Re: class project and notes

David S. Cargo (escargo)
Tue, 6 Jan 98 14:05:17 CST

Games are interesting. I wouldn't mind doing a game if it were
one I wanted to play myself. (I have always wanted a solitaire game
with infinite undo.)

I don't know the characteristics of the machines our project needs to
run on, but tcl/tk doesn't have sound support built in.

Whatever project we choose, I want it to be useful to me (and useful
to other people as well, of course).

Since I'm going to be doing web sites (and therefore need to manage
links), and part of one of the web sites is a mail and news archive
(and therefore needs to provide access to that mail and news), my
thoughts quickly turned in that direction.

Think how our project log would be enhanced by having a searchable
archive of mail discussing all the project history, including any
discussions we had. The project would document itself. Remember
one of the rules the instructor mentioned in class: If the developers
have to use the tool themselves, the tool will work.