Caracas and Mount Avila Venezuelan flag
Caracas, capital of Venezuela

I was born here a long time ago, haven't seen it since 1960. My family was there as my father was working in the oil business in Venezueala. Lots of changes since then!

The Venezuelan tourism page about Caracas is pretty good, too.

The State of Falcon is on the western coast of Venezuela, and its capital city is Coro.
It features the Paraguana Peninsula, that head-shaped peninsula where I lived in Amuay and Judibana most of the time I was growing up.

It juts into the Caribbean Sea, near the island of Aruba. See Randy's Amuay Home Page for a another look at this area, and many of the Americans living there. You can find me in the 1960 yearbook 5th grade!

at Adicora
San Francisco
Church in Coro (John Matthews)

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