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Articles From One of My Favorite Magazines
Submitted by Various Subscribers From Around the Country

More Articles to Come.

I Knew Him/Her When
Close Encounters with Well Known People.
George Reeves, Bud Abbott, John Wayne.

Howdy Doody Once Had Plastic Surgery

by Bill Weeks, Spartansburg, South Carolina

Remember Ding Dong School

By Jan Partott Holden

Mrs. Calabash Where are You?

Jimmy Durante made this mysterious women's name
his signature sign-off during the 40s.
But did she really exist?

By Ted Tyson, Scarborough, Ontario

When America Went to War, So Did the Comics!

By Joanne Kash, Holly Hill, Florida

Did You Read the Pulps?

The Superhero s in those adventure magazines thrilled many a kid
during the drab days of the Depression.

By Wooda Carr, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Did You "Learn to Draw" With Jon Gnagy?

Television pioneer convinced a generation of viewers that anyone
could be an artist.

By Bill Einhorn, Fairfield, Connecticut

Memoirs of a Secret Squadron Member

Although he was never called to help, this reader remains
a loyal member of Captain Midnight's minions.

By Gary Coville, Dallas, Oregon

Willie "Pepped Up" Our Friday Nights

Pound for pound, Willie Pep may have been the best boxer who ever lived.

By Joe Duffy, Wethersfield, Connecticut