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ETRN Configuration

ETRN Configuration Many dial on demand sites experience burst delivery of their mail which may or may not coincide with their connectivity to their provider. ETRN is a facility offered by many SMTP mail hosting sites that allows one to make the delivery more predictable. However, sites must be correctly configured to signal the mail router that it is up and available to receive the mail.

The provider typically will attempt immediate delivery, and failing that will queue the mail for later delivery. The mail router assumes full time connectivity, but is robust in that it will retry upon failure. ETRN can be used to short-circuit the queue run timing so that your mail can be dequeued and received immediately. The exact setup instructions vary by mail server type. Instructions for common servers are listed below.

For SkyPoint customers, ETRN should be used using the DNS name ''. This host will typically be used to queue mail separately from general delivery '' so that ETRN operations will not interfere with normal SMTP operations of the central mail server. The argument provided for ETRN should be your mail host or your mail domain. The mail host is the text in your email address after (and not including) the '@' symbol. Example: configuring ETRN

Correct: ETRN
Incorrect: ETRN


Microsoft Exchange:
Novell GroupWise:

The implementations are varied, but your 'connect to internet' dial on demand trigger should include something like this

telnet 25 <<EOF

Otherwise, you may use this shell script. It contains a built in manual page documenting usage, as well as the instructions provided above.


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