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Sat, 26 Jul 1997 16:59:28 GMT (Gary Gaugler) posted:
Allen G <> wrote:

The proceedure/exposure for a pinhole with hobby store materials
that I once used successfully was:

Pinhole-to-film distance = 6", use 400 TriX 4x5 film

Begin the pinhole with a #11 Exacto blade, then use a #10 sewing
needle to enlarge the pinhole to proper diameter, put the
rough edge (the flared out edge) facing outside the camer

On a bright sunny day, rate the 400 TriX at 40 on your meter,
and meter a gray card. Find the correct shutter speed for
f/14. Interpret the shutter speed in seconds as minutes.
Example: 1/15 second = 1/15 minute = 4 seconds.

As with most novice photographers, I fell over backwards when
I actually got an interesting photograph from a cardboard box.
I still have the camera in my closet, and I've used it occasionally
when I'm in the mood.

Good luck.

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