer
        R C Systems, Inc ~ (908) 613-1107
        Real World Technologies
        TruCost Catalog
        Welcome to Compuverse
        Welcome to O'C Micro Systems!!!
        Welcome to The Hardware Source
        Wizard Technologies - Custom computers for less.
        Onsale atCost offers brand name computer products at verified wholesale prices.
        Cyberguys! - Wholesale cables & computer accessories. - Online Shopping - Shopping - Where to buy online -- Online Computer Parts, Peripherals, Components, and Accessories

    Internet Appliance Vendors

        CIDCO - The worldwide leader in consumer communication products and services
        Welcome to VTECHWORLD.COM
        i-opener by netpliance
        I-opener and Linux WebSurfer Pro Info & Pics
        Online Store

    Mailorder references

        Price comparisons

            PC Buyer's Guide
            PC Catalog's Buyers' Directory LaunchPad
            Pricefinder: PC & Mac memory modules
            Price Watch Street Price Search Engine
            PriceSCAN: Comparison Shop for the Lowest Prices

        Vendor satisfaction surveys

            Computer Mail-Order Satisfaction Survey Results
            Evaluations of Mail-Order/Internet Computer Products Sales Companies
            ZOO's Mail Order Survey RESULTS
            Evaluations of Mail-Order/Internet Computer Products Sales Companies

        Cyrix Upgrade Advice Guide! - Welcome
        COMPUTERS.COM - Welcome
        MAVEN: Business Week Computer Buying Guide
        Online Computer Buying Guide
        PC Hardware Links: Computer Hardware Links
        System Optimization
        Tech Page Every Drive Spec
        The AMD K6 CPU
        Tim Hunkler (PC mailorder experience)
        Welcome to The PC Guide
        PC World Online April 1998: Features - Consumer Issues - PC Repair Rip-Off!
        Channel 4000 - Computer Repair Shops: Part 2
        Channel 4000 - Computer Shops Put To Test

    Motherboard manufacturers

        Welcome to ABIT
        ASUS WWW Server
        ASUS Product Specification
        Giga-Byte Home Page
        J-Mark Computer Corp.
        M Technology Home Page
        Mylex Corporation 1997
        Octek Computers - Ocean-USA Home Page
        QDI | Home Page
        Shuttle Computer International, Inc.
        Welcome to First International Computer
        Tyan home page
        MTechnology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
        MSI (Micro Star): Leader in motherboard, video card and Net PC products

    Open Source Projects

        Jabber Related

            Jabber - Open Source XML-Based Interoperable Instant Messaging and Presence Platform - [Welcome]
            Weatherlight Technologies
  , Inc.

    Other Operating Systems

        Review of Operating Systems
        Alliance Operating System
        Cornfed Systems Inc
        D.Moore - 7 Years Professional and Personal OS R & D Experience
        The Fiasco µ-Kernel
        FlashVOS Incorporated
        Welcome to the FreeDOS Home Page
        FreeOS - The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems
        Free VMS
        GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
        IndexOS News:
        JOS - A Free Java Based Operating System
        The OSKit


            GE-645 Circuit Board
            Multics Technical Papers Online
            perigon solutions inc - corporate
            Multics General Information and FAQ
            Internet services moving us back toward Multics utility computing of old (InfoWorld)
            SIMTICS Isn't MULTICS

        What is Open Firmware?
        UNIX history
        VSTa Home Page
        Virtually UN*X!
        Welcome to the IAT Demo Disk
        SCO Offers
        Welcome to
        Legion: A Worldwide Virtual Computer
        FreeOS - The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems
        Vita Nuova Holdings Limited - Inferno and Plan 9 Operating Systems
        The ROME OS Homepage

    Peripheral Vendors

        HP LaserJet 3100 Product Details
        DirecPC Home Page
        "Iomega: Class Act or Class Action?"
        Cardinal Technologies Home Page
        The Unofficial Iomega Page... J U I P. C O M

    Service Vendors

        Network Computing Services, Inc.
        The Geek Squad

    Software Vendors

        Rational Software

        Data base software

            ionline Date and Time Manipulation with MySQL
            MobileDB Databases for the Palm Computing Device
            MySQL by T.c.X. DataKonsultAB
            The Official Qddb Home Page

        Freeware/Shareware archives

            Freeware for Solaris
            Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet!
            Welcome to TUCOWS
            Jumbo Shareware -- Entertainment: Thousands of Free Programs: Win Prizes!
            OAK Software Repository
            SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
            Superant - Small Computing
            SHELLdorado - Scripts grouped by Category
            A1 Shareware Evaluations
            The DLR PD/Freeware/Shareware Software Archive

        32bit Screen Saver Programming
        ComponentSoftware Home Page
        Dinkumware, Ltd. -- Genuine Software

        Iomega ZIP drive software

            Carsten Arnholm - Homepage
            Zip Explorer 5.0 Help
            Zip, Jaz and Ditto Utilities Page

        IrfanView - Freeware Graphic Viewer


            The Kermit Project - Columbia University
            The Kermit Project - Columbia University
            C-Kermit 7.0
            CKERMIT2.HTML - C-Kermit 7.0 Update Notes
            G-Kermit 1.00


            Microsoft DirectX 5 Download
            Internet Explorer 4.0 Home

        Mortice Kern Systems (MKS) Inc. - Welcome to

        Office software

            Star Division - International Homepage
            ThinkFree Office

        Surplus Software
        Longitude Systems
        (SAT) Small Application Toolkit - GUI Development
        Welcome to Mindscape!

        Text Editing software

            Anders Lindgren's Emacs page
            Emacs Beginner's HOWTO
            MicroEMACS: binaries, executables, documentation, source code
            Emacs Implementations and Literature
            The Ohio State Emacs Lisp Archive
            Eric's FSF projects
            Lugaru Software Ltd. Home Page
            Unofficial HomePage for Borland Sprint Editor
            Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix

        Thinsoft Inc. - Home Page
        Third-party Quickcam software page

        Web software

            Welcome to iMatix
            Freestyle Software, Inc. - Internet, Java, Database Development and Consulting
   | Homepage
            Internet Software Technologies - HTML Editors, Web Authoring Software
            PHP3: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
            Welcome to

        Personal Data Interchange

        Utility software

            Data Recovery and PC Utilities by Ontrack Data International
            Welcome to the Home of Jasc, Inc.
            Photodex - Graphics Utility/Management Software & Free Graphics Tutorial
            Nesbitt Software
            Enhanced Software Technologies' Home Page
            GHOST Software
            Gibson Research Corporation Homepage
            Installshield Software Corporation: Professional Software Tools
            PowerQuest Corporation
            PowerQuest PartitionMagic Update Page
            Win95 Emergency Recovery System
            A garbage collector for C and C++
   Find fonts, Try fonts, Buy fonts

        CodeWeavers, Inc. - Services
        Free Software from Hwaci
        Welcome to FOX


            Downloading Cygwin
            The Cygwin Project mailing list archives
        Welcome to Dunfield Development Systems

    Subsystem Vendors

        3Com -- Free Software and Drivers
        Happy Hacking Index
        Computer Discount Warehouse
        Intel Developer Home
        Maxtor 5.7GB and 4.0GB drives
        mita direct: dp-560 product page
        Transend 67 Modem

        Video subsystems

            ATI Technologies Inc. On-Line
            Biostar Group - (Home Page)
            Hercules Computer Technology, Inc.
            Matrox Group
            PROVANTAGE - Matrox Mystique Base Board by Matrox Graphics
            Matrox Mystique Game Patches
            S3 INCORPORATED
            STB Systems, Inc.
            Trident Microsystems

        Welcome to CDM Distributors
        Network Hardware Resale, Inc.--Specialists in used Cisco Systems routers, hubs, bridges.
        The Computer Geeks Hardware Discount Outlet
        Materials Processing

    Surplus and Used Computer Vendors

        Electro Rent's Computer Equipment for Sale
        Reuse Program
        Materials Processing
        Acme Electronics

    System Vendors

        Twin Cities' Vendors

            ACCEL Computer
            General NanoSystems : 612-331-3690
            Intelligent Sourcing, Inc. Main Index
            Midwest Electronics
            Multimedia Planet (No Frames)
            University Computers
            Que Computers Inc.
            New Page 2

        Top-Tier System Vendors

            Apple Computer
            Compaq Access
            Micron Electronics!
            Welcome to Hewlett Packard
            Hewlett Packard - Products
            Welcome to HP NetServers!
            Dell Factory Outlet

        Middle-Tier System Vendors

            Welcome to MODCOMP
            Acer America on the Web
            Advanced Logic Research, Inc.
            AST Computer's Home Page
            Welcome to Multiwave Direct- Computer Superstore

        Bottom-Tier System Vendors

            TC Computers Welcomes You!
            #1AuctionCentral Online Computer Auctions
            Computer Liquidators
            eBay AuctionWeb Classifieds
            Emerald Business Systems
            Hsing's Consulting Computer Division Homepage
            NECX On-Ramp
            Polywell Computers
            Power Computing
            Reputable Systems Home Page
            Swan Technologies
            Welcome To A+ Computers
            Elite PC
            Monorail Computer Corporation

        Linux-Hardware System Vendors

            Welcome to ASL Workstations, Inc. -- The World's Most Advanced Linux Workstations

            Linux Rackmount / Server Systems

                Atípa Computers
                StarBox Netsystems - The Internet Server Provider

            Cobalt Networks
            Deepspace Technologies
            Freedom PC Home Page
            LANshark Systems - Linux for Business
            LinuxBoxen.Com - Pre configured Linux Computers
            Linux Computer Systems
            Linux Laptops Home
            Linux Online - Complete Linux Systems
            The LinuxStore - Linux, Redhat, Computers, M2 Systems, Hardware, Software, Processor, Memory, RAM, Notebook, Harddrive, Modem, Monitor, Printer
            OEM COMPUTERS - Custom Built To Order, Configure and Buy On-Line
            Welcome to the Online Store
            Welcome to PC Shopping Planet
            Welcome to Pogo
            Pogo Linux, Inc. - Linux & Winux Servers, Workstations, and Desktops
            Polywell Computers, Inc.
            QLITech Linux Computers: Custom and Pre-Configured Linux Computers
            Sunset Systems
            SW Technology Home Page
            VA Research Home Page
            Wheat Computers
            The iChargeit Shoppingplanet - The PC Upgrade Experts
            Dell - Dell & Linux - Systems

