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My Home Page
Key Word Index
Yahoo-like Bookmarks
AltaVista: Home - Advanced Text Search
InfoWorld Electric Page One
Linux Today: Top
Linux Weekly News, daily updates page
Yahoo! - News -- linux updates
Quick reference
    Relating to Home Configuration
            DSL Router
        Secure Home Internet Gateway
            Linux Firewalls
        Home-built system
            Home Ethernet Interface Info
            Home Sound Card Info
        IBM Personal Computer 350
    CSci 5110
        Basic mail converters
Search stuff
    Dictionaries and glossaries
    News and mailing lists
    People and business directories
    Search Engines
Compilers and Languages
    Compiler Directories Guides & Comparisons
    Compiler and system research
        Virtual Machines
    Compiler tools
        Specialized Compilers
        Abstract Syntax Description Languages
        Parsing Tools
        Code Generation
        Run-Time Libraries
        Whole Compiler Systems
            LCC - A Retargetable Compiler
    Compiler Books
    Icon Stuff
    Other languages
        Other Other Languages
        Ada Language
        BASIC Languages
        Extension languages
        Forth and Related Languages
        Lisp and Lisp-related Languages
        Macro Languages
            Python Tutorials
            Scheme Documents and Articles
            Scheme Supplier Pages
                Kawa ( Scheme Compiled to Java Bytecodes )
        Scripting Languages
        Products Implemented with Smalltalk
        Smalltalk Wikis
        Smalltalk Sources
            Dolphin Smalltalk
            GNU Smalltalk
            Little Smalltalk by Tim Budd
            Pocket Smalltalk
            Squeak Smalltalk
                Squeak Mail Archives
        Smalltalk tutorials and introductions
        Smalltalk Advocacy
        Smalltalk links
        tcl/tk applications
            Other tcl/tk applications
                Tk IRC Clients
                Tk Mail Clients
                Tcl CGI Programming
                Tk FTP Clients
            scotty and tkined
            Tcl/tk data bases
            Tcl/tk GUI builders and IDEs
            Tcl/tk news readers
            Tcl/tk object systems
            Tcl/tk web browsers
        tcl/tk code sources
            Tcl/tk megawidgets
            SWIG ( Simplified Wrapper Interface Generator )
        tcl/tk extensions
        tcl/tk plugins
        tcl/tk references
            tcl/tk Books and Book Reviews
            tcl/tk advocacy
            tcl/tk faqs
            tcl/tk education
            tcl/tk Personal Pages
    X Applications
    X Servers
    X11 modelines
    X Window Managers
        Blackbox Window Manager
            Blackbox documentation
            Blackbox helper programs
        GNOME Window Manager
        KDE Window Manager
        Other Window Managers
        Window Manager Choosers
    Other Window Systems
    Linux Hosting Other Operating Systems
    Linux applications
        Linux application indexes
        Data bases
        Tape backup
        Linux Graphics Applications
            Linux Wallpaper Applications
        Linux office software
        Other Linux applications
            Linux File Managers
            Linux FTP Clients
            Linux System Monitoring
            Linux Multimedia Applications
            Linux Command Line Shells
            Linux News Readers
            Linux Games
    Linux-based projects
        Linux File System Projects
            Global File System
            Logical Volume Manager ( LVM )
            Secure File System
    Linux distributions
        Red Hat
        Reduced size Linux distributions
            Linux that needs no ext2 partition
            Linux for embedded systems
            Multiple Floppy Linux Distributions
            Single Floppy Linux Distributions
            Small Linux distributions for firewalls
                Linux Router Project Sites
        Repackaged Linux distributions
    Linux documentation
        Linux Newbie Info
    Linux Electronic News, Magazines and Books
    Linux ISPs
    Linux Networking
        Linux Virtual Private Networks
    Linux Tips
    Other Info
        Individuals' Linux Pages
        Linux advocacy
        Linux background information
        Linux code updates
        Linux hardware issues
        Linux on different platforms
            Linux on Handhelds
            Linux on Laptops
            Linux on Legacy Hardware
                SGI Indy & Linux
                    Linux on SGI Mips
                    SGI Indy Software
        Linux and different peripherals
        Organizations' Linux Pages
        Linux resources
        Linux User Groups
            Twin Cities Linux Users Group ( TCLUG )
        Open Source Software
    Java Applet Issues
        Microsoft Java Applet Issues Pages
        Sun Java Applet Issues Pages
    Free Java Applications
    Sun Java Pages
    Sunsite Java Pages
    Java Books and Magazines
    Java Examples
    Java Extensions
        Java Message Service
    Java for Linux
        Blackdown Java
    Java Help Systems
    Java Language Issues
        Java Accessibility
        Java Core Reflection
    Java Object Persistence
    Java Servlets and Server Pages
    Java Tools
        Java Documentation Tools
        Java Beautifiers
        Java Compiler Tools
        Java Development Environments
            Commercial Java Development Environments
                Forte for Java
            Noncommercial Java Development Environments
                Java 1.1 + Swing IDEs
                Java 1.2 ( or later) IDEs
                Java 1.3 IDEs
            Windows-only Java IDEs
        Apparent Java Users
        Java Post-Compiling Tools
        Java Performance Tools
        Java Test Tools
            JUnit Java Test Tool
        Useful Java Add-Ons
            Java XML Tools
    Java Training Classes
    Java Tutorials, Lecture Notes, Online Books
        Java Tutorials
        Java Message Service ( JMS )
        Java Reflection
    Java Vendors
    Java-related Homepages
    Java and XML
H/W and S/W Sources
    Accessory Vendors
    CPU and RAM vendors
    Do-It-Yourself references
    General Vendors
    Internet Appliance Vendors
    Mailorder references
