Re: Tasks, and scenarios

Jeffrey M. Rye (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:25:07 -0600 (CST)

Task 6:

User: Student at University with 2 (or more) email accounts. Such as a
IT student at U of M, with tc account, and itlabs account. Note in
general, the user knows email systems for both accounts, but may not be a
"hacker", or well versed in command line commands.

Task: Student has an email archive of jokes to convert to web pages.
Breaks the archive into several archives based on the style of the joke
(story, one liner, lewd, etc.), each archive has a subject based on the
style of the joke. Each archive is converted to a web page, with the
archive subject as its subject. Then each html archive is transferred to
a web server, with not all the html archives go to the same server.

Task 7:

User: From task 6.

Task: Receives email from different friends at the seperate email
addresses. Has been saving joke emails into different archives for the
different email accounts. Student wants to make these jokes available
online with them sorted and indexed by their subject with each division
on the web page having several email subjects (maybe there is a subject
on the web page: story jokes, that includes emails with the subjects
school joke, story joke, long joke, a story, etc). Needs to get all
emails into one archive, and then convert the archive into html format
with each email having its own page. Once in html, transfer to some

Task 10:

User: From task 6.

Task: User has done task 6. He receives another joke email from a
friend. He takes the email from the remote site, and brings it local.
Then he converts it to its own html file. Next it is transferred to a
remote server that has one of the web pages already in existance, and is
added to the existing html formatted archives, based on its subject.


Okay, here is the revised version. If I didn't interpret comments right, let me know, and I will update this again.

I think that task 10 is important. It is irrelevant to the user how we implement this (if we choose to). What is important is that this is a task that a potential user might want to do. That is, a potential user may want to add emails to his web site each night when he goes home from work. We need to have at least one task that indicates we realize that someone may want to change or add to the output of this program down the road.

Is this possible in HyperMail? Are we able to add the messages that I have sent this afternoon to phase 2?