        The smallest PC in the WORLD - First KMH Computers

    King Leo's Page
    Happiness - Hardware



        Imagine Publishing: Free Magazines, Free Games Magazines, Advertising Information and More!
        Macmillan Publishing USA
        Simon and Schuster
        American Scientist Homepage
        Publishers Weekly Online Homepage
        Bookface | Online Books and Excerpts
        New Age Music from Real Music


        Fiasco Comics Inc. Home/Welcome to the Fiascoverse!
        Lou's #1 Marvin the Martian Homepage
        Marvin the Martian
        The Dilbert Zone
        The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site
        the norm | welcome all
        The Professional Cartoonists Index!
        FANDOM - Main Site - Home
        Comic Book Continuum


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            32 Bits Online Magazine
            Chaos Manor Musings
            Computer Bits Online: Table of Contents
            Computer Currents Interactive
            DDJ Microprocessor Center
            I, Cringely
   - Real-Time Internet News
            Larry's World Home Page
            Maximum PC Front Page
            Newsbytes Top Stories
            on top of IT. Top IT News and Views. Every Day.
            OS News: Exploring the Future of Computing - Rhapsody, Java, UNIX, Windows, Macintosh, Apple
            Scripting News
            Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
            TechSightings - Daily, High-Tech Web Sights
            The Andover News Network
            THE REGISTER
            VNUNet - VNU Business Publications Ltd. [PCW, Computing, Network News, Accountancy Age]
            Welcome to NEWS.COM
            Welcome to ZD Net
            Fairfax Information Technology
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   In Time For Reports: Good Morning Silicon Valley
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            Welcome to PC Week

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            Boardwatch Magazine - Guide to Internet Access and the World Wide Web
            CIO.COM - The Leading Resource for Information Executives
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            Dr. Dobb's Journal
            Extending The Reach Of Fibre Channel Storage Solutions USING SAN SPANNING TECHNOLOGY
            Linux Journal
            MicroTimes Magazine Home Page Issue 184
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            Tom's Unofficial BYTE FAQ
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            DIGITAL Technical Journal, Volume 10 Number 1

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            The Journal of C Language Translation

        Bookpool: Discount bookstore for technical books and computer books, with high discounts and low prices. Books from Oracle, Novell, Adobe, Sams, WROX, Wiley, O'Reilly, Microsoft, Sybex, Que


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            Paul's Star Wars:Special Edition Annotations
            Rocky Horror Picture Show
            Starship Troopers
            The Postman
            U.S. News Online: Trek-O-Matic
            Zion Mainframe Computer - Access Temple
            MatrixGear : Shades, Clothing and Boots from the WB movie 'The Matrix'
            Black Mask
            Dinotopia: The Movie
            Welcome to Travis Latke's Galaxy Quest Vaults
            DNDMOVIE.COM - We're not official..we just look like it!
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            Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai

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            Corporate Report Magazine
            Data Communications Online Home Page
            Harper's Home Page
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            November 98 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine: Linux
            Welcome to | The What's New Website
            Welcome to EDN Access
            Next Generation -- Computer and Videogames -- Sega Dreamcast Sony PlayStation & PlayStation 2 Nintendo 64 & Dolphin Arcade PC Macintosh
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            the weslovian gazette - table of contents
            In Flight USA: Aviation News Magazine

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   Today's Newsweek
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        92 kqrs
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            m a i n f r a m e . c a
            You are at The Edge of Beyond (TEOB)
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  's ReBoot Strategy Guide
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            The Search For Feathers
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   : The ReBoot Archive
            Julia_Cat's ReBoot Corner
            Julia_Cat's ReBoot Corner

        Science Friday by ScienCentral
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        The Splendid Table Recipe Box
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        World Watch OnLine: The Buckaroo Banzai Mailing List
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        Starship Troopers Reference Collection
        The Unofficial Cleopatra 2525 Website
        Officially Unofficial Fan Site - RSTC
        Collector's Paradise -- Witchblade
        Yahoo! Entertainment > Comics and Animation > Comic Books > Titles > Image > Witchblade
        Yahoo! Search Results for ainsley tv show
        Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?
        TrekToday - the first and only daily updated guide to all things Trek

    Science Fiction

        Babylon 5

            Babylon 5 Chronology (USA Version)
            Babylon 5 Spoiler Junkies Page
            Entering The Station
            Greetings From Babylon 5
            Hyperspace: Earth Alliance
            Index to archive
            Jeff's Babylon 5 Update Page
            John and Delenn Articles: Rosa Had a Little Script
            John and Delenn Site
            Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
            Lurker's Guide: Modification times
            Marcon 32 Convention Reports
            The B5JMS List Home Page
            The Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
            The Ed Wasser Fan Club
            The Great Machine,
            B5 Card Game
            Z-Team Productions at GRID EPSILON
            The Official Babylon Park Homepage
   2000: Babylon 5 Guide
            WHATCHAMACALLIT Spring 2000 - Why Babylon 5?
   - The Ultimate Source to Babylon 5: Into the Fire
            Jeanne Cavelos Home Page

        Lexx - The Dark Zone

            Lexx - Dark Zone
            SFNet - Lexx

        Baen Books Home Page
        BDD ( Bantam, Doubleday, Dell )
        Becky's Home Page
        DreamHaven Books Home Page
        Head Space
        Index to the NESFA, Boskone, and NESFA Press Pages
        New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA)
        NESFA Press
        Savanti Inc. -- the E-publishing site
        SFNet - TV
        The SFTV Page!
        SI International Art Agency: Table of Contents
        The Andre Norton Message Board
        The (Hypatia) Master Page
        The Owl Springs Partnership: Text-only Index Page
        Tor SF and Fantasy
        Mr. Video Productions Home Page
        SlipstreamWeb - 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' Fan Site
        The Magrathea/SFTV Home Page
        La Clepsydre : English Introduction
        SCIFI.COM: Black Scorpion
        SFTV Science Blunders & Boners
        The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches
        TrekWeb.COM - THE Source For Everything Trek!


        The Scarlet Pimpernel - Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical



    Welcome to Cinescape Online!

High-Speed Channels

    Serial Channel Comparisons

        FireWire article
        Serial Channel Technologies
        Ultra SCSI White Paper



            McDATA Home Page
            ChannelScope 9115 Analyzer
            ChannelScope 9121 and 9125 Simulators


            Adv. TEQ - Jim Adams' Home Page
            StorageTek Channel Emulator Service and Support
            TEQ Lsvl Home Page
            This is TAPE/LIBRARY TEQ's home page.

        ESCON Overviews

            Introduction To ESCON
            ESCON on Fibre Channel
            ESCON Enabler Technologies ("<B>EET</B>") Product Composition

        Soneplex Access
        Soneplex ESCON

    Fibre Channel

        Fibre Channel--->Configuration Toolkit

        F/C Overviews

            Fibre Channel Overview
            Infinity I/O - SAN and Fibre Channel Training and Education
            Fibre Channel Industry Association
            Fibre Channel HOW TO

        F/C-Related Implementations

            Cray Scalable I/O
            CRAY T90 - I/O Architecture

        F/C Products

            Emulex Network Systems
            Emulex Fibre Channel Products
            Emulex Fibre Channel - LitePulse Hub
            Fibre Box Nexus
            Adaptec's Fibre Channel Solutions
            G a d z o o x: Storage Area Networking - Home Page
            Gadzoox Corporation at a Glance
            Gadzoox FC-AL Hub: FCL1063TW
            McDATA Fibre Channel Products
            Systran's Home Page
            QLogic - The Connection Is Critical

        F/C Testers

            Fibre Channel Testers
            Ancot Home Page
            Ancot FCA-5000 Data Sheet
            Finisar Home Page
            KFKI-RMKI Fibre Channel Tester
            I-Tech SCSI & Fibre Channel Test Equipment Source: I-TECH Corp.
            Xyratex - Home of the Fibre Channel Analyzer - Networking - Digital Broadcasting - Data Storage

    Interoperability Labs


            LLNL Fibre Channel Interoperability Test Bed
            Advanced Telecommunications Program at LLNL
            The Advanced Telecommunications Program
            LLNL: Research: Computing
            National Transparent Optical Network (NTON)
            The LLNL Advanced Telecommunications Program

        U of M Lab for Computational Sci. and Eng.
        Welcome to the UNH InterOperability Lab


        Solution Technology

    Serial Storage Architecture ( SSA )

        IBM Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) Products Page
        Pathlight Technology Home Page
        Serial Storage Architecture
        Serial Storage Architecture (SSA)
        Next-Generation Serial Storage Architecture Specification Defined and Moving Toward ANSI Approval
        Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) storage products from IBM
        SSA Fact Sheet

    TheI2C Faq On-Line INDEX

StorageTek/Network Systems

    Information Systems Trouble Tickets Index

    Lodestone Research secure universe of networking
    Service Award Web Site

    Storage area networking

        RAID Storage, SAN and Backup Solutions from Dot Hill Systems Corporation.
        NDMP - FAQ
        NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) NDMP.ORG
        Network Appliance - Multiprotocol File Server Solutions (Unix, Windows, HTTP)
        The Storage Networking Industry Association
        PP Presentation
        Welcome to EMC
        MTI Technology Corporation - Enterprise Storage Solutions Including RAID, Tape Libraries and Solid State Disk
        Pegasus Disk Technologies Optical Jukebox Storage Management Software
        SGI - OpenVault Home Page
        SGI - Open Source Code/OpenVault
        Storage beyond RAID - SunWorld - July 1999
        SAN Operations Intranet Site
        ADIC - Tape Libraries and Storage Management Software
        Global File System
        Overland Data
        Ardent Software: United States
        Welcome to Procom Technology
        Microtest - Network Attached Storage
        LAND-5 Corporation
        CentraVision File System
        Welcome to DiscJuke!
        DataCore Software home
        Home Page
        Welcome to Rorke Data's Home Page SAN Storage Solutions
        RAID, Disk and Tape Storage Solution Products by nStor Technologies
        Welcome to Tricord Systems
        Dunn Computer Corporation | Home
        InfiniBand (SM) Trade Association
        Cambex Home Page. Welcome!
        The Data Storage and Retrieval System at FSL
        SAN Academy, a series of free, on-line courses that explore SAN technology. Sponsored by Legato Systems, Inc.
        StorageNetworks - Data Storage Services for the e-Economy
        3ware - Welcome!
        E C C S
        Welcome to BigStorage!
        VERITAS SANPoint Control
        OpenXDSM - the Open Source Data Storage Management (XDSM) API implementation
        MTI Technology Corporation - Enterprise Storage Solutions Including RAID, Tape Libraries and Solid State Disk for Fibre Channel SAN and SCSI Environments
        LTO - Linear Tape-Open Technology; Data Backup Using Accelis and Ultrium
        StorageTek Products - SVA Path[tm] Software
        RAID storage, RAIDION Systems Fibre Channel and SCSI Ultra2 / LVD RAID controllers
        The Snap Server Home
        Fibre Channel--->Configuration Toolkit
        LSCI Web Site
        Welcome to Rorke Data's Home Page SAN Storage Solutions

    TerraServer: Q&A For IT Managers
    TerraServer showing Network Systems/StorTek

    Web-based management

        Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC)
        ARESCOM ISDN Internet Access Equipment: ISDN Routers and ISDN Digital Modems (TAs)
        ARKEIA ... the de facto standard for network backup with Linux
        BOX HILL - Bigger, Faster, Smarter.
        Collective Technologies
        Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.
        HighGround Home Page
        HP Fibre Channel Manager
        Network Appliance - Multiprotocol File Server Solutions (Unix, Windows, HTTP)
        Twin Cities Systems Administrators ( TCSA )
        VERITAS Software Corporation
        Welcome to EMC ( OOS )
        NovaStor - Backup, Encryption, and Data Interchange Software
        Welcome to XIOtech Online
        UnixWare 7 Webtop
        Lance's Web Page at StorageTek
        Logical Volume Manager HOWTO
        Linux Logical Volume Management HOWTO
        LAND-5 Linux Headquarters
        StoreAge Networking Technologies Ltd.
        Spectralogic Virtual Control Panel ( VCP PDF )
        EMC ESN Manager

    Upper Midwest FrameMaker User Network

Software and Networks

    Software Development Issues

        Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction.

