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Sun, 8 Mar 98 14:40:19 -0600

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Subject: poster
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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 98 14:40:19 -0600

I'm starting to print the reproduciable poster now; it will take about an hour
to do that and put it all together. I'll then go over to UM-StP and run prints.

my home number is 926-2510
my digital phone is 978-1153; of course I gave the wife's number before (*but no
one called there either.)

Posters will be 24 x 36 portrait; I will mount two on foam core and have a
coupld loose copies as well which we can tackup in other places. I will proceed
with the well dressed arm band idea as well.


Brad Hokanson
Department of Design Housing and Apparel
University of Minnesota