Tasks, and scenarios

Jeffrey M. Rye (ryex0006@itlabs.umn.edu)
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 12:22:47 -0600 (CST)

Task 6:

User: Student at University with 2 (or more) email accounts. Such as a
IT student at U of M, with tc account, and itlabs account. Note in
general, the user knows email systems for both accounts, but may not be a
"hacker", or well versed in command line commands.

Task: Receives email from different friends at the seperate email
addresses. Has been saving joke emails into different archives for the
different email accounts. Student wants to make these jokes available
online without being concerned about their order. Needs to get all
emails into one archive, and then convert the archive into html format
with each email having its own page. Once in html, transfer to some

Task 7:

User: From task 6.

Task: User has been archiving mail from multiple email accounts locally.
Student will convert multiple archives to html. The html pages will be
organized by subject (Blond Jokes, Polish Jokes, Story Jokes, Lewd Jokes,
etc.). Then html needs to be transfered to remote server, to be made
available to public. When files are transfered to remote server, they
must be placed in seperate directories because the student wants to
maintain control over the web site.

Task 10:

User: From task 6.

Task: User has done task 6. He receives another joke email from a
friend. He takes the email from the remote site, and brings it local.
Then he converts it to its own html file. Next it is transferred to the
remote server that has the web pages already in existance, and is added
to the existing html formatted archives, based on its subject.


Please take a look at what I have written here. Is this what the task should look like? I only wrote out tasks 6, and 7. 10 I added because I think it is a task that we should list. Actually, I am the student that is being listed as the user, and this is a task that I would do.

Please check to make sure that I have done the tasks right...That means that this isn't specific instructions on how to use our system, or any other system. Is it detailed enough? Too detailed? Not representative of a task our user might do?

Please give me some feedback. I should be on my computer most of the afternoon, and should be able to return email messages in a matter of minutes.

Thanks, Jeff

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