        Configuration Management ( CM / SCM )

            The Jakarta Project: Subprojects - Ant
            < j b m i n n >=> build better software
            CM Yellow Pages
            CM Today - Your Source for Daily Configuration Management News
            Dave Eaton's Software Configuration Management Index
            S.E. Favourites - Software Configuration Management
            Sw Config Mgmt Index

            Concurrent Version System ( CVS )

                CVS Addons
                CVS BUBBLES
                CVS WWW sites
                IT/ASD - CVS info page
                CVS in the scripting landscape
                CVS Howtos and Documenation
                    How does CVS differ from other, similar software?
                    CVS--Concurrent Versions System
                    Getting Started with CVS
                    Introduction to CVS by Jim Blandy
                    Linux CVS/RCS HOWTO document for Linux (Source Code Control System)
                    The CVS Book
                    - Juergen Fuhrmann - survival - CVS - CVS---Concurrent Versions System - Overview
                    Read The F* Manual: cvs(1)
                    CVS Tutorial - Concurrent Versions System
                    Temporary Branching
                    CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Preface
                    CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Table of Contents
                    CVS Command Line Reference
                    MarkD's Guide to CVS
                    CVS Tutorial
           about code
           about code
                    CVS mixed-tagging for massive Open Source Project Management

                Interfaces to CVS Repositories
                    jCVS Home Page
                        Debian GNU/Linux -- tkcvs
                        Two Barleycorns TkCVS Page

                    Web CVS interfaces
                        Hen's cvsweb CVS Repository
                        ViewCVS: Viewing CVS Repositories
                        SSLUG - cvs2html
                        SSLUG - cvs2html
                        < f r e e p o s i t o r y >
                        Chora CVS

           - IDX-chrooted-ssh-cvs project

                Other CVS Tools
                    cvsadmin 's home page
                    Martin's cvsauth package
                    cvsd - a cvs pserver suid/chroot wrapper
                    cvsIndent Homepage
                    Linux Tools - cvsq
                    SourceForge: Project Info - CVSSearch: A Code Search Tool
                    CVSup Home Page
                    [fmII] - Search
           -> Explore
                    [fmII] - Detailed release information

            SCM Tools

                Aegis 3.20
                Perforce Product Information
                mergetrees -- three-way directory merge
                ComponentSoftware RCS for Windows 95/NT
                Xfiles1.4 - file tree synchronization and cross-validation

        Developing Graphical User Interfaces ( GUI )

            Use Cases

                Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology
                USE CASE / SCENARIO
                For Use - Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd. home page for practitioners of usage-centered design.
                Use Case Zone - How to write Software Requirements
                developerWorks : Components : OO design process: Use cases, an introduction
                developerWorks : Components : The OO design process: Use-case planning
                developerWorks : Components : The OO design process: Use cases applied, Part 1
                developerWorks : Components : Use cases applied, Part 2
                User Story And Use Case Comparison
                Process Improvement and Software Development with Rational Unified Process

            Designing Graphical User Interfaces ( GUI )

                CIS 577 Lecture 3 - Winter 1998
                Managing Design Processes
                Methodologies for Development
                The LUCID Framework
                G4030 - Lecture 7
                The GNOME Usability Project
                Open Directory - Computers: Human-Computer Interaction
                Why GNOME Hackers Should Care about Usability

            Topics in GUI Programming

                Libundo: Introduction
                A Multilevel Undo/Redo Facility for Gtk
                XUL Programmer's Reference
                Joel on Software User Interface Design for Programmers

        Requirements tracing

            Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS)
            QSS Product Information - DOORS
            Quality Systems & Software
            SLATE vs. other requirement tracing tools...
            Systems Engineering Tool Features Compared
            XTie-RT Requirements Tracer, Affordable Requirements Management
            Other Requirements Engineering Sites
            INCOSE Tools Database Working Group - SE Tools by Name
            Lessons Learned from Implementing Requirements Traceability - April 1995
            Computing Forum Article: Requirements Engineering Part 2: How to set up the requirements for a project
            TCM - Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling
            Practical Software Requirements
            Table of Contents from Software Requirements
            Refinement and Validation of Software Requirements using Incremental Simulation (ResearchIndex)

        Software Engineering

   Home Page
            Edward M. Reingold's Calendar Papers/Code
            Software Metrics - Forum
            KaMa's GPL'ed Software
            Soft. Eng. (Defect Classification)
            Basic COCOMO
            The Algorithm Design Manual
            On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules
            They Write the Right Stuff
            Community for Software Engineers
            Object Mentor - Extreme Programming at the Speed of Change

    Software Development Hosting Sites

        SourceForge: Welcome A company of free developers by free developers, for a free world


        Bag of algorithms
        Sorting and Searching Strings


    Graphics and Graphing Applications

        Bookmark:Graph Drawing
        Leon Moonen - Graph-tools
        Southampton University Computing Services - Xvcg PP. No. 136
        VCG Overview

    Graphical User Interfaces

        Fast Graphics Library
        For Use - Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd. home page for practitioners of usage-centered design.
        Resources on Usage-Centered Design
        Vermont Views Web Edition - - Phone 802.848.7731 -
        Programming Tools: UNIX, Windows, DOS, more. Vermont Creative Software
        FOX, Fltk, and other specialty GUI toolkits

    Publishing software ( TeX LaTex LyX )

        AbsInt: aiSee
        Interview: Donald E. Knuth
        dlh - Dave's LaTeX to HTML converter
        \TtH: a \TeX to HTML translator
        LaTeX: A document preparation system
        LyX - The Document Processor
        TeX withut Tears! Issue 20
        The teTeX Homepage
        TUG Home Page
        The lyx2html Handbook
        developerWorks : Linux : A gentle guide to DocBook
        xTeX Shell
        Welcome to
        GNU TeXmacs home page (FSF GNU project)

    Mailing list software

        EZFAQ 0.04 - ezmlm-idx and ezmlm FAQ
        EZMLM/IDX MANUAL, Version 0.01

    Misc Applications

        Generic Interpreter
        makeself - Make self-extractible archives on Unix
        Socket Hub


        ASL Home Page
        Filter Language Compiler

        DSL Networking

            The DSL Center
            EverythingDSL - - DSL Information
            DSL Prime Index
            DSL high speed, business-class internet access, broadband service from


            A Guide to SNMP and CMIP
            Cameron Laird's personal notes on SNMP
            Network Management (TU Braunschweig)
            The USEC Resource Page
            The SimpleWeb - Public Domain Software
            Network Management Server (NMS)
            August 1994 / Core Technologies / SNMP Version 2
            The NET-SNMP Project Home Page
            Scotty - Tcl Extensions for Network Management

        ISDN Networking

            ADC Kentrox Home Page
            Addtron Home Page
            Amati Home Page (xDSL vendor)
            Ascend Communications Home Page
            CICAT ISDN Product Developer's Guide
            Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
            HOT OFF THE PRESS (US West)
            ISDN HOME OFFICE
            ISDN ZONE™
            Livingston Enterprises WWW Home
            Nautica Series - High Performance Remote Access Bridge/Routers for ISDN Networks
            Nortel ISDN Vendor Services
            Proteon Home Page (index)
            ZyXEL Home Page

        Network Testing

            Benchmarking Methodology (bmwg) Charter
            Cameron Laird's personal notes on network management
            Features (Performance Testing Methods)
            Internet Protocols (RFC Index)
            SendIP - Programs - Project Purple
            QA Cafe Software

        Tutorials and other info sources

            TCP/IP Ports to Avoid
            InterNIC Internet Documentation (RFC's, FYI's, etc.)
            Data Communications and Networking Links
            TCP/IP and IPX routing Tutorial
            The PC-Mac TCP/IP & NFS FAQ list by Rawn Shah
            Introduction to the Network Module
            Local Area Network Tutorial-Ethernet
            Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
            Internet Glossary
            Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
            Network Calculators
            IP 101: All About IP Addresses

        DOS and Windows Networking

            PPP Applications for DOS
            Internet Access for Multiple Win 95 Systems
            Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
            The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
            The Winsock Client Listing
            Windows and TCP/IP for Internet Access

        WinGate Home Page
        Elvin -- the Internet Notification Service


        Security Companies

            Counterpane Homepage
            Data Fellows World-Wide Web Server
            InfoExpress Home Page
            Secure Computing Corporation - Home Page - Firewalls, Encryption, Authentication, Identification, Web Filtering

        Secure Operating Systems

            DG/UX B2 Security Option
            The EROS Operating System
            Flask: Flux Advanced Security Kernel
            NSBD: Not-So-Bad Distribution

        SSH Secure Shell

            OpenSSL: The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS
            SSH - Products - SSH Secure Shell
            Ssh (Secure Shell) scalability

            SSH Articles

                Linux Today - ISP-Planet: SSH: From Secure Administration to Virtual Private Networking
                DevShed - The Shell Game
                Feature Article: October2000
       OpenSSH installation and configuration
                Planet IT Defensive Tools TechCenter: OpenSSH 2.3 And SSH Secure Shell 2.4
                SecurityPortal - The End of SSL and SSH?
                developerWorks : Linux | Open source : Common threads -- OpenSSH key management, Part 1

            SSH Documentation

                Frequently Asked Questions About SSH
                Getting started with SSH
                The Secure Shell (SSH) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
                Secure Shell (SSH) FAQ
                SSH primer
                ISP-Planet - Equipment - NetCache -
                OpenSSH FAQ

            OpenSSH Portable Release for Linux/Solaris/etc

        Virtual Private Networks

            delix Computer GmbH - EUnet Virtual Private Network (VPN)
            Secure VPNs: Lock the Data, Unlock the Savings
            FreeS/WAN Project: Home Page

        Asleep at the switch?
        VTCP/SECURE Overview
        CIAC Security Web Site
        Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
        Example list filter
        OpenNMS - Free and Open Network Management Software
        Probable urban legend: AOL4FREE
        The Inevitability of Failure: The Flawed Assumption of Security in Modern Computing Environments
        Paktronix Systems: Security Links
        Know Your Enemy: III
        Symantec AntiVirus research Center
        The Street Performer Protocol and Digital Copyrights
        Behind Enemy Lines - A Spammer's Luck Runs Out When She Forges The Wrong Domain
        [fm] snort
        SRP: The Open-Source Password Authentication Standard, Home of PMFirewall.
        PGP Security
        XML Trust Center

    Software Personnel Sources

        ArchWing Innovations LLC - A Component eBusiness, Object-Oriented Programming and Web Development company based in Minneapolis / St Paul Minneasota.

