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David S Cargo (
4 Apr 1997 09:58:43 -0600

In article <>, Laurie <> wrote:
>Has anyone ever made their own pinhole camera? If so, what were your
>results like? I have some directions on how to make on but I am
>relucant to do so as of yet. I am also having a hard time finding the
>126 film it asks for. Any tips on where to buy it? Thanks in advance!

I had a pinhole photography (noncredit) class at the University of
Minnesota last spring. There was a lot of variation on the pinhole
cameras that people used. A couple of people bought high-end pinhole
cameras that used Polaroid 4x5 film. One person built a couple of wooden
box cameras that used the same 4x5 film and film holders. Another person
used a body cap with a hole in it to modify a 35mm camera into a pinhole
camera. I took a 120 box camera (bought at a garage sale) and replaced
its lens (a small single element glass lens) with a pinhole.

I have seen older plans that require 126 film cartridges, but because of
limited availability, I didn't try that route. The 120 film I use is
T-Max 100 and 400, mainly because it behaves better when subject to
reciprocity failure. (It requires only longer exposures, not changes in
developing, which is required for Plus-X and Tri-X, for example.) Some of
my exposures were as long as 10 or 20 minutes, depending on lighting

David S. Cargo