Re: Pinhole Photography

Smieglitz (
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 17:18:01 -0400

FotoRR wrote:
> Anyone out there working with pinhole and/or zone plate equipment?
> Interested in hearing (e-mail me) from you-w.r.t.- equipment, materials,
> etc. Also are you using non-silver methods to "print" pinhole /zone plate
> images.
> Thanks,
> PhotoRR

Sure am on all counts. I mainly do the zone plate stuff as hand colored
silverprints but have started to do some in gum bichromate as well.
Examples can be seen at:

I just put that webpage online yesterday as well as a main site devoted
to alternative photographic processes. A couple other photographers are
represented who are using pinhole cameras and printing in either albumen
or van dyke brownprint. One uses a camera that has multiple pinhole
apertures. The main site URL is:

Please visit. Comments are welcome.

Joe (