    Software Technologies

        Archelon Inc.
        Better Homepage - Java - FREE Applets - Mindmap
        Mind Mapping FAQ

        Extensible Markup Language ( XML )

            developerWorks : XML : Features / Library - Papers
   XML From the Inside Out

        Garbage Collection

            GC FAQ -- draft
            The Memory Management Glossary: G
            Garbage Collection
            Review of existing Languages


            Interpreter Performance Comparisons
            Project Rocky: The Architectural Performance of Interpreted Languages

        Literate Programming

            iscrhome - LP tool
            Literate Programming -- Propaganda and Tools
            The Literate Programming FAQ
            The Literate Programming FAQ


                Noweb home page
                Fully user controlled Prettyprinting in noweb
                Dan Schmidt: Noweb tools
                Snoweb mode for XEmacs
                Dan Schmidt: Noweb tools
                dpp: a C/C++ prettyprinter for noweb
                Dan Schmidt: Noweb tools

            XML and Literate Programming

                SGML/XML and Literate Programming
                XML and Literate Programming
                XML and Literate Programming: FunnelWeb
                xmltangle - literate programming with XML
                Dido's Projects

            LEO's Home Page and Table of Contents
            LEO's Home Page
            \TtH\ in Action
            \TtH: a \TeX to HTML translator
            The Source Documenation System
            DOC++'s Home Page
            Veracity Source Code
            Peter Housel's Home Page!
            Knuth and Levy:CWEB
            César Crusius
            Literate Programming
            Literate Programming Webring Home
            WebRing: Navigation
            Literate Perl
            The nuweb system for Literate Programming
            Ben Pfaff: Projects

        Object Oriented Programming


                Don's Home Page
                Once And Only Once
                Refactoring Home Page
                Refactoring Browser
                RefactoringBrowser: Refactoring Browser
                OOPSLA2000 OOPSLA2000 Workshop Status - Pattern Refactoring

            Simple Object Access Protocol ( SOAP )

                Apache SOAP
                Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
                SOAP: The Simple Object Access Protocol -- MIND January 2000
                SOAP for perl
           - Quick Start with SOAP

                SOAP for python
                    Python.Scripting : Python, XML-RPC and SOAP
                    SOAPy: A SOAP/XML Schema Library for Python
                    SourceForge: Project Info - Web Services for Python

                SOAP for tcl
                    SOAP 1.1 Package for Tcl 8.3
                    SOAP 1.3 Package for Tcl 8.3

                LifeLine Networks bv - SOAP to CORBA bridge.
                XML Procedure Call (XPC)


                OO-Design Goodies - Allen I. Holub
                UML Resource Page
                Software Engineering- OOA/OOD: UML vs. MWOOD
                UML Book

            developerWorks : Components : History-making components
            DoME Home
            Cetus Links: 5246 Links on Object-Orientation
            OTUG Home Page
            Project Technology, Inc.
            Morten M. Christensen's public archive
            Object Mentor Inc.
            OOPSLA '99 VM Workshop
            OOPSLA 2000, Conference On Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
            OTUG Software Library
            MICHELE LANZA
            Welcome to ERights.Org
            Programming - REVISIT - CIO Magazine Nov. 15, 2000
            Open Spaces

        Programming Design Patterns

            Patterns-discussion FAQ
            A Learning Guide To Design Patterns
            Books about Patterns
            AW * Professional - Series Catalog Page
            AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis

        Software Research

            Programming Language Exploration
            Programming Languages and Systems Software Laboratory
            NIST Identifier Collaboration Service - Welcome
            Portland Pattern Repository
            Aspect-Oriented Programming Home Page

        Software Technologies Bibliographies

            The Memory Management Reference
            The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
            Technical Bibliography

        Standardized General Markup Language ( SGML )

            SDF - The Author-friendly Markup Language
            SGML-Tools homepage
            SGML-Tools: James Clark's Home Page
            The SGML/XML Web Page - Home Page
            Options for Presentation of Multilingual Text

        Web-based Technologies

            IntraNet Solutions - Web-based document management solutions With Intra.doc!

    Software Testing

        ATS Home Page (tk & Java testing)
        Methods & Tools
        SunTest Home Page
        The DejaGnu Testing Framework - Table of Contents
        ProductLine/QC Replay
        Software Testing Training: Classes, Courses, and Test Plans
        TetWorks on the World Wide Web
        GNATS: GNU Bug Tracking System home page
        TetWorks on the World Wide Web
        Beck Testing Framework
        Testing Framework
        Welcome to SilverMark, Inc. - The Object Testing Company
        Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement
        itmWEB: Testing of Object-Oriented Software
        Software Development Online
        Testing Foundations - Brian Marick

    Recursive Make Considered Harmful
    Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association, TCQAA,
    The Open Source Page
    UPX Homepage
    Emacs Timeline

Web Resources

    Bookmark Managers

        The BookmarkBox - The free, online bookmark manager! Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks!
        BookmarksPlus - The Ultimate FREE Web-based Bookmark Solution
        PBM : "Public BookMark" Generator
        BookMng Home Page
        My Software Page - Herb Wolfe

        Amaya 1.4a Binary Release
        Download GNUscape Software
        Emacs-w3 User's Manual - Table of Contents
        Gnus 5.x Frequently Asked Questions
        Lynx Information
        Netscape Communicator and Netscape Navigator News
        Opera Software - Bringing speed, fun and quick results back into Internet browsing
        Opera Software - The Browser Made For You - Alternative Operating Systems
        Amaya Overview
        Workers of the Web, Evolt!
        W3M FAQ
        Links home page
        LAPIS: A Tool for Lightweight Structured Text Processing
        Agenda Software Repository (ASR) - Network Clients - Sorted Alphabetically by Title

    Free e-mail sites

        GeoCities - The Largest Community on the Web!
        Welcome to GTE WebMail
        Welcome to

    HTML Editors

        Agile HTML Editor - Summary
        Allaire HomeSite HTML Editor
        Arachnoid - HTML editor rants on HTML editors
        eAuthor/Site Page
        HTML Editors - AceExpert HTML Editor web site

        Emacs HTML modes

            Adding new tags to HTML helper mode
            Configuring html-helper-mode
            HTML helper mode beta
            HTML Helper Mode
            html-helper-mode documentation
            The Emacs Package "hm--html-menus" (16-Nov-1998)

        Linux Today: Linux HTML Editors Free HTML editors
        About Namo Interactive Inc.
        AugustWind Shareware
        Bluefish HTML editor
        Clickable Imagemap Plug-in
        CoffeeCup HTML Editor ++ for Linux Homepage
        Enhanced HTML 2000 - Windows HTML Editor
        Luckman - Innovative Internet Technologies
        Marc Peiris: Web Publishing
        WebKnight Instant Coffee
        Welcome to SiteAid!
        WWW.SERVICES.RU: web pages by email, Linux in Russian, web-studio "Pictor"
        Zveno Swish XML Editor
        Splash! Quick Tour
        August homepage
        Web Designer homepage
        Welcome to MiniOak Productions
        JHTML - Cross Platform HTML Design Environment
        IBM Software : Web Application Servers : WebSphere Homepage Builder

    HTML Examples

        An Inquiry Into Values - HTML with Style -
        Frames -An Introduction
        Framing the Web -
        FREE - Web Page Templates
        HTML 101 - An Introduction to Web Publishing
        HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0: Frames - - HTML Tutorials - Javascript - How to make a Web Page:
        Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
        The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
        Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents

    HTML Generators

        HTML Generator
        Artho Software - Java HTML Generator

    HTML indexers

        ANFACE Software
        HTMLDOC Home Page
        xref: a cross-referencing HTML preprocessor

    HTML Preprocessors


            htmlpp - The HTML Preprocessor
            An Htmlpp macro library

        [fm] content of Web/Pre-Processors
        hpp: an HTML preprocessor (Scheme)
        hpp - HTML preprocessor (not available)
        hsc (Amiga only)
        hsc - html sucks completely - Support
        Artho Informatik - HTML PLAIN
        Index of /~bhepple/using_m4
        Welcome to Meta-HTML.COM
        MuLaW - The Multi Language Web Authoring System
        Orb: An HTML Preprocessor (GNU)
        "PPWIZARD HTML Preprocessor (powerful and free html/rexx/ipf authoring tool)"
        Q-HTML homepage
        Weaver Manual (royalty free, no distrib)
        Website META Language (WML), Title
        Creativision Publishing Corporation
        GTML - an HTML pre-processor
        htmlPX - The HTML Programmer's Extension
        SmartHTML 1.7 - yet another markup language
        [ The Sunny Spot ] WPP - The Web Preprocessor -
        Chainsaw, A visual macro processor for HTML.
        PresTiMeL - A tool for creating HTML-presentations
        Welcome to the Webber Home Page
        The Guava Tools
        webshell - Welcome
        Dorward - dolt
        A Macro Processor for HTML Documents (Mp4h), Title
        Almost Free Text
        WebMake: Welcome to WebMake
        [le] Pre_Html - A simple HTML preprocessor
        [fm] content of web/pre-processors
        htp: an HTML pre-processor
        [ The Sunny Spot ] WPP - The Web Preprocessor -
        Wsmake - Website Pre-processor
        Welcome to the Webber Home Page

    HTML Protocols and Standards

        Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
        HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
        HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Overview
        HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
        NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML 2.0
        RFC 1867
        W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
        World Wide Web FAQ - Home

    HTML Servers and Search Engines

        FreeFind Search Engine
        Apache HTTP Server Project
        Apache 1.3 documentation
        Glimpse -- a UNIX Search Engine
        Glimpse Working Group - University of Arizona, CS Dept.
        ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
        Netcraft Web Server Survey
        SWISH-Enhanced - Digital Library SunSITE
        Welcome to emWARE
        Wilma 1.xMN
        ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
        Webglimpse - Search Engine Software
        Netcraft - What's that site running?

