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Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) was created to help define appropriate and inappropriate usage of SkyPoint's Network. Adherence to these policies helps SkyPoint to maintain a secure and reliable Network for our Users. Throughout this document two key terms are used: Networks, which includes any servers, internal and external network links, routers, modems, and any other equipment or links, and Users, which includes both SkyPoint's customers and any other users of our networks.

Use of our networks is permitted only under the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy. Any use of our networks constitutes acceptance of this Acceptable Use Policy and an agreement to be bound by its terms.


Users of SkyPoint's networks agree to:

i. Assure that their use of SkyPoint's networks does not violate any applicable laws or regulations;

ii. SkyPoint Users expect a reasonable degree of privacy. Users will not take any steps to violate the privacy of other Users, and will not make any attempts to ascertain passwords, or access to any files or information not their own;

iii. Users will not violate any applicable copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property, of any parties foreign or domestic, nor participate in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials;

iv. Make all reasonable attempts to prevent unauthenticated or unauthorized access to private systems and services, and will not allow anonymous access or relaying of messages or mailings;

v. Upon SkyPoint's request, make any changes needed to insure the quality and reliability of our provided service are not harmed by faulty or improper configurations to user equipment, systems or connections.

vi. Users of SkyPoint's Networks must not allow their use to harm or hamper the quality and reliability of our Networks by way of interference with the normal function of our Networks.

Examples of inappropriate behaviors would include:
  • wide-scale distribution of unsolicited messages or mailings;
  • posting off-topic messages to newsgroups / discussion groups / mailing lists (for example, posting advertising to a discussion group whose charter prohibits it);
  • use of Services beyond their expressed purpose;
  • resale or re-distribution of network connections or access to parties not bound to SkyPoint's terms and conditions excepting cases of account types specifically designated for resale use;
  • intentional distribution of computer worms or viruses of any kind to any audience or failure to correct the situation upon notification of the problem;
  • use of SkyPoint's networks to probe, scan, or access systems the user is not authorized to be accessing, including probes to ascertain the integrity of a system's security without the prior written authorization of the system's administrator.

  • Enforcement and Violations

    The responsibility to follow these policies applies to all users and their traffic that connect to and / or traverse SkyPoint Networks. SkyPoint reserves the right to take action up to and including termination of access to SkyPoint services and forfeiture of paid fees if these policies are not adhered to. SkyPoint cannot be liable for any damages incurred by any parties due to SkyPoint exercising its rights under this Acceptable Use Policy. Evidence of illegal or prohibited activities may be provided to Law Enforcement if deemed necessary by SkyPoint personnel, or if demanded by a Court of Law.

    Modifications to this policy

    This agreement is subject to change by SkyPoint Communications at any time, and any changes will be effective immediately after posting at Use of SkyPoint's Networks after posting constitutes acceptance of any and all changes made.

    Any questions or comments that you have regarding this Acceptable Use Policy should be sent to:

    General Manager Skypoint Communications, Inc. PO Box 47804 Plymouth MN, 55447-0804


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