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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

Configuring Open Transport PPP

NOTE: Although Open Transport PPP is NOT downloadable from SkyPoint, it is included here because so many users have it installed on their systems. If you have Open Transport PPP, do NOT install MacPPP.

  • 1.Choose Control Panels from the Apple menu.
  • 2.Open the PPP Control Panel. If the "Control Panels" option in the Apple menu pops up another menu of Control Panels choices, choose "PPP." If it does not, and only allows you to open the Control Panels folder, locate the "PPP" icon and double-click it. The following window will appear:

Open Transport PPP

  • 3.Select "Registered User". Click in the circle next to the "Registered User" option.
  • 4.Set the "Name" and "Password options. NOTE: this step is OPTIONAL. It will permanently save your Username and Password (if desired) so that you will not need to manually type them in every time you connect to your SkyP oint account. If you are concerned about the security of your account, or if you, your family, or your organization have more than one SkyPoint account that will be accessed through this computer, you should NOT set this option.
    • A. Enter your Name. In the "Name" box, type the Username you were given by SkyPoint.
    • B. Enter your Password. In the "Password" box, type the Password you were given by SkyPoint.
    • C. Select "Save Password". NOTE: this step is OPTIONAL. If you do not select this option, but have entered your Name and Password, you will be asked to enter your Password each time you log on. If you do select this option, your Password will be saved and used automatically each time. Not selecting the "Save Password" option will allow you to log on more quickly because your Name will be automatically entered, but will improve your account security by requiring a Password check.
  • 5.Enter the SkyPoint telephone number. In the "Number" box:
    • If you will be calling from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area: Type 252-9020.
    • If you will be calling from the Hudson/Stillwater area: Type 436-3637.
    • If you will be calling from the Duluth/Superior area: Type 723-8777.
  • 6.Select "Close". Click the "Close" button.
  • 7.Select "Save". Click the "Save" button when you are prompted to save the configuration.


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