    News and Discussion Groups - Read and post to 70K+ UNCENSORED newsgroups with a web browser
        Groupvine, free chat, bulletin boards, forums, listservs, BBS
        Newsguy - Home Page

    URL fetchers

        cURL - Client to fetch URLs
        snarf - the simple non-interactive all-purpose resource fetcher
        Surfaw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Against the World wide web
        cURL - Client to fetch URLs

    Webmaster Reference Info

        The Elsop Reference Room for Webmasters
        WDVL: The Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Web Technology
        Minnesota Webmasters Association
        Libwww - the W3C Sample Code Library
        How comp.infosystems.www.announce Works (FAQ)
        FAQ: How To Announce Your New Web Site
        Home of The-Monolith.Com Web Designs for Small Business
        A Toolbox For the Web - javascripting and DHTML
        Sites That Are Really Programs
        XML for the absolute beginner - JavaWorld - April 1999
        Free Buttons for all your web site design needs.

    Web hosting sites

        SimpleNet - Welcome
        GeoCities - The Largest Community on the Web!
        Free Speech Internet Television
        Let's Have Fun!
        Welcome to Tripod
        Welcome to XOOM
        CubeSoft Networks
        TCI: FreeWWWeb 4 Linux - A search engine offering free chat, e-mail and a new Web surfing companion
        Internet Exposure | Web Development | Marketing & Promotions | Web Applications
        Angelfire: Free Homepages
        Welcome To
        Welcome To - Bannerless Free Web Hosting for Individuals & Small Businesses

    Web site maintenence

        [fm] content of web/tools
        Toolreviews - Overviews and ratings of free programs and online tools for webmasters
        Yahoo! - Suggesting Sites to Yahoo!
        Guido's Linux® Home-page
        Site Studio 1.0
        Wellcome to DAsoft homepage

        HTML Formatters and Validators

            HTML Formatter
            Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
            Laß die Sonne rein! - Bastians sonnige Seiten
            W3C HTML Validation Service
            WDG HTML Validator
            RPM packages

        Link Checkers

            Dead Link Check

        Local & Remote Directory Synchronization

            Tips & Scripts
            The Mirrordir Home Page
            Tips & Scripts
            asdf - Automatic Synchronization of Downloaded Files
            Unison File Synchronizer
            AFD (index.html)
            RearSite (Home Page)

        Web Graphics Organizers

            Screen Savers and Wallpaper Sites

                Digital Blasphemy -- Free 3D Wallpaper for Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, Linux, and all hi resolution X Window Displays
                3d math doodles
                Snap-Shot Wallpaper pictures and desktop computer wallpaper images
                Screen Savers Bonanza
                Cinema Desktop Themes: Screen Savers, Wallpapers, Skins, and Themes
                Free Desktop Themes
                The Unleashed: The best collection of desktop themes, screens savers, and more. Updated daily!
                Cinema Desktop Themes: Screen Savers, Wallpapers, Skins, and Themes
                Desktop Wallpapers - Get wallpapers here!
                SOFTSEEK.COM - ScreenSavers and ScreenSaver Software, Screen Savers, Shareware and Freeware
                Photo Gallery screen size photographs for desktop wallpaper.
                Repligator : graphics effects with ease

            Gallery Maker
   Create a cool logo, text, image or banner for free
            NetStudio-Web Online Service
            Xara3D - software for 3D web graphics
            Another Photo Generator

        Parasoft Software Development Tools
        Thunderstone: Home
        Welcome To
        XWeb Homepage

    WikiWikiWeb servers

        doc WikiWikiWeb
        Wiki Wiki Clones
        AtisWiki.cgi: AtisWiki
        Faq-O-Matic Faq-O-Matic
        Pyle Homepage


            TWiki - A Web Based Collaboration Tool
            TWiki . Codev . WebHome
            TWiki - A Web Based Collaboration Tool

        WiKit by Equi4 Software
        cs497rej: WikiWorks
        MoinMoin Project Homepage
        browse overview
        TagTag: A PHP Graffiti WebToy
        UseMod: UseModWiki

    [fm] content of Web/Development
    Meet Mary Forrest: Free Font Fiesta Remote PC Access, Instant Internet PC Network, Web-based Office Suite
    Welcome to FilePool ezAttach - Attach any size file or even a folder. Files always get through without limitation.
    NameSecure (SM) -- Internet Domain Name Registration Services
    Z Object Publishing Environment
    RPMs for Zope
    What Are Weblogs?
    Korseby Online ||| Die visuelle Sache # Korseby Icons |||

Personal Bookmarks

    Aviation and Space

        Photograph Sites

            Aircraft Image Gallery
            The Art Bell Web Site
            Astronomy Picture of the Day
            Aviation Photogaphics Home
            Dr Dan's Amazing Aircraft and Annals of Aviation
            Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive
            GIF image 732x512 pixels
            GIF image 744x451 pixels
            JPEG image 600x474 pixels
            JPEG image 591x480 pixels
            Lockheed Martin Digital Photo Collection
            New Page 1
            Oshkosh News airplane pictures air show news and Reno Air Races
            Photo Gallery
   - The Online Blackbird Museum


                TerraServer showing Cray campus
                TerraServer showing Network Systems/StorTek
                TerraServer showing Port Townsend, WA
                TerraServer showing my home in PT
                TerraServer showing my home in St. Paul
                Welcome to TerraServer
                Microsoft TerraServer Image Page

            JPEG image 800x700 pixels
            U-2 E-5442: U-2 with fictitious NASA markings to support CIA cover story for pilot Gary Powers, shot down over Soviet Union
            NATO Aircraft - Home Page -
            JPEG image 475x217 pixels
            A-9A - Military Aircraft
            Aircraft Recognition Photos
            X-38 index: X-38 Photo Gallery Contact Sheet

        Official Government Aviation and Space Sites

            AFRL Propulsion Directorate Press Release
            High Power Systems Branch
            GIF image 400x300 pixels
            Air Force Flight Test Center Home
            AFFTC Press Releases - List of Titles
            AFFTC Public Affairs - Frames Setup Page
            AFFTC TSPI Server Home Page
            Davis-Monthan Air Force Base's Home Page, DM AFB, Arizona
            DPAIS - NASA Dryden Public Affairs Information Server
            Dryden Tour Information



            Kennedy Space Center Video Feeds
            LASRE Homepage
            Nasa Ames Public Affairs page
            NASA LaRC Vehicle Analysis Branch Home Page
            RLV HomePage
            STS-82 Shuttle Launch Countdown Home Page
            The NASA Homepage
            USGS: Release of Declassified inventory
            Whiteman Air Force Base

            NASA Space Probes

                Galileo Project Home
                Jupiter Millennium Flyby
                Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission

            NASA X Programs

                X-33 History Homepage
                Space Transportation Programs
                X-37 Fact Sheet
                X-38 Technology Testbed Demonstrator
                X-38 Index
                LM Aeronautics Company

            Space Transportation
            Liftoff Home
            Apex ED97-44119-2: Computer generated image of Apex high-altitude research sailplane in flight
            Untitled Document
            NASA Human SpaceFlight

        Aviation History

            SR-71 Blackbirds
            001 -- Flight of the Valkyrie
            Overhead: Groom Lake - Area 51
            Overhead: Groom Lake - Area 51
            The Hunt for 928
            Museum of Flight
            USAAS-USAAC-USAAF-USAF Serial Numbers--1922 to Present
            American Aircraft of WWII
            Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley, Berkshire, UK
            The B-58 Hustler Rendezvous page
            North American F-107A on display at the USAF Museum
            Southern Minnesota Wing Confederate Air Force
            B-52 Stratofortress Association Web Page

        Mystery Aircraft

            A Darker Shade of Black
            A-12 Avenger II - thumbnail version
            A-12 Avenger II - thumbnail version
            Andrian E. Mann (includes Mystery Aircraft)
            Black Dawn (mystery airplanes)
            Black Dawn NavTable
            Black-Triangle Homepage - Area 51, Groom Lake, UFO's, Stealth, Secret 'Black' Projects, Aviation, Links.
            Black-Triangle Links HQ Aug 2000
            Mystery - Exotic Propulsion
            Mystery Aircraft
            Navy A-12 Avenger
            Unmanned aircraft (USD0382851)
            Low observable shape conversion for aircraft weaponry (US5717397)
            Overhead: Groom Lake - Area 51
            Congressional Research Service [CRS] Intelligence and Security Documents Index
            Secretjet Presents The Black-Triangle E-Group
            When Secrets Crash--July 2001

        Other Aviation Stuff

            Boeing Previews UCAV System
            Advanced Technology Tactical Transport (ATTT)
            Andrews AFB 1997 Air Show
            AvionicsZone - Avionics Solutions from Honeywell

            SR-71 Blackbird Links

                Mary Shafer, SR-71 Chief Engineer
                Index of /skunk-works
                John Stone's Lockheed Blackbird Page
                SR 71 Blackbird Interview (
                SR-71 BlackbirdsSR-71 BlackbirdsSR-71 BlackbirdsSR-71 BlackbirdsSR-71 BlackbirdsSR-71 Blackbirds
                The Skunk Works

            Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
            Minnesota Fly Ins and Air Shows
            Moller International: Home of the Rotapower Engine
            Other Programs
            STARLink System Welcome
            In Search of the Pentagon's Billion Dollar Hidden Budgets
            The Airborne Laser System
            Tomcat21: Homepage
            TRW Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) Defense System
            SoloTrek Exo-Skeletor Flying Vehicle by Millennium Jet Inc.
            US04149688__.tif Page 1
            US04896160__.tif Page 1
            US05034751__.tif Page 1
            Shadow 200 Tactical UAV
            Boeing Joint Strike Fighter Home
            National Museum of Naval Aviation
            LM Aeronautics Company: JSF Fighter Program

