class project and notes

David S. Cargo (escargo)
Tue, 6 Jan 98 09:56:27 CST

This is partly a test of our e-mail connection (and my handwriting

I thought I should mention that I have a personal web page,, and a bookmarks file, The bookmarks
file, which is large, has a section devoted to the tcl/tk language.

One page I link to is that of Eric Foster-Johnson, the author of one
of the recommended books (he's local and he answers questions).

I was thinking that I could add a page where we could archive info
having to do with our project.

I plan to work on some project proposals to put onto this page tonight.
In summary, some of the projects I thought of are (1) a program to help
manage links for a web site, (2) a program to convert mail archives into
HTML pages multiply indexed and linked by date, subject, and author, and
(3) a program for managing a pizza business.

Let a thousand flowers bloom!