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How Can I Get Internet Explorer?

To access your e-mail account, News, the World Wide Web, and other Internet services, you will need a package of utilities. Some basic types of software for accessing Internet services through your account are:

    • E-Mail. To send and receive e-mail, you will need an e-mail package. Eudora is frequently used.
    • Web Browser. To access the World Wide Web, you will need a browser. Some common browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer.
    • News Reader. In order to access the Internet News Groups, you will need a news reader such as Free Agent.
    • FTP. To access FTP sites to download files, you will need an FTP program.
    • Telnet. Telnet, a terminal emulator, allows the user to access UNIX sites. This is included with Windows 95.
    • Gopher. Gopher is a menu-based system for finding information, in a text-only format, on various computers connected to the Internet.
    • IRC. Users can access Internet Relay Chat to "talk" to other users on-line. Unlike a news reader, IRC allows users to chat in "real time" rather than leaving messages.

These services are not the only ones available on the Internet, but they are among the most commonly used. This list simply demonstrates the variety of packages available. Many systems come with some of these packages already loaded, and they are easy to acquire from non-online sources. Many of these utilities are included in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Some users already have a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer installed or on a Microsoft Plus Pack CD-ROM. Internet Explorer, which is free, provides a full, basic Internet connectivity kit including e-mail, World Wide Web browser, and news reader software. It may also be downloaded via FTP from the Microsoft FTP site.

To check if Internet Explorer is already loaded on your system, click on "Start", and follow this path of menu items: "Programs/Accessories/Internet Tools". In the "Internet Tools" menu, you will see "Internet Explorer" if the software is loaded. If it is not, please follow the directions in your system's documentation for installing if from your Microsoft Plus Pack, if you have it.

You can also get a copy of a customized Internet Explorer with a setup utility from SkyPoint via FTP or on disk. Or, you can download it from Microsoft.


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