project log

David S. Cargo (
Tue, 10 Mar 98 20:12:23 CST

Date: Tue, 10 Mar 98 20:12:23 CST
From: (David S. Cargo)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: project log

Anybody have an accessment on what we need to do to finish up our project
log? It looks like most of it can be done by print pages from Quang's
web site.

Part of the group evaluation is a discussion of "where each person
contributed." Do we have a coherant notion of the different "wheres"
there might be?

Some of the ones that occur to me are:

web publishing
open house publications (I want more brochures!)
other publications

Anything else in the way of categories anybody can think of?
I want to write my own lessons learned essay tonight (and suggest
everybody else do the same), because I think we may need to do
group things between class and our TA hour.