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Preparing the Software You Have Downloaded For Use

The software you have just downloaded is not ready for use because it had been compacted to save download time. You will need to expand the files and move them around on your system.

  • 1.Locate the downloaded file. If you did not specify the name and location for the downloaded file, it will be located in your terminal program's directory, or wherever you have set the default download directory for the terminal program (if applicable). The default name for the downloaded file is Sky.macInstlr.sea.
  • 2.Expand the file. The software has been compacted in a format that is called a "self-extracting archive." Locate the file you have just downloaded and double-click on it. The computer will ask you where you would like the expanded file to be placed, and for a name for the new folder which will contain the software. The default file name is New Mac. The file will expand into a folder containing a series of other folders.
  • 3.Locate the new folder. Find and open the new folder.
  • 4.Locate the MacPPP folder. Find and open the MacPPP folder. Inside it are 3 items, including Config PPP.
  • 5.Move Config PPP. Config PPP must be moved from its current folder into your System Folder's Control Panels folder. Open your System Folder. Inside your System Folder, open the Control Panels folder. Drag Config PPP into the Control Panels folder from its current location. Leave the other 2 items in the MacPPP folder where they are.
  • 6.OPTIONAL: Put Config PPP in your Apple Menu. Making Config PPP an Apple Menu item makes logging on quickly a breeze. In the system folder:
    • Highlight Config PPP by clicking on it.
    • From the File menu in the menu bar at the top of your monitor, select Make Alias. Your computer will make an alias for Config PPP, which looks just like the Config PPP icon. Its name will be "Config PPP Alias."
    • Locate the folder in your System Folder called "Apple Menu Items." Open the Apple Menu Items folder. Drag Config PPP Alias into the Apple Menu Items folder.
    • In the Apple Menu Items folder, click on the name "Config PPP Alias." In a moment, a box should appear around the name. The name should be highlighted, and you should see a cursor blinking in the box.
    • Delete the word "Alias" at the end of "Config PPP Alias." Hit return. The icon and the changed name should now appear normal. You will now be able to see Config PPP in the Apple Menu.
  • 7.Throw away one of the POPmail folders. You will see two POPmail folders in your new software folder. One is for Macintoshes using a 680x0 processor (POPmail for 68K Macs), and one is for PowerMacs (POPmail for PowerPC). Keep the appropriate folder and throw the other in the trash.
  • 8.Move other software as desired. You may want to move the communications software folders you just expanded to some place more appropriate to your organizational scheme. Please feel free to do so - files other than Config PPP can be placed anywhere.


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