        Other Space Stuff

            Advanced Launch Vehicles
            Ben's Space Page -- Linking Hyper Space to Outer Space
            Bristol Spaceplanes
            Center For Advanced Aviation System Development
            Clyde Tombaugh (1906-1997)
            Deep Space 1
            Fact Sheet FS-1998-04-023-HQ: Asteroids, Comets, and NASA Research
            FAS Space Policy Project
            Federation of American Scientists
            Hubble Heritage Project Subject Index
            IAU: Minor Planet Center
            Lunar Prospector Homepage
            Mars Pathfinder mission news & information
            Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!
            Mars Today
            Near Earth Object Dynamics Site
            NEAR Home Page
            The New Millennium Program
            Planetary Defense Workshop Proceedings
            Welcome to the Rotary Rocket Company
            Sea Launch
            The Space Center - Clyde Tombaugh information
            Space News Online - Welcome
            Space Transportation Programs
            Space Vehicles - Vehicle Designs
            Stardust Mission news from the University of Washington
            VentureStar -- X-33 -- Single Stage to Orbit -- Reusable Space Plane -- RLV SSTO
            Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search
            Orbital's X-34 Launch Vehicle
            VentureStar -- X-33 -- Single Stage to Orbit -- Reusable Space Plane -- RLV SSTO
            Welcome to Heavens-Above

    Bed and Breakfasts

        Greywolf Inn - Washington Online Highways
        Spicer Castle
        A Charles Weiss Inn 1-800-525-5243
        The Spinnaker Inn Bed & Breakfast
        The Greywolf Inn of Sequim, Washington; A Bed and Breakfast
        The White Rose Bed & Breakfast, Wisconsin Dells Logings

    Cooking, Baking, Recipes and Nutrition

        Recipe Sites

            Bread Recipe .Com | Home Page
            SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
            Muffin Recipes on 1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook.
            Busters Recipes Page
            The Kitchen Link
            Official Home of Healthy Exchanges, Inc.
            Great Vegetarian Recipes from the Homosassa Springs, Florida Seventh-day Adventist Church
            Hundreds of Recipes For Muffins and Rolls including Apple, Banana, Bran, Buttermilk, Oatmeal, Vegetable, Fruit, Cheese, Chocolate, Corn, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin and more from Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers, Chefs, and Culinary Professionals on the Internet Cookbook of 1st Traveler's Choice.

        Nutrition and Meal Planning

   - The best place for weight loss, nutrition and diet on the Internet!
            Food and Nutrition Information Center
            Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

        Specific Recipes

   - Cinnamon Pull-Aparts (Monkey Bread)
            Monkey Bread Recipe from Hillside Farm Bed & Breakfast, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania on 1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook.
            Recipes Breakfast/Snack Plain,Cinnamon or Cheese" One Bowl Monkey Bread" Award Winner
            Consuming Passions - Recipe
            Cinnamon Chocolate Meringues
            Cinnamon Applesauce Oatmeal Fatfree Cookies
        Index of /archives/digests/
        splenda, diet, diabetic, low carb foods
        KitchenAid Home Appliances
        SierraHome Cooking - Recipes, menus, tips, MasterCook and more... - Recipes and tips free for a healthy lifestyle
        Cooking Software for Windows and Palm Pilot | DVO Enterprises, Inc.

    Fractals and other art

        Alternate Realities in Art and Thought - Virtual Wiccan Pagan Fantasy, Art Gallery
        Art of Freelance 3D Multimedia Artist Garland Hopkins
        Carlson's Fractal Gallery
        DOTWWWEB - Index
        Earl's Computer Art Gallery
        Fractal eXtreme: Mandel Louvre
        Fractal pictures & animations
        fractals by Paul Carlson
        Fractint Homepage
        Gumbycat's Second Cyberhome - Recent ABPF Posts
        Gumbycat's Cyberhome
        Iterations et Flarium24
        Mark Harden's Museum of Art
        Mathematics & fractals
        Me (with fractal links)
        Paul Carlson pictures
        PicSaver v1.1
        Seraline ScreenSavers
        Snail GraFx - mandelbrot CDs - TrueType Signature Fonts - a.b.p.e. Archive CDs
        The Infinite Fractal Loop Homepage
        PhotoPoint (Guest Mode) - Free, easy photo sharing and photo gallery



            Greatest Chess Book of All Times
            Joseph Blackburne by Bill Wall
            Blackburne bowled by Grace
            Batsford Book: Logical Chess: Move By Move
            Games Section
            Blackburne's Mate
            Zurich Chess Fonts
            Exeter Chess Club: Techie Bit
            En Passant - Nørresundby Chess Club
            Chess Materials: Desktop Publishing
            General Information and Ordering
            Chess fonts
            Chess Graphics, a collection devoted to all aspects of chess graphics.
            Chess Utrecht: A True Type chess font
            Chess Digest, Inc. Catalog : Opening Books - Smith-Morra Gambit
            PowerChess Home Page
            Tim Mann's Chess Page
            SourceForge: Project Info - JChessBoard
            FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
            Chess Word Macros & Fonts
            Home page of The Chess Variant Pages
            glChess - A 3D chess interface

        Atmospherical Heights M.A.M.E. Page
        Carol's Experimental Web Page
        Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic
        Lair of Magic
        Mayfair World Wide Web Page
        MoxPerl WWW MTG Database
        Myst Hint Guide
        SimCity: The Card Game
        The Lonely CCGamer
        The Magic Dojo - Index
        The Magic Library
        Weez's Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ page
        Welcome to the Unofficial SimGames Page!
        Wizards of the Coast
        Con of the North Games Convention
        Vicarious Visions
        Vorlon Space
        GameSages - The Cure for the Common Code
        The Stomping Grounds
        Elpin Systems on the web
        Official Way Point Zeta Website


        Biz of the week: Growing garlic - Monday, July 24, 2000 -
        The Potting Shed - Online Gardening Magazine
        John Scheepers, Inc.
        buds (fine perennials & bulbs),Perennials for the Shade Garden
        Woodland Phlox
        The Latest ?Surefire? Methods of Controlling Slugs
        Backyard Habitat
        Shade gardening
        G6911 Gardening in the Shade
        HO-77: Perennials for Shady Locations


        American Family Immigration History Center
        Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Home Page
        Genealogy -- Ancestry Hometown - Member Login
        Storme's Genealogy Page
        We Extend This Special Invitation to You..

    Health and Medicine

        Drug InfoNet Doctors' Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Testosterone
        Healthtouch® - Online for better health
        HealthWorld Online
        Intro Yang Style Tai Chi
        Mayo Clinic Health Oasis : Daily News on Disease, Treatment, Drugs, Diet
        National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
        Sapient Health Network: Health Information on Chronic and Serious Diseases including Breast Cancer, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Hepatitis C, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Obesity, Depression, Women's Health.
        Healthtouch - Cholesterol
        The Satiety Index
        FAQs by Category: cats-faq
        Fats That Kill
        Welcome to the Life Enhancement site!
        DICTIONARY: fats and oils
        NFSD: NC State Food Glossary
        National Food Safety Database Home Page


            Meridian Recalling EpiPen Auto-Injectors
            Food Allergy Research


            Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and Transplant Corner
            American Diabetes Association
            DCN Product Home Page - The Diabetic's products provider!
            Diabetes Index
            Diabetes Information
            Diabetes Internet Resource Center - News, information, books, links, search engines and more

            Diabetes Monitor

                Current Pharmaceutical Management of Diabetes
                Diabetes Monitor: Page One
                The Diabetes Monitor: Monitoring Diabetes Happenings Everywhere in Cyberspace

            Diabetes Recipes, Ingredients, and Nutrition

                Becton Dickinson - Diabetes Village - Nutrition Information - Diabetes Recipe Books
                Diabetes Library - Recipes
                Diabetic Recipes
                Diabetes Recipes
                Estimated Calories and Nutrients
                Meals For You
                Meals For You Web Site: Welcome!
                Splenda® For People With Diabetes
                Sugar alcohol and diabetes
                Table of Contents - Diabetic Gourmet Magazine - information diabetic articles insulin health cooking gourmet medical
                Diabetic Recipes
                Diabetes and a Vegetarian Diet -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
                Disproving Diabetic Diets- Joslin Diabetes Center
                Diabetic Gourmet Magazine - Dedicated to Diabetic Dining and Healthy Living

            Glipizide - RxList Monographs
            InsuliNet Index Page
            NIDDK Health Information: Diabetes
            PM Enterprises
            The Glucometer Elite from Bayer
            Glycemic Control in Diabetes
            On-line Diabetes Resources: Software
            On-line Diabetes Resources: Meters
            Managing Your Diabetes(SM) Patient Education Program
            U.S. News: By the time diabetes is found, it can be too late (4/12/99)
            AIDA on-line diabetes software simulator -- Welcome
            Index Frame
            Orzeck - HbA1c
            Yahoo! Health:Diseases and Conditions:Diabetes
            Yahoo! Full Coverage:Diabetes
            Welcome To The Diabetes Care Home Page
            GLUCOMETER ® - blood glucose testing - monitoring diabetes - Bayer
            University News Service
            Beginner's Guide to Diabetes - Joslin Diabetes Center
            Diabetes Information
            Diabetes Public Health Resource
            Division of Diabetes - UMass Medical School
            Yahoo! News Full Coverage-Diabetes News
            Printable Diabetes Chart

        HomePage - Medic Assist Bracelets and Jewelry - Supplemental Medic Alert Bracelets and Jewelry
        CNN - Hot tub therapy may help diabetics - September 16, 1999
        Welcome to E ID Designs
        Better Health
        Nutrition, Education, Counseling and Service - NCES
        Welcome to Medic Alert Minnesota's Health Resource, News, Opinions, Reference, diet, nutrition


        3D Mummy
        Arms & Armor
        Ballista Page
        Bayeux Tapestry
        Canterbury Miracles and Pilgrims
        Cariadoc's Miscellany
        d'Artagnan's Bookmarks (incl hist. sites)
        De Klauwaerts Home Page
        E-HAWK Main Page
        Grey Company Trebuchet Page
        Kensington Rune Stone Home Page
        Kingdoms of France - Burgundy
        Labyrinth Home Page
        LINDISFARNE PRIORY, Holy Island
        Medieval Siege Warfare
        Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction
        Mysteries of Çatalhöyük
        Nihon Kaigun
        ORB--Online Reference for Med. Studies
        Siege Weapons in the Kingdom of Caid
        The Drop Zone Virtual Musum - Dedicated to preserving WWII Airborne History.
        The Middle Ages Trust
        Tom's Info. on Skillets
        Torrione Castle
        The Tam Lin Pages
        Warfare in the Byzantine World
        Welcome to The Wild Geese Today -- The Story of the Irish in Exile
        Royal Armouries Education
        UVA Computer Science: Computer Museum

        World War II History

            Project Liberty Ship
            Liberty Ship
            The Liberty Ships

        The History Files
        Northern Plains Archive Project Startpage
        Vintage Computer Festival

    Interesting Places

        Powerball Odds & Prizes
        Wonderful World of Wombats: the unofficial Stumpers-L page

        Humor and satire

            Adopt an Escargot
            Fredlet's Web-O-Rama
   - Free funny desktop wallpaper plus assorted humor
            Modern Humorist
            News of the Weird
            The Onion | America's Finest News Source
            Sith Apprentice
            The Tacky Postcard Archive
            User Friendly: Cartoons/Archives
            My other VAX is a VAXbar
            Mutant Watch
            Japanese Engrish
            SatireWire |

        Commercial Sites

            New or used books

                AbyssBooks & Gourmet Cafe
       Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books
                Ashworth Books
                Bibliofind, Booksearch, Antiquarian Books, Old Books, Used Books, Rare Books
                East Bay Books
                Flat Hill Books
                The Advanced Book Exchange Home Page
                Welcome to BOOKRESCUE.COM

            AIX Certification Program from IBM
            Aardmarket Home Page

            Audio & Video Sales

       - The Internet Superstore - Low Prices on Top Brands
                The LodesTone Catalog
                Reel | The Planet's Biggest Video Store
                Science Fiction Continuum Home Page

            Banta Corporation Online

            Cellular Phone Service

                Fox Communications
                Sprint PCS - Home
                Sprint Long Distance
                Fox Cellular Migration to

            Corbis The Place for Pictures on the Internet.
            Dish Network Satellite TV Systems | DSS DIRECTV USSB | VCRs DVD Home Theater Entertainment
            DorSew Bug Free Shirt
            Edmund Scientific
            IBM Microelectronics home page

            Internet Car Sales

                AutoConnect - Home
       - Changing the way America buys cars... Again.
       Autos & Driving
                New Page 1
                Midway Chevrolet
                Suburban Chrysler Plymouth
                Twin Cities Cars - new car price quotes and used car classifieds in Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota
       - Used Vehicle Classifieds - Used Cars and more...
                Grossman Chevrolet
                Friendly Chevrolet Home Page
                Metropolitan Auto Group
                Burnsville Volkswagen

            Internet Food Sales

                CHILE TODAY-HOT TAMALE
                Coffee and Tea Sales and Info
                Countryside Lefse Home Page
                Noah's Way Natural Organic and Holistic Shopping
                Penzeys Spices Home Page
                Welcome to Pasty Central
       : Welcome to!
                Miss - Welcome
                Noodles & Company Homepage

            Kenneth Cole Online Catalog
            NWA WorldWeb
            Welcome to Theseus Logic, Inc.
            Honeywell Technology Center
            Karstens Creations...Wicked Professional Art!
            Welcome to Lands' End!
            3D Category Page
            Frenchware: Tout pour le Francophile
            MLT Vacations
            Brainbench - The Skills Authority
            Copyleft:Geek Chic
   Buy & Sell Books, Music, Movies, and Games...
            Alliant Techsystems (ATK) - A Technology Leader in Aerospace and Defense
            Agility - Business at the Speed of Opportunity
            e-Vis - Collaboration Solutions for Manufacturing
            PawSense helps you catproof your computer.
            N.E.O.S® Performance Overshoes
   Group Buying Aggregation

            Technical Recruiters

                Home Page

            On-Site Hose
            REI Home Page - REI for camping, hiking, cycling, paddling, climbing, snow sports, boots, bikes, tents, boats and more!
            FedEx | United States
            U.S. Bank | WorldPerks Visa
            The Paragon Catalog Online - special occasion and seasonal gifts, woman's apparel and accessories, and home decorative accents.
            Wuollet Bakery

        Government Sites

            Central Intelligence Agency

                Center for the Study of Intelligence Home Page
                Online Publications
                Studies in Intelligence Vol. 01 No.1, 1997

            Asst. Sec. Def/Legal Affairs
            NTIA/Office of Spectrum Management
            WOODROW: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
            CPI Calculation Machine
            Frequently Occurring Names from the 1990 Census
            The United States Senate
            USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
            USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup
            Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
            U.S. Savings Bonds Online
            The Annual NORAD Tracks Santa Claus Website
            Army Technology - Current Projects
            AGO WWW Home Page

        Liberal Catholic Church

            Liberal Catholic Church in Australia
            Liberala Katolska Kyrkan
            New Orleans Area Liberal Catholic Churches
            St. Raphael's Liberal Catholic Church
            The Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the USA
            The Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the USA- Welcome
            Liberala Katolska Kyrkan
            WebRing: Navigation


            Duluth Convention and Visitors Bureau
            Jesse Ventura For Minnesota Governor Home Page
            Minnesota Coupons
            Minnesota Dept. of Economic Security
            Minnesota Virtual Mall
            MN Online
            Monarch Lab Homepage
            A Prairie Home Companion Tour and Ticket Information
            Real Estate Extra
            TwinsLAN Amateur Packet Radio Club
            State of Minnesota - North Star Options
            Health Care Assistance Programs: How can I apply?
            Sever's Corn Maze! The greatest family fun in Minnesota


            Seattle Weekly - tech: Multics and Mr. Rogers

        Nonprofit Sites

            The Night Land
            English Server Fiction Collection
            BIBLIOMANIA Home Page
            BIBLIOMANIA US Home Page
            Candy USA
            CSETI - The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
            The Corning Museum of Glass
            Dumb Bombs
            Bombs for Beginners
            Feline Rescue, Inc. Home page
            Friends of the Parks and Trails of St. Paul and Ramsey County Home Page
            Illusion Works Home
   - news and services for the Irish Internet user and users interested in Ireland in general
            Pumpkin Hollow Farm
            TeX Users Group Home Page
            The Dead Media Project

        Reference Sites

   - The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more!
            Angie's List - The Best Source For Local Home Improvement Contractors
            Celeste's Tutorial on Solaris 2.x Modems & Terminals
            Consumer World: Everything Consumer
            Dr. Tavel's King of Kings Competition Page
   is the largest resource for worldwide festivals and events. Search 25,000 festivals and events. Use travel resources, buy event merchandise and visit BackStage
            Welcome to - Find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood.
            How far is it?
            IHS Global Engineering Documents1
            Javascript Great Circle Calculator
            Killing Words
            NIST Identifier Collaboration Service - Welcome
            PFAF Database Search
            Study Guides/readin'/writin'/testin'/etc
            The Mudcat Cafe presents The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page
            Welcome to Product ReviewNet!
            Font designers
            Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
            Welcome to How Stuff Works!
            Gernot Katzer's Spice Dictionary
            Reference: Best Source for Facts on the Net -


            Aquarium Pics
            U of W Arboretum
            Museum of Flight
            Native Seattle : Secrets & Favorites of Western Washington
            Seattle (Washington) Links
            Seattle Aquarium - Washington Online Highways
            THE BURKE MUSEUM
            The Fremont Troll
            U District (Seattle)
            University of Washington Home Page
            WSDOT - Seattle Metro Traffic Flow
            Yahoo! Seattle
            Seattle Pics

        Twin Cities

            Educational institutions

                Twin Cities' Technical Colleges
                    Welcome to Hennepin Technical College
                    Welcome to St. Paul Technical

                U of M pages
                    Charles Babbage Institute
                    U of M Home Page
                    University College Home Page
                    University of Minnesota: Course Registration
                    University of Minnesota Events Calendar
                    Astronomy Department Homepage

                University of St. Thomas
                    University of St. Thomas GPS Web Site
                    Graduate Degree & Graduate Certificate Programs


            Traffic Condition Reports

                SmarTraveler Twin Cities Map
                MapQuest : Live Traffic at a Glance

            Luther Auto: Home
            Minnesota State Fair
            Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train
            Rose Galleries -Auction Schedule
            Schubert Club Home Page
            The City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
            The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. (Minn-StF)
            WCCO Channel 4000 Marketplace - Sky View!
            Northstar Chapter, NRHS Membership Information
            Minnesota Transportation Museum, Inc.
            The Minnesota Orchestra
            Minnesota Center for the Book: Homepage
            Metropolitan Council - Public Transit
            Metropolitan Council - Home Page
            U S WEST | Customer Service
            :: Asian Media Access ::
            Photo Tour of Minneapolis homepage - Pictures of Minneapolis
            LILEKS (James) Mpls Project
            Noodles opens new store
            Semple Brown Roberts, P.C.
            Saint Paul Park and Recreation
            TeaShoppe.Com by La Société du Thé
            TeaShoppe.Com by La Société du Thé

        Twin Cities Guides

            Just Go Twin Cities
            twincities.sidewalk: today
            Welcome to Channel 4000
            Yahoo - Twin Cities
   - Your Twin Cities Everything Guide
            CitySearch: Twin Cities
            Welcome to


            Online Highways - Travel Guide to Washington, Washington Adventures, Washington Camping, Washington Parks
            Olympic Peninsula Region - Washington Online Highways
            Port Townsend, Washington City Visitors Guide - PTguide - Jefferson County, Olympic Peninsula
            The Live Clam Cam
            Top Sellers
            Geoduck FAQs
            WSF - Ferry Fleet Guide: Index

        Web Camera Pages

            Control a Truck over the Web. Live Cameras for feedback
            Discovery Online -- Animal Cams: Bear Cam
            Welcome to The Nose's HomeCAMs page
            Michael Holve - Linux QuickCam Page
            The Live Clam Cam
            University of Washington Home Page
            WCCO Channel 4000 Marketplace - Sky View!
            Views from University of Washington
            Web Voyeur -- Live Images
            WearCam: The link between cyberspace and ``lightspace''
            The Waikiki Aquarium Coral Cam
            Long Beach WA Peninsula Visitors Bureau: NEWS
            Sands - Beach Cam
            Port Angeles WebCam
            Weather Cams!
            KODAK: Peregrine Falcon: Birdcam 2000
            Larsen Design + Interactive - Snoopy Cam

        Other interesting places

            National Engineers Week, February 20-26, 2000
   - Intellectual Property Protection, Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights!
            Index of /pub/DEC/SRC/research-reports
            Portability Proposal Memo
            David's Restaurant

            Siege Weapons

                AGD Antics and Mayhem Page
                Backyard Ballistics
                David Janssen's WWW Cannon
                Timber Framers Guild: Report on the Trebuchet Workshop
                Trebuchet Story

            Alien Planet Designer
            Autumnal Equinox
            Backlight Home - Images and Movies of Special Relativity
            Empire Builder Schedule
            GasHawk: Main - The premier source for gas prices!
            Handy-Man Hein
            Hummer, Humvee Information
            Janet Ruhl's Computer Consultant's Resource Page
            Jeff Rense
            LeisureHunt Home Page
            PSC Machine Room
            PSC STK SILO
            Railfan & Railroad Magazine's Home Page
            Royal: daVinci
            Spirit of America - Home Page
            Taxi 2000 Corporation - Personal Rapid Transit - The Future of Urban Transit
            The Return of Milwaukee Road 261
            Thrust SSC project
            TRIHAWK Home Page
            Vegetarian Pages
            Veggies Unite!
            Welcome to GeoCities Area51 Neighborhood
            Welcome to the Email Announce Home Page
            Wise and Wacky Sig Files
            Welcome to ClassMates!
            TOP500 Supercomputing Sites
            Transcripts: How to Order Your UW Transcript
            Classmates Cartoon E-mail
            XYZZ Software Co - Home
            Fantome Home Page
            Vegetarian Society of Minnesota
   Changing the way people move
            The Burning Man Project - Official Site
            Tuesday, February 29, 2000
            Got a Match?
            ken ritchie collectibles vintage pin-up art
            "Tall Ship NewsWire: Breaking News. Our newswire service disseminates articles to our affiliated Internet network and to traditional print and electronic media."
            CAGE - modern art,contemporary art,abstract expressionistic artwork,artists
            Byzant - Library of Esoteric Symbols
            Your French Connexion, Travel to France
            penguin jumpers
            Cat Whisker Digest

    Minnesota ISPs

        Minnesota DSL Services

            DSL - - the place for DSL, ADSL
            Agiliti Home Page

            DSL Hardware

                Cisco 675 DSL Router
                    Cisco 675 ADSL Router Installation and Operation Guide
                    Cisco 675 Standalone ADSL
                    Cisco 675 SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Router

                EtherFast Cable/DSL Router
                Flowpoint DSL Routers
                    FlowPoint Which Router is Right for You?
                    FlowPoint 144 - IDSL Router
                    FlowPoint 2200 - SDSL Router

            Jato Communications, High Speed DSL Data Networking Solutions for Business
            Welcome to Minnesota Road Runner

            U S West Info Pages

                DSL Login
                MegaBit Services from U S WEST - ISPs by State
                MegaBit services from U S WEST

            SkyPoint Communications, Inc. - DSL Pricing Internet Service Provider
        Minneapolis Telecommunications Network
        Minnesota MicroNet, ISP, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul
        Netlink Communications, Inc.
        Sihope Communications
        Skypoint WWW Server
        SUPERNEWS[tm] The World's Usenet
        Vector Internet Services Home Page
        Wavetech Inc. Home Page
        Welcome to Winternet!
        Welcome to WWW.RLT.COM
        Twin Cities Free-Net Home Page
        Real Time Enterprises, Inc. Company Information


        David S. Cargo's Favorite Music
        Non Frames Home Page at CD Universe
        The Unofficial Clannad Website
        Bird on a Wire: The Leonard Cohen Home Page
        GNU Solfege - free eartraining software
        eTktab Tablature Editor


            Official ENIGMA World Wide Web Site
            Enigma Lyrics Page


            Enya-related artists
            Enya-related artists
            Reputedly Enya's New Castle

        Loreena McKennitt

            The Official Loreena McKennitt Home Page


            Ceolas: Nightnoise
            Windham Hill: Nightnoise

        Steeleye Span

            Steeleye Span
            Steeleye Span Contents

    Personal Home Pages

        Current Minn-Stf

            Dan Goodman's Home Page
            DavE Romm's homepage
            David Dyer-Bennet's Server
            Dean's Home Page
            Floyd Henderson
            Joel Rosenberg -- Official Homepage
            Joel Rosenberg's Homepage (Evenchant)
            Keith Hauer-Lowe's Main Page
            Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet's Homepage
            Raphael Carter's Home Page
            Reed Waller/JJ Brutsman
            Scott Raun's Home Page
            Thomas' Little Corner
            Science Fiction on Radio

        Current Network Systems

            Backyard Productions - Amateur Photography
            Doug Clancey's Resume
            Harry Varnis

        Former Cray

            Glen's Place
            A Bard, A Homo Sapien, Another Jim Smith
            The Layne Family
            Cray Research Alumni
            Harold Longley's TCFN Home Page

        Former Honeywell

            Brett Slocum's Home Page
            Paul Stachour's Family Home Page
            Keller Group - PMfax Home Page

        Former Network Systems

            Bob Alberti's Home Page
            David Dyer-Bennet's Server
            Dean's Home Page
            Home page for Ken Hardwick
            Tellabs, Inc.
            Optical Solutions: Fiber-To-The-Home NOW
            Home Page

        Pages with Science Fiction Content

            Gateway to Gerrold Website
            Matthew B. Tepper's Home Page
            Phoenix Publishing
            Star Trek and B5 Fonts
            Tom Digby's Starting Page
            Argus' Dream

        Other personal home pages

            Net Connections to Communication Disorders and Sciences
            Judy Kuster's fun home page
            Anton Sherwood
            Craig A. Finseth's Stuff
            Don Knuth's Home Page
            Gene's Home Page
            George Goble (GHG) [EXTENDED HOME PAGE]
            Gordon Peterson's Home Page
            Harry Claude Cat's Toon Show
            Helen Andrea and Jan Theodore Galkowski
            home page for Greg & Gina Fieser
            Joseph A. Konstan
            Julio Ojeda-Zapata is TECH.writer
            L. R. Fortney's Personal Home Page
            Lexx' Wonderful World
            Lindsay Marshall's Home Page
            Mary Anne's Home Page
            P.J. Plauger
            Steven Silver's Home Page
            The Page Generator v2.0
            Timothy A. Budd's home page
            Gene Ackerman's Web Site
            Matthew B. Tepper's Home Page
            The Slan Shack


        Kite Aerial Photography

            Kite Aerial Photography - Welcome
            Kite Aerial Photography - Simon Harbord

        Medium Format Cameras

            What is a Holga?
            Stuart Daroca - Holga Camera
            Choosing a Medium Format Camera
            Medium Format Camera Reviews by Danny Gonzalez
            The Internet Camera Library
            The Lubitel Gallery
            Lubitel 166U
            The Great Lakes Region's source for Plastic camera photography - An inclusive, non-competitive group dedicated to the Pursuit of Photograpy as Expression.
            Photos : What's a Holga?
            Make your own 4x5 large format camera

        Outdoor Photography

            Virtual Panoramas

                Image Catalog - Mountain Light Photography Galen Rowell and Barbara Rowell
                Virtual Reality Panorama from the Wawona Tunnel (large)
                Virtual Reality Panoramas of Lower Yosemite Valley
                Don Bain's Virtual Reality Panoramas

            Goblin Valley

                Michael and Sandy's Travel and Outdoor Page - Goblin Valley State Park
                Jeffrey Botkin Photography - Nature Images I - Goblin Valley
                Goblin Valley: Travel photography
                Goblin Valley II, Utah, 360 degree panorama photography
                Utah Guide - Goblin Valley State Park
                Goblin Valley State Park, Utah Photo
                Goblin Valley State Park photographs
                Utah Remote's Goblin Valley

            Scubahoo: Bilder & Texte : Bildersammlungen

        Pinhole Photography

            Sites that link to mine

                Fotografía en la Red
                pinhole photography
                Podeska - escargot
                Photography - Super Expo
                Other Photography Links
                Adventures in CyberSound
                Pinhole Astrophotography
                link page

            BPC Gallery-May
            Carlos Jurado and Jesseca Ferguson at the PRC
            Directory of Pinhole Artists on the Web
            Gene F. Rhodes
            My Pinhole Photography Page
            Pinhole Camera Activity
            Pinhole Camera Reading
            Pinhole Exposure Determination
            Pinhole Photography: The Penultimate Pinhole Page
            Pinhole Reading
            Ray's Pinhole Photography
            the pinhole gallery
            Pinhole Resource Online
            The Zone Plate
            Pinhole Photography
            Pinhole Photography
            Pinhole Visions (Welcome to Pinhole Visions)
            Wonderful World of Pinhole
            Ahmet Selim Sabuncu Fotograf Sergisi
            HyperZine Manufacturer's View: 6 x 9 Pinhole Camera
            Links2Go: Black Hole - Wonderland
            Pinhole Photography
            Gene F. Rhodes
            Its About Light!
            Pinhole Camera Data
            FREESTYLE CATALOG - Page 60
            Pinhole Photography Discussion List
            Fuguzushi...Tasty Yet Deadly!---Photography by Kuniyuki- With an Edge, cuts up with a vengance!!

        [Jewelry] Tips From The Jeweler's Bench - Search Engine [jewelry]
        Amateur Photography - Welcome from The Mining Co.
        ART 110
        AVG - "Andreas' Virtual Gallery
        GUIDE to rec
        Kodak DC-25 & other digital cameras
        LLoyd's Table of Contents
        Doorviewer Lens Camera
        MAD Album: Images of Madison, Wisconsin, USA

        Pentax cameras

            Pentax FAQ
            Spotmatic Batteries
            The Pentax Collector's Page
            The unofficial Asahi Pentax Spotmatic Home Page

        Photo Library
        Photos Inc

        Photographers pages

            Andrew Davidhazy
            Bill D. Casselberry ; Photography on the Oregon Coast
            Bruce Barrett (Photography)
            Campos & Davis Photos
            Jerry Vincent Pinhole Photography
            La Porte d'Aval
            Peter G. Balazsy Polaroid Photo Image Transfer Art
            Photo Visions of Rein Karp
            Willie Anne Wright
            William Laven Photography
   | agenda
            Sommeil Abysse
            Welcome to Anthony Maw Photography

        Shutterbug Home Page

        Photographic processes

            Bostick & Sullivan Inc - alternative photographic processes
            Hamish's Gum Bichromate Photography
            Invisible Light - Infrared Photography by Andy Finney
            New Platinum Print page

        Photographic products

            Bender Photographic, Inc. View Camera Kits
            Large format cameras: reviews of the Bender Camera Kit
            BLACK CAT PhotoProducts, Inc.
            A photographer's place: Freestyle!
            KB Gear | JamC@m Specs

        Stockphoto Homepage
        T.L.C. Photography
        Stonebrook golf is ON FIRE!
        Photography REVIEW: ViewFinder Photo Project
        Film Reciprocity Failure Guide

    Science Fiction


            Joe Haldeman's Home Page
            Dave Duncan's Home Page
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