Some Towers I've Visited

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World Federation of Great Towers

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(Empire State Building) Don't remember last time I saw this, but I was almost twenty. (Eiffel Tower) One time I saw this at night with the large digits "100" lit.
Tower of Pisa) Climbed this in 1965, didn't drop a feather or cannon ball from it. (Space Needle) My trip to Seattle in 1983 let me see this 1961 World's Fair tower.
(Munich Olympic Park) A trip to Munich in 1989 let me take the U-Bahn out to this memorable tower. (Seoul Tower) A customer visit to Seoul in 1989 let me see this. It was cloudy but I only was going to be there once...
(Montreal Tower) Several trips to Montreal and I finally got to see this inclined beauty in 1991. (CN Tower) Went to Toronto in 1992 and got to the top of this monster.
(Berlin Television Tower) I spent May Day 2006 in Berlin and got to see the ball painted for the FIFA games. (IDS Center) Home for me is Minnesota, and the IDS Center for a while was the tallest building west of the Mississippi. I first went to the top in 1977 but you can't go there now.

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