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David S. Cargo (
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 11:55:47 -0600

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 11:55:47 -0600
From: (David S. Cargo)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: things to do

> I will try to work on the splash screen and
> the HTML Options tab previews.

I don't know how to decide who works on the splash screen and the HTML
Options preview buttons. Both are pretty much standalone projects.
Both have (more or less) related examples (documented in the phase5
archive I think).

Aside from those two tasks, at some point it would be nice to have the
actual filtering implemented. For that matter, the current prototype
doesn't implement the subject and date browsers, which are tasks not
on our prioritized list.

There are plenty of programming pieces to be done; some involve the UI
code, but some are pretty standalone. Anybody who wants to write code
is perfectly welcome to do so; we just need to coordinate it to eliminate
duplication and to ensure that it will work together when integrated.
(If any of you want me to assign you a task and give you direction, I can
do that. You can also divide up the tasks among yourselves.)

> I will need advice from time to time.

Advise freely given. Tomorrow I'll be working at home (getting ready
for taxes and then the class project when I'm done with that) at 699-7676.
I should be checking my email ( and
fairly often.

> Last night Brad and I brought another any idea for the poster. We might
> not only put the poster in the lab, but also post it at the building
> entrance, the skyway connecting EE/CS building and ME. The purpose is to
> get people's attention prior to their arrival.

I think this is a fine idea provided you don't get us into trouble with
the powers that be who control who can put up posters in various places.
Maybe the U doesn't have poster police, and people can put up anything
anywhere; if that's the case then go for it. If there are enforced
restrictions, make sure you obey them. (I reminds of the the door to
2-213; there's all that old tape adhesive still stuck to the door.)

> I will be able to take care of the brochure layout when we have the final
> interface. We will have screen shots, one simple task of 4-5 steps for
> guests to try, and a brief target usability and user description of the
> application. There might be info about where to get a copy of the
> application and how to install it on the brochure as well.

If you can make progress on that in the absense of screen shots and put
a preview of it on the web where we can see it, you might be able to get
some feedback.

Final details of the screen shots won't be correct until after I do a
final freeze of the UI code. That could be as late as Sunday night.
(With luck it might be earlier.) I hope your response time is good
enough so you can make brochures Monday before the open house.

> Of course, we
> should our names and emails in fine prints somewhere for people
> references.

I would probably want my homepage mentioned as part of my "people

Nose-to-the-grindstone time, guys.