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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

Macintosh Software Available on the SkyPoint FTP Site

  • MacPPP
    Merit & Steve Dagley - Freeware
    Allows a user to connect to the Internet via PPP.
  • Fetch
    Dartmouth - Shareware
    Provides access to FTP (file transfer protocol) sites. Users may upload or download software and documents from these sites.
  • NewsWatcher
    Northwestern University - Freeware
    Provides user access to Newsgroups.
  • POPmail
    University of Minnesota - Freeware
    POPmail is a basic e-mail application.
  • TurboGopher
    University of Minnesota - Freeware
    Provides a menu-driven interface at a variety of Internet sites which offer the Gopher option. This is useful for those who would like to access the information on a variety of sites using the UNIX operating system, but who are not sufficiently familiar with it to navigate without help.


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