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Preparing To Configure TCP/IP

In order to run MacPPP or any other PPP program, the user MUST properly configure the TCP control panel. Macintoshes use several different versions of TCP. This section is intended to help you determine which TCP software you have. Once you know your TCP software type, continue on to the section describing how to set up that software.

  • 1. Locate your TCP control panel. Under the Apple menu in the bar at the top of your monitor, select "Find File." Search for the names containing the word "TCP." Find File will show you a list of several items with that word in the name. Look for the item listed as a "control panel" under the "Kind" heading, and located in the System Folder's Control Panels folder.

    NOTE: If you find a control panel named "MacTCP" and a control panel named "TCP/IP," you will need to reinstall the TCP components of your system from your system disks! The Network Software Selector can help you choose which one to use. However, you will not be able to log on if both are installed because they will conflict.


  • 2. Open the TCP control panel. In the Find File window, double-click on the TCP control panel you have located. Look at the control panel to determine whether you are using Open Transport TCP or MacTCP. The Open Transport TCP control panel is called "TCP/IP." The Mac TCP control panel is called "MacTCP."


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