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Mon, 9 Mar 1998 10:48:11 -0600

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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 10:48:11 -0600
From: brad hokanson <>
Subject: presentation

I am soon to be unavailable until the class presentation. I will be
teaching, getting prints, and getting there hopefully about 3:45.

I've got about 20 of the posters to tack up all over if that's ok.

I think David or Quang had raised the question of how to present; Konstan
(I think) had mentionned the cloverleaf method with four interlocking
pieces. I would suggest the following

1. A demonstration of making a web archive at a simple level, our scenario
one, one mailbox default locations, done.

2. A presentation of the final product of the Publisher showing how the
index works and ties it all together in a location and how it's helpful in

3. A demonstration of a more complex scenario.

4. Back at the web archive?

see you later.


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