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Sat, 7 Mar 98 12:59:22 -0600

From: "brad hokanson" <>
Subject: poster
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Date: Sat, 7 Mar 98 12:59:22 -0600

Per David's email,I am going with "Mailbox Web Publisher" as the title.

My plan is to develop a reproduciable poster that can be printed by "blueprint"
process in blue with white images and text. I'll get a couple made. I'm
including both "HTML" and web versions in the poster. Per comments from Quang
the poster will have moderate text explaining the work. Handouts to be done on
Monday by others will have screen shots.

I set up each image so that it's about 2.5 inches high by 24 inches long; it
could be a good arm band if we want to pass them out. (paper, tape together for
everyone that stops by, really cheap.

I'll log back in a little later. I'm working on the text part now.


Brad Hokanson
Department of Design Housing and Apparel
University of Minnesota