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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

How to Telnet

From a Windows 95 machine, you can use the Telnet services built in to it. From a Macintosh machine, you will need a Telnet program like NCSA Telnet or Better Telnet, both available from from a windows 3.1 machine, you can use either ewan or netterm as a Telnet client.

***Common Information used in all Telnet programs:***

Remote Host:
Terminal type: vt100
Login = username or email name without the
Password = your Skypoint Login password

The WIN95 procedures are such: (Windows 3.1 and Macintosh procedures will be fairly close once the Telnet client is running.) Click on Start | Run, in the Run box type Telnet. It will open a DOS box, click on connect Remote system; type in remote host box

It will prompt you for your user Login == (same as your Email name) It will prompt your for your password == (type your password in and hit return)
Press the enter / return key at the VT100 prompt. This will bring up the Menu for SkyPoint. The default unix mail reader Pine can not handle a mail box greater than 14 megs. Thus, if your mailbox of is greater than 14 megs, you must go to a Shell account by selecting Shell and then selecting either T or C shell either may be used. At which time you will be in your home directory on our server

Some unix commands to help you explore are:
'ls ­l' == do a long listing showing all file and directory info.
'pwd'== where am i 'cd ..' go up one level
'cd 'directoryıı directory is the name of directory you want to goto.
'cd '/directory/directoryı' go down two levels

The mail program will take a few minutes to open, but it will load your entire mail box being stored on our system. When loaded, it will display all the information in the headers of the mail. You can go through and individually mark a mail message for removal, or, at the help option, you may use the mass select keys and search your mail by either subject, from, or a text string. You can either save these messages to a file under your home mail subdirectory, or you can simply delete those messages that you no longer need. If you save the messages to file, it will count against your quota of disk storage space allowed on our servers. However, in any event, it will reduce your mailbox file on the mail server, and speed up our server access which a goal at this time. And last, you may want to check your win95 client email program, insuring that the option to remove the mail from the server when checking for new mail is set. You should also establisha set of procedures for you or someone in your company to routinely remove your email from our mail server, if it is normally left on SkyPoint servers.

If you have any questions regarding this message or believe that this is beyond your technical expertise, give SkyPoint's tech support a call for assistance.


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