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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

System and Software Required to Download Windows 3.1 Software

  • An IBM compatible computer with at least a 386 processor and 4Mb RAM.
  • MS-Windows 3.1 or better.
  • At least 10 Mb of free disk space on your hard drive.
  • A modem, with a speed of at least 14.4K (14,400) bits per second. NOTE: Zoom and Supra modems may cause problems with SkyPoint's equipment.
  • An established PersonalLink Skypoint account. NOTE: You WILL need the Username and Password assigned to you by SkyPoint.
  • A terminal program that supports a transfer protocol. Some examples of this type of program are: Procomm, Telemate, Comit, or Telix. The Windows Terminal program that comes loaded with Windows in the "Accessories" subgroup may be used, but is not recommended because it only supports the Xmodem protocol.


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