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Important Things to Know

Seattle is a city blessed with a beautiful location and lots of local charm. There are some things to keep in mind when planning to travel there.
  1. Timing your trip with the proper season is important. From a tourist's standpoint Seattle has two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season is from September through April. The dry season is from May through August.
  2. Water is very important to Seattle, past, present, and future. Water constrains Seattle geograhically, with Puget Sound to the west, and Lake Washington to the east. A canal between the two divides the city, so that trips north to south require knowing where the bridges are. This squeeze on the city leads to the next important thing.
  3. Traffic in Seattle is as bad as they say it is. If you haven't heard, rush hour seems to start as early as 3pm. I believe I read in an old issue of National Geographic that Seattle has as many commuters as Manhattan, but only three ways for people to get in instead of 12. (You can check traffic there yourself using this link: WSDOT - Seattle Metro Traffic Flow.)
  4. There are many things to do in Seattle. Depending on your interests, there may be more things to do than time to do them. Given that Seattle is near Microsoft's headquarters, it would be surprising if there weren't lots of on-line about Seattle.
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    Seattle (Washington) Links
    Native Seattle : Secrets & Favorites of Western Washington
  5. There are even more things to do outside of Seattle. If you want to visit the Olympic Rain Forest, Mount Rainier, Beautiful British Columbia, the San Juan Islands, or eastern Washington, you will have a beautiful trip, but you will have less time for urban adventures.
For more information on Seattle, call the Seattle-King County Convention and Visitors Bureau at (206) 461-5840. AAA also has an a appropriate and informative guide book.

I only lived in Seattle itself for about five years. (I've lived in Minnesota for over 22 years.) I still get back every year or two, and it's like being a tourist. So, I have included below my list of favorite places and things to do.

Seattle Waterfront

This is the place that I recommend starting if your time is limited. This area has changed quite a bit since I left, but there's still a lot to recommend it.

Seattle Science and Industry

If you like to see interesting science and industry, there are several interesting ones in Seattle that I like. (There are certainly others I have not mentioned.)

Odd Places in Seattle

Some of my favorite places in Seattle are of an odd and quirky nature.
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