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brad hokanson (
Sun, 1 Mar 98 21:02:51 -0600

From: "brad hokanson" <>
Subject: user responses
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Date: Sun, 1 Mar 98 21:02:51 -0600

I've collected the user responses they sent to us and will be trying to compile
them in to some sort of list.

This was one of the sub tasks the TA gave us...It seems Quang has his and my
heuristics on line (i think); it may make sense for him to continue.

After class is sort of ok (I'll be there, and also meeting with another guy for
a few minutes about another class).

I've got a gif builder sketch of a REALLY simple idea and a fabulous picture of
a mailbox but no web and no envelope in hand.

See you tomorrow; I'll pick up email tomorrow morning.


Brad Hokanson
Department of Design Housing and Apparel
University of Minnesota