Announcer: "A Northwest Mountie, and he's been trailing this desperate character for three years".

Mountie:" And I'm tired! Well, it's him or me."

{Mountie with headache}
Announcer: "Oh oh, he's got an aching head, and an upset stomach."

Mountie: "And an empty gun."

Speedy: "What you need is some Alka Seltzer, you know what they always say."

Mountie: "Yea, a Mountie always gets his man."

Speedy: "Oh no, I mean about Alka Seltzer. Relief is just a swallow away."

Mountie: Well?

{Stick Graphic}
Speedy: "Down down down the stomach through, round round round the system too, with Alka Seltzer they always say, relief is just a swallow away."

{Mountie and Prisoner}
Mountie: "Bless that relief giving Alka Seltzer."

Speedy:" For that headachy upset feeling, take Alka Seltzer. Relief is just a swallow away."

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