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St. Paul and Minneapolis Area Volvo Service and Parts Sources:


Borton Volvo
5428 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis MN 55419

Good parts department, excellent customer service, both parts staff and
service staff are willing to answer questions from shade-tree types.
I've been hearing some not-so good things about their used car group
recently but YMMV.

Kline Volvo
3040 Highway 61
Maplewood, MN 55109

Kline has recently spun their Volvo dealership off from their "Autoworld" multi-marque dealership facility.
The jury is still out on what this means to their service department, but I remain hopeful. Their parts guys are
on the ball and have been great to deal with.

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Independent Garages:

Gorshe Bros.
800 14th Ave. SE
Minneapolis MN 55414

Excellent work.....these guys love Volvos.

Roseville Auto Service
1900 Oakcrest Ave
Roseville MN 55113
The Owner is a VSA member, and quite knowledgeable. Excellent place to bring
your car in the north metro. I can't say enough good things about these
guys, they are nothing short of fantastic.

1755 W Co Rd C
Roseville MN 55113

Bosch authorized service center. Kind of spendy but they do good work.

North Suburban Amoco
415 Hwy. 96
Shoreview MN 55126

Amoco Certicare garage owned by a Volvo lover

Como Imports
1501 Como Ave SE
Minneapolis MN 55414

I've had both excellent and poor work done here. Inconsistent and

The Foreign Service
1746 Terrace Drive
Roseville MN 55113

These guys have a good reputation. They don't advertise but it doesn't seem to
hurt their business any. Call well in advance. I've not used them myself and would
interested in hearing more about their work. Prices run a little high, but they are not

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Used Parts (Local Yards):
Strandberg's Auto
Centuria WI
1-800-448-5121 (ask for John or Kevin)

Euro recyclers with warehouses full of Volvo parts.....

Prospect Auto Parts
2565 Franklin Ave
St. Paul MN

Auto Salvage yard near the University of Minnesota. Lots of student "beaters"
end their days here. Stock varies, but it's always worth a call.....and no, Wayne's not from around here.

All Star Auto
770 S. St. Croix Trail
Lakeland MN

Import Auto Recycler in the St. Croix Valley, Mix of Euro and Japanese stuff.

U Pull R Parts
2875 160 St. West
Rosemount MN

The Twin Cities first true "pick and pull" yard. They focus on vehicles 10 years and older.
Vehicles are replaced frequently so be sure to call first for current inventory.
Costs two bucks to enter the yard (price change January of '02), and kids under 16 are not admitted.
Every year they run a "pull-a-thon". If you can carry it 20 feet, you get it for $30, all profits go to the Courage Center.
Fun to watch, and it supports a good cause.
Stock can be "feast or famine" on Volvos, but it's always a good time

AAA Auto Salvage
2871 160 St. West
Rosemount MN

Yard run by the same folks that own U Pull R Parts (next door). They focus on newer vehicles,
less than 10 years of age. Go here for parts on '91 or newer vehicles.

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Mail-Order Parts Sources

Portland, Oregon

Big selection of Volvo aftermarket performance parts and accessories.
On-line ordering as well as catalog sales.

5275 East Drexel Road
Tucson, Arizona 85706

New, Used and Re-built Volvo parts. I've ordered from these guys a couple of times and have had good luck.

2200 S. Industrial Hwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Swedish Engineering

SwedishEngineering has a large selection of new, used and re-built Volvo
parts, covering most models, and ship nation-wide. They also have full-service
maintenance facilities in Ann Arbor MI, Marietta GA, and Eugene OR.
Parts and service Requests can both be done on-line. See web site for more details.
Free classified ads are available to buy or sell 'yer stuff.

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Lamps and Lighting

Swedish Auto Parts
Rubinvagen 60
s-260 61 Hyllinge
Swedish Auto Parts

I was recently quoted some prices for E-code lamps, both OEM, and aftermarket
new and used, by Anders Hallstrom. The prices are very fair, and are much better than anything
available in the US. They can't do online Visa transactions yet, but this functionality
is in the works. They stock a lot more than just lighting as well.

Dan Stern Lighting
Stern Lighting

Lots of stuff on lighting, upgrades, and lighting myths. Also sells e-code bulbs and
wiring upgrade kits.


Venburg Tire & Service
2990 Hwy. 61 North
St. Paul, MN 55109

North metro Tire and Service shop that deals in Cooper, Laramie, and Nokian tires.
Call in advance for sizing availability of tires, if they don't have your size, they can get them quick.
I just picked up a set of Nokian NRW's for my wife's car. Quick and convenient.

Norm's Tire Sales Inc.
477 East Little Canada Road
Little Canada, MN 55117

Another dealer in the north metro to start selling Nokian Tires. I've never purchaced from them before, so I have no idea what to expect.

Modern Tire
9051 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prarie, MN 55347
Modern Tire Inc.

South Metro Tire and service shop. They stock Nokian , Toyo, BFG, Hercules, and Michelin

Twin City Tire
8653 Lyndale Ave South
Bloomington, MN 55420
Twin City Tire

The only place in the Metro to get Vredestein Tires.

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There are others, both good and bad, in other parts of the
metro, the country, and the world. These however, have proven to be the best overall that I have
worked with, in terms of knowledge, quality of work and/or value.

As always ymmv

If you have any suggestions, additions, or comments, you can send them here.
I'm always looking for recommendations for good parts/service sources. If you
have any suggestions, please let me know.

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Other Internet Resources

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