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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How can I change my password?*

A. Use a telnet program and connect to At the "login:" prompt, type in your SkyPoint account username. At the "Password:" prompt, type in your password. When asked for your terminal type, type in "vt100" (without the quotes).

You should be seeing the first screen of a menu system. Press the letter corresponding to the "Personal Utilities" entry. This will take you to a menu with several options. One of those options is for "Change Password". You will be asked for your Old Password (current), the New Password, and to retype your New Password as a verification.

*This service is temporarily disabled, please call our Technical Support Department for assistance.

Q. How do I choose a secure password?

A. Always use a password that includes letters and numbers. For example, the password SkyPoint gave you when you first signed up probably looked something like a59n36s8. While this sort of password is hard to remember, it is also the hardest for a hacker to crack. The password should also be 8 characters long - longer passwords are also harder to guess.

We realize that this option may not be practical for some people. The next best option is to use numbers and letters in a combination that you can remember easily. For example, think of the first line of a song like "Oh When The Saints Go Marching In." You can use this as a mnemonic for the password "0wtsgm1". Notice that this password uses the first letter of each of the words in that line of the song, with the number "0" in place of an "o", and the number "1" in place of the "i".

Finally, we offer several password "don'ts". Don't use a number like your birthday or social security number. This is a common mistake, and crackers who want to gain access to a particular account can easily get these numbers. Don't use a dictionary word with a number thrown in at some point like "house1" or "1cindy" or even "pup7py". Crackers have programs that can try these combinations very quickly and easily. Don't write down your password and keep it in your desk at work, especially if your company has several accounts and all the account information is stored in a central location. Don't give out your password to anyone, and if you have to do so in an emergency, log on immediately afterward and change it.

If you follow these simple rules, you'll be doing you part to maintain security on your account and data, and on everyone else's accounts on the system as well!

Q. What if I lose my password?

A. If you keep the password that SkyPoint assigned to you when you were notified of your account creation, you can call us and we will look it up for you. You will be asked for verification of your identity before we give you your password.

If you have changed your password, SkyPoint can not find out what it is. We can only create a new password for you.


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