        Price comparisons
        Vendor satisfaction surveys
    Motherboard manufacturers
    Open Source Projects
        Jabber Related
    Other Operating Systems
    Peripheral Vendors
    Service Vendors
    Software Vendors
        Data base software
        Freeware/Shareware archives
        Iomega ZIP drive software
        Office software
        Text Editing software
        Web software
        Utility software
    Subsystem Vendors
        Video subsystems
    Surplus and Used Computer Vendors
    System Vendors
        Twin Cities' Vendors
        Top-Tier System Vendors
        Middle-Tier System Vendors
        Bottom-Tier System Vendors
        Linux-Hardware System Vendors
            Linux Rackmount / Server Systems
        Online Computer Magazines
        Online Version of Weekly Magazines
        Online Version of Monthly Magazines
        Online Version of Computer Quarterly Magazines
        Specific movies
        Coming attraction sites
        Reviews and interviews
    News and Electronic Magazines
        Daily newspapers
        Monthly magazines
        News wires and news consolidators
        Online magazines
        Weekly magazines and newspapers
    Radio and TV
    Science Fiction
        Babylon 5
        Lexx - The Dark Zone
High-Speed Channels
    Serial Channel Comparisons
        ESCON Overviews
    Fibre Channel
        F/C Overviews
        F/C-Related Implementations
        F/C Products
        F/C Testers
    Interoperability Labs
    Serial Storage Architecture ( SSA )
StorageTek/Network Systems
    Storage area networking
    Web-based management
Software and Networks
    Software Development Issues
        Configuration Management ( CM / SCM )
            Concurrent Version System ( CVS )
                CVS Howtos and Documenation
                Interfaces to CVS Repositories
                    Web CVS interfaces
                Other CVS Tools
            SCM Tools
        Developing Graphical User Interfaces ( GUI )
            Use Cases
            Designing Graphical User Interfaces ( GUI )
            Topics in GUI Programming
        Requirements tracing
        Software Engineering
    Software Development Hosting Sites
    Graphics and Graphing Applications
    Graphical User Interfaces
    Publishing software ( TeX LaTex LyX )
    Mailing list software
    Misc Applications
        DSL Networking
        ISDN Networking
        Network Testing
        Tutorials and other info sources
        DOS and Windows Networking
        Security Companies
        Secure Operating Systems
        SSH Secure Shell
            SSH Articles
            SSH Documentation
        Virtual Private Networks
    Software Personnel Sources
    Software Technologies
        Extensible Markup Language ( XML )
        Garbage Collection
        Literate Programming
            XML and Literate Programming
        Object Oriented Programming
            Simple Object Access Protocol ( SOAP )
                SOAP for perl
                SOAP for python
                SOAP for tcl
        Programming Design Patterns
        Software Research
        Software Technologies Bibliographies
        Standardized General Markup Language ( SGML )
        Web-based Technologies
    Software Testing
Web Resources
    Bookmark Managers
    Free e-mail sites
    HTML Editors
        Emacs HTML modes
    HTML Examples
    HTML Generators
    HTML indexers
    HTML Preprocessors
    HTML Protocols and Standards
    HTML Servers and Search Engines
    News and Discussion Groups
    URL fetchers
    Webmaster Reference Info
    Web hosting sites
    Web site maintenence
        HTML Formatters and Validators
        Link Checkers
        Local & Remote Directory Synchronization
        Web Graphics Organizers
            Screen Savers and Wallpaper Sites
    WikiWikiWeb servers
Personal Bookmarks
    Aviation and Space
        Photograph Sites
        Official Government Aviation and Space Sites
            NASA Space Probes
            NASA X Programs
        Aviation History
        Mystery Aircraft
        Other Aviation Stuff
            SR-71 Blackbird Links
        Other Space Stuff
    Bed and Breakfasts
    Cooking, Baking, Recipes and Nutrition
        Recipe Sites
        Nutrition and Meal Planning
        Specific Recipes
    Fractals and other art
    Health and Medicine
            Diabetes Monitor
            Diabetes Recipes, Ingredients, and Nutrition
        World War II History
    Interesting Places
        Humor and satire
        Commercial Sites
            New or used books
            Audio & Video Sales
            Cellular Phone Service
            Internet Car Sales
            Internet Food Sales
            Technical Recruiters
        Government Sites
            Central Intelligence Agency
        Liberal Catholic Church
        Nonprofit Sites
        Reference Sites
        Twin Cities
            Educational institutions
                Twin Cities' Technical Colleges
                U of M pages
                University of St. Thomas
            Traffic Condition Reports
        Twin Cities Guides
        Web Camera Pages
        Other interesting places
            Siege Weapons
    Minnesota ISPs
        Minnesota DSL Services
            DSL Hardware
                Cisco 675 DSL Router
                Flowpoint DSL Routers
            U S West Info Pages
        Loreena McKennitt
        Steeleye Span
    Personal Home Pages
        Current Minn-Stf
        Current Network Systems
        Former Cray
        Former Honeywell
        Former Network Systems
        Pages with Science Fiction Content
        Other personal home pages
        Kite Aerial Photography
        Medium Format Cameras
        Outdoor Photography
            Virtual Panoramas
            Goblin Valley
        Pinhole Photography
            Sites that link to mine
        Pentax cameras
        Photographers pages
        Photographic processes
        Photographic products
    Science Fiction
            Ian M. Banks
            Jack Vance
        Fan Pages
            Glen Cook
            Andre Norton
            Steven Brust
            Terry Pratchett
        Other SF Pages
    Wales and Welsh
Index of Bookmark Headings
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