Please check my web page

David S. Cargo (escargo)
Fri, 9 Jan 98 09:04:46 CST

I have updated;
please take a look at it.

When you look at the Project Overview list, there is a link for
"Organize Project Team" that connects to my mail log. One of my project
ideas is a program that takes mail archives and makes them convenient
for web access. (I had to hand edit the mail archive to turn it into
HTML; it could be done more automatically.) I would find this useful
myself and I think it would be potentially useful to lots of other people.
The fact that it would be used to help document the project itself is
a big plus.

At least 3 of the 4 of us want Brad Hokanson to join the project.
One thing we haven't determined is how we, as a project team, make
decisions. If it's majority rule, then we have a conclusion. If it
is by concensus, then we still need to hear from Quang-Tuyen.

I would also like to know what else to add to the "Project Members" table.
If any of you have web pages you would like me to link to, let me know
and I will add them.

